1. Andyc11971

    Fg baja 4wd 2 speed transmission

    Hi all I have a fg baja 4wd and I want to fit a 2 speed transmission to it can anyone tell me how it's done or any pics would be a great help. Many thanks Andy
  2. jbl302

    2 Speed Transmission

    Looking to get a 2 speed for my KM Buggy. I heard a while back there was a problem with the one way bearings. The one way bearing just not lasting, and the nylon gears. I ran across this today. Any one have one of these with the redesigned bearings. Several other companies always seem to be sold...
  3. J

    Skunkworks 2 speed

    I am looking for the drive shaft for the Skunkworks 2 speed I have everything else but the shaft. I also have some extra parts. Thanks Ed
  4. D

    MCD 2 Speed Transmission

    Hi guys, Does anyone know about the mcd 2 speed transmission from china? I know largescale rc use to have them but they haven't been in stock for awhile:o
  5. lighting mcqueen

    fid vs blackbone vs demon 2 speed

    I was told that the fid 2 speed is junk that I should go with the demon 2 speed trans but it is sold out black bone has a 2 speed trans but i can not find info on the black bone 2 speed are should i put a taller gear for top end speed for the obr 9.4 hp engine i got i am new at 1/5 scale got a...
  6. K

    FID 2 speed

    Anyone running the 2 speed? Thoughts? Just curious, as I might pick one up? Thanks!
  7. jbl302

    2 Speed conversion

    Whats the word on the 2 speed for the KM Baja. Im looking to get one. I have read about the one way bearing problems, have this been fixed. There are several companies that make these. Most seem to be sold out. What is the best one to get. Oneill Bros make a decent one I have read, but are sold...
  8. J

    2 speed

    Anybody running a DEMON RC 2speed would you recommend any mods or upgrades befor fitting the 2 speed Many thanks john
  9. J

    Sold / Found 2 speed

    Hello I am looking for a Skunkworks 2 speed new or used. Ed
  10. 63350vette

    WCM 1/4 Scale 2 Speed Dragster

    I'm refurbishing a vintage WCM 1/4 scale 2 speed dragster and I'm looking to replace the original plastic rear axle main drive gear with an aluminum one. If anyone has one to sell, or can tell me where I might get one, please let me know... Thanks, Chris 718-679-1020
  11. J

    Disable or alter 2 speed not to shift?

    I have a King Motors Rev 2 speed Buggy. I like the 2 speed but it doesn't work for crap in the sand. Can I just tighten the adjustment bolts all the way down so it doesn't engage the second gear? Are there better options for dialing out the 2 speed? Thanks for your help!
  12. Preacher

    2 speed transmission

    I'm thinking of upgrading my transmission to a 2 speed setup. I've read a lot of good things about the Baja Skunkworks 2 speed setup, but can't seem to find anywhere that carries it. Has this transmission been discontinued? Are there other reliable alternatives?
  13. D

    where can i buy 2 speed transmission

    hi, im looking to buy the bbrc/obr transmission kit,oneillbrothjers is out of stock. anyone know where who else sells them. its for my hpi Baja buggy
  14. D

    help: need better 2 speed trans

    yea I want to replace my kingmotor 2 speed to a more reliable 2 speed. which one should I get, thanks
  15. M

    2 speed to single speed conversion

    What are all the parts required to make the change?
  16. renbar

    fg 2 speed clutch question help needed

    ok ive just fitted a genuine fg 2 speed setup running 22/42 1st gear and 26/38 2nd ive read you wont hear a gear change with only a 2 tooth difference hence my gearing so I should hear something even slightly the one way bearing works fine the 2nd gear engagement pin is good now this is...
  17. twissted

    Video: 2 speed by FID

  18. B

    king motor 2 speed mesh

    I just installed the 2 speed and the mesh is really tight, i don't want to run it this way, any suggestions?
  19. M

    KSRC-002 Buggy 30.5cc (2 Speed Installed), one problem after another!

    Well as the title suggests I purchased a KSRC-002 Buggy 30.5cc (2 Speed Installed), I also purchased a KSRC-001 Buggy 23cc at the same time. About 5 minutes into my second tank (still running it gently) my one way bearing goes out, not a huge deal but annoying. I contact Dan, he informs me the...
  20. B

    Adjusting the demon rc 2 speed

    Short video showing adjustments. Running a OBR 29 with the LOSI pipe.
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