1. O

    Needle settings on rovan baja 29cc motor

    Ok so I just got my rovan baja and going through the tuning I set the high needle to 1 1/2 and low needle to 1 1/4 out and if I'm not mistaken these are supposed to be on the rich side correct? Or does it sometimes need to go richer? It's a 997 walbro carb. In order to get the car to not bog...
  2. F

    Dynamite 29cc engine 25:1 or 40:1

    I purchase a used Dynamite 29cc engine on ebay and it's running in my Losi 5ive T very nicely. While surfing the web, it occurred to me that the engine I'm using was pulled from the Losi XT truck that uses the Dynamite 29cc engine...but with 40:1 fuel oil ratio. My question: How can there be...
  3. F

    Exhaust options

    hi everyone, i own a FG-TR4 and would be happy to get some opinions on what kind and make exhaust i should get. iam currently running on stock CY29cc and also have a brand new Zenoah 29cc which iam planing to mount it on in the near future. As far as options that i have in mind, are the Samba...
  4. D

    New zenoah 29cc

    Hey I just bought a new zenoah 290rc engine and I'm wondering if I need to replace the third bearing, or did DDM fix the problem of the third bearing sucking in air. Thanks
  5. R

    DDM 23cc to 29cc Head Kit

    Hi, I wanna purchase an 29cc upgrade head kit from DDM, anyone know which one?
  6. jackobyte

    Sold / Found KM 002B 29cc 4 Bolt baja for sale..

    I've purchased this off a friends son who bought it in Oct last yr, he has decided its not for him so i have bought it to sell on.. In very good clean condition.. I'm wanting £330 posted (uk only). Payment via Paypal and the buyer pays any fees.. or £360 with new unpainted pro line shell and...
  7. D

    Daves motors 29cc upgrade for DBXL

    I upgraded my Losi DBXL head from 23 to 29cc with the Daves motors upgrade kit now I can't start the engine. Any ideas?
  8. S

    26cc rovan eats my 29cc billet cy

    they both run great but the rovan will eat my km with a billet cy engine they each have factory tuned pipes of each manufacturer style. could that be difference thanx steve
  9. briancaveman2003

    KM 002TX Baja Buggy 29cc

    hi has anyone had a KM 002TX Baja Buggy 30.5cc wot are thay like. i just ordered one from new york. cannot wait now i need a kill switch
  10. C

    Sold / Found zenoah G290rc long block engines 29cc/30.5

    selling 2 G290 rc engines price includes shipping to the cont. 48 states paypal for online, cash or square for local pickup 1. used zenoah G290RC 29cc long block engine 1 tank of fuel via a baja comes as pictured may have a few bits of silicone on the crankcase nothing big, also comes...
  11. N

    CY 29cc with billet head....

    Hey guy's Well I've got an FG Marder, it's got a CY 29cc motor with a stuffed 2mm stroker crank, race ported,piston, dome and has one of those billet heads on it. The person that I got it from said this was all put on it over the winter and has had 1.5 tanks run through it. Well today I...
  12. dhirsty

    29cc billet head problem

    Hi is this normal to feel air cuming from the engine... It's where the air fillter and carb is
  13. J

    Sold / Found 29cc 4 bolt cylinder head

    Hey guys I was wondering if somebody has a spare cylinder head. It's 4 bolt. Thanks
  14. dhirsty

    29cc Billet engine

    Just fitted my billet engine and wt 990 carb and she is flying works well wiv 20/44 gears just waiting for the head to warp lol
  15. E

    Sold / Found G4z Big mama 29cc motor

    for sale G4z Big mama 29cc tuned motor just bought this motor last week , fitted in my losi and started and left on tick over for 10 minutes. G4z are know as European champions as the elcon team run them ! only selling as i have a sponsor from BZM £280 delivered any questions please ask
  16. briancaveman2003

    Sold / Found km 29cc engine

    km 29cc engine just needs clutch and carb good runner only had ten tanks off fuel threw it £65 posted also selling my carb good working order only removed due to fitting a chokeless 990 carb plus 22-42 tooth gears hardly any ware . and a velocity stack £23 posted
  17. tizdaz

    Sold / Found FG MB Pro - 90% alloy / tuned pipe / 29cc 4-bolt Zen

    Hi guys, time has come to pack up! thought about it alot lately & im just not getting the use due to time & no form of transport really, then the lack of space in my home for it :( so ive decided to sell up. Those that know me im sure will vouch that ive put ALOT of coin into my MB Pro & its...
  18. R

    cy29cc ported and bored ddm

    Hello I bought a used cy 29cc engine that the guy person I bought it from said he bought it from ddm with a 29 stroker kit and a ported head.My question is the engine came with a billit head looks like this http://www.davesmotors.com/s.nl/c.885035/n.1/it.A/id.4752/.f There are no fins on the...
  19. T

    cy 29cc problem

    not sure what to make of this please watch video and give me ur thoughts. as long as iam on the throttel is all good , let off all good , nail it again and boggs, and sometimes stalls. was running a walbro 813, just took it off and installed a 668 , with no change. do i have an air leak...
  20. chris18

    29cc DDM head engine

    guys are these any good found one on ebay ? and need a new engine so thought may give it a bash
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