1/5 scale

  1. R

    Front and Rear differential help

    Hey guys! I am currently working on my Losi MTXL... More specifically I am doing the front and rear differential. All went very well except for the end... I am using FID Dif housings and its extremely tight, I have used plenty of grease and made it happen. The differential cup and all in it is...
  2. V

    For Sale 1/5 Scale FG Evo RC Car (Onroad)

    1/5 Scale Onroad RC Car FG EVO RC Car Onroad Car $1500 + Shipping Used in good condition. 4 wheel hyd disc brakes New Front bumper New Carbon Fiber side guards New BMW body Carbon Fiber and Alloy parts through out Location - Houston, Texas For more information please Private Message me.
  3. R

    Mtxl stand

    Hey guys Lately I have been looking for a stand for my Losi MTXL and my Baja 5b... I have looked into a Rocket stand and unfortunately I have been informed that they have discontinued for the MTXL. So I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions of some brands, I have looked into a...
  4. Zach619

    Engine won’t start! HELP!! Rovan 5sc

    Ok so I bought a rovan 5sc with the 36cc 2 stroke 2 months ago. It ran fine until about 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t get it to start but it sputtered. I swapped spark plugs and it started but did not want to stay running. Once I got it started I ran it full speed down the street to try to get it...
  5. Waddo29

    Air bubbles in the fuel line

    I am running a newly built 29cc cy motor with a new RB Innovations Carburetor Heat Insulator Block w/ Diaphragm Filter, a new 990 carb, new ddm velocity stack, new dt1 air filter and all new gaskets. I am also running the Full-Force RC v2 High Flow Fuel Line Kit. I was stupid enough to initially...
  6. reynenrides

    Brand New Losi DBXL Revving but not moving

    Hello, I just bought a Losi DBXL and when I took it outside to break it in it would barely move, but it did. I figured it must be just that I am not giving it enough throttle and didn't want to give it a lot during the break in. Once I had slowly driven around for about 30 minutes I opened it up...
  7. Z.hb71

    Anybody own the King motor triton blade cage?

    id like to know opinions and reviews of this cage, thinking about it fir my baja I don't want the team chase cage cuz its more expensive, i don't have the parts to adapt it to my truck, and my 70cc motor will be really tall and poke out of the top of that cage. i don't want the Kraken...
  8. bajaMaster567

    Need Help! How to setup killswitch with KM Baja 5b and Futaba 3pv transmitter

    Hello, I am new to the baja community.I have a 5th scale gas baja and a futaba 3pv remote.I went out the other day to install the kill switch. Once everything was put done I tested it out and I set the kill switch to the manual switch on the 3PV remote.The switch works wonderfully and turns the...
  9. R

    Need help, fuelie 23cc low end bogging

    Hey firstly new to this site so Adam hear, I have a Hpi Baja 23cc stock standard. It starts, idles and reaches full throttle. What I need help is, the car runs fine apart from when you go from neutral straight to full throttle, it bogs down a little. Before it’s suggested, I have riched but by...
  10. R

    Hpi Baja 23cc stock HELP!!!

    Hey guys, I have a Hpi Baja 23cc stock standard. It starts, idles and reaches full throttle. What I need help is, the car runs fine apart from when you go from neutral straight to full throttle, it bogs down a little. Before it’s suggested, I have riched but by bit and leaned it off with both...
  11. Codered3232

    Baja B5 Flux

    I just bought a Baja B5 Flux roller. I went with the MM XL and the 800KV motor. Just looking on some advice for a pinion and spur gear ratio. I would like a little more top-end in a little less torque if that's possible with this motor. This thing is huge 😁
  12. Spoogity Woogums

    Safe/unsafe environments for 1/5 gassers

    Me again with another idiot newbie question, but this time google couldn't help me. What environments are safe for 1/5 gas machines? I ask because I'm getting rained on up here where I live, and when I head south to oklahoma for the weekend, they're getting rained on. I figured driving in rain...
  13. C

    In search of fellow 1/5th scale ppl in Myrtle Beach SC!

    Looking for ppl in Myrtle Beach south Carolina who have 1/5 scale rc. I can't find anyone here to run with and even all the local hobby shops aren't involved with 1/5 scale at all. I don't get it..
  14. N

    *NEED ADVICE* 1 Month In to 5th scale DBXL!! Best Upgrades??

    Hello! So I am one month deep into this 5th scale and I LOVE this thing. I bought this thing used from a facebook group. I now want to know what the best possible upgrades are and what is something that YOU'VE DONE?? I am Thinking this post will help me out and other newbies in the game.:) I...
  15. PrimalRC

    New Vendor! Primal RC

    Good morning LSF, We here at Primal RC just signed up to be a vendor here and offer you all some exclusive deals on our new line of vehicles and 1/5 scale parts. I will be making a bunch of announcements very soon once we get fully setup here. In the meantime check out www.primalrc.com and if...
  16. WoodiE

    MCD W5 MAX Short Course Truck

    MCD W5 FT Features: Top of the line competition off-road Short Course Truck Easy assembly/dis-assembly Easy maintenance Centralized and compacted parts layout on chassis Elite racing design ultra-durable high performance parts Fifth generation MCD chassis & suspension arms Sophisticated...