1. F

    26cc engine problem

    New engine with only about 1 gallon of fuel through it. Engine was running great and my Losi 5ive, stock, was going about 36mph. I ran the tank dry so I went out to the gas station to get some more fuel and that's when things went south. Back at the field, full tank, pulling and pulling and...
  2. Timritchieblue

    Losi 26cc or FG 26cc motor

    I have a choice between a FG 26cc (4bolt) or a Losi 26cc (Rally) motor. Is one better than the other?
  3. evssv

    my 26cc baj ss....in action...

  4. S

    Cylinder head gasket

    I am changing a broken gasket between cylinder head and the bottom end on my 26cc 2 bolt engine. the one I am changing to is a copper 0.50mm one. Does anybody recommend using a sealant along with the new gasket.
  5. S

    Rebuild Stock 26cc Losi 5ive T Motor

    Hey guys, I notice that I have leak of oil/gas, and I was wondering where i can get a rebuild kit for the motor? IE: Gaskets, loctite, etc.. Thanks
  6. D

    Upgrading stock 26cc topend

    Hi guys I'm wanting to upgrade my stock cy 26 cc topend and I'm wondering what top end its are available, I think it is a 2 bolt engine so would it only match 2 bolt top end kits? I see that most top end kits don't come with the crank but his one does http://www.davesmotors.com/ca486dd312.html...
  7. C

    F/S like new Losi 26cc stock motor

    Excellent condition. Broke in and ran 3 tanks while I was waiting for my TRM zenoah 320 with stoker crank to be built. $150.00 shipped us48
  8. J

    26cc engine

    Hi all quite new to large scale and sorry if it's a silly question If I put a 29cc big bore kit on my 26cc with a 2mm stroker crank is it still a 29cc of 30.5 Thanks john
  9. N

    CY26cc vs 30.5cc Rovan 4bolt +2mm

    Hi mates, I had a worn out CY 26cc and decided to install the Rovan 4bolt 30.5cc +2mm upgrade kit. Myself, My brother and my dad have the Dominator pipe on our HPI Bajas. The strange thing is that their CY26 is pulling wheelies and seems to have more power, and my 30.5 seems to be underpowered...
  10. R

    Stock 26cc hp

    I've looked on Losi site & Horizion hobby site but I can't find the horsepower of the stock engine. I'm ready to buy the roller but I'm not sure which engine to buy. I found this smokin deal but I'm not sure if it is more hp than the stock motor...
  11. Revolauncher

    Sold / Found 26cc top end complete (light use) walbro 668 carb. & filter

    2 bolt 34mm 26cc top end from a Losi 5ive T. Has 2 gallons of fuel through it and compression is like new, no damage whatsoever. Includes head, piston, pin, clips and bearing, ready to bolt up. Compatible with 23/26cc fuelie, CY, and Zenoah engines...
  12. F

    26cc crank 30.5 engine

    Can I use 26CCC crank for a 30.5cc engine if I take the copper gasket out?
  13. S

    26cc rovan eats my 29cc billet cy

    they both run great but the rovan will eat my km with a billet cy engine they each have factory tuned pipes of each manufacturer style. could that be difference thanx steve
  14. tizdaz

    Sold / Found FG Marder - Zen 26cc - RTR

    hi guys up for sale is my FG Marder, great runner, engine is a Zenoah G260 (26cc). Also comes with a Spektrum DX3.0 & Hi-Tec servos for Steering, Throttle & Brake along with alloy servo tray & alloy rear upper A-Arms so comes complete RTR, just add fuel & away you go ;) Price i want is £350 +...
  15. K

    26cc fuelie, exhaust upgrade

    New baja , only run 10 tanks of fuel, top speed seems to have dropped off. just put BZM side micro pipe on and there is no speed or performance improvement, the carb seems to rev up with the servo accelerator until about 3/4's then the final quarter does nothing. Do i need to strip the carb...
  16. M

    Sold / Found 2012 Oddified 26cc red top engine

    Hey guys, I'm selling my 2012 race engine. It's an oddified red top 26cc engine that has just had a FULL service. You won't find a beter quality or better maintained engine on the market anywhere. £250 plus P&P
  17. K

    Fuelie 26cc pull start options

    Is there any other option for starting the fuelie 26cc engine, Just started baja 5b for first time ran great, filled up and pull start snapped. Any other options which has a stronger piece of string !!!! Kanga
  18. D

    Sold / Found WTB used 23-26cc cy motors

    Thats right Im looking to buy your used working 23-26cc cy engines. If you have what I am looking for please PM me. I have paypal and am ready to pay for your spare that you may have laying around. Thanks.

    Smokey 26cc engine.. what gives?

    I bought my son a baja buggy for xmas and since then it runs great with really good speed the problem is that it smokes alot specially in idle. You guys have any idea what could be the issue? I have a king motor terminator and me and my son share the same fuel mix but my terminator don t smoke...
  20. B

    baja cy 26cc won't start during break in!

    So i am currently still breaking in my engine but this morning it started up just fine it was a bit rich. i revved it up a little then it cut out and i have went over everything plz help. i also have a ddm dominator v2 on it so idk if that makes a differnce on the carb setting or not cause base...
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