1. R

    Losi 5ive-T OBR 30.5cc Pro-Stock Tearing it up!

    My OBR powered Losi 5ive-t tearing it up! love this truck.
  2. T

    Losi Five-t Bartolone 30.5cc Reed Case Engine all alone.

    All alone at Dialed in RC Raceway with this beast.
  3. T

    Losi Five-t Bartolone 30.5cc Reed Case engine all alone.

    All alone at Dialed in RC Raceway with this beast.
  4. crankestein

    30.5cc King Motor Baja 'stock trim'

    Just bashing, first few tanks, opening up the engine little by little. Its in its 4th tank or so... on a cheap restrictive Dragon pipe Stock gearing
  5. D

    Bartolone Racing 30.5cc Reed Case Motor for Losi/HPI/MCD/FG

    Does anyone have any information on this, Bartolone Racing 30.5cc Reed Case Motor for Losi/HPI/MCD/FG quality, performance, speed, power. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.
  6. crankestein

    King Motor Baja 30.5cc KSRC-001 RTR

    http://s948.photobucket.com/user/mazpr2025/slideshow/RC/KM Baja KSRC-001 (You Tube video, first start, idle) (Pictures taken with Nikon D60, 18-55mm VR) I am impressed, the quality of the truck is phenomenal. Its so true, moving into my 2nd 1/5 scale. I decided to open a thread to keep...
  7. T

    Planning on modded 30.5 or a full modded engine and clutch question

    guys, have a question. going from a 4.5hp engine to a possible 6 to 8 hp engine and wondered about what I need to do with a stock clutch 8000rpm (2 shoe) clutch. will these hold up? would be better to go to a 6K rpm clutch? or even an adjustable? just wondering and wanted to ask before...
  8. T

    Broke cooling fin where coil bolts on to top of block of 30.5 REV engine

    Hey guys, just wondering what best thing to do is on my 2 week old KRSC002 Rev 4bolt 30.5cc This engine is rated at 4.25 from King motors and I have a pipe( Id like to think I have more than 4.25hp lol). it looks like I need to replace the entire top end unit to fix seeing the entire fin...
  9. crankestein

    King Motors X2 RTR 30.5cc

    IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUYING A X2, READ ON, AT LEAST UP TO POST #15. Next week should be receiving my new King Motors X2 RTR w 30.5cc 4 bolt motor and tuned pipe. :lol: This is going to be my thread, will be loaded with tons of pictures, teardown, build etc. In transit submit my input from...
  10. D

    Rovan 305FC 30.5cc Gas RTR Porsche 911

    Does anyone have any info re: this rovan on road car just wanted to know about it's quality or lack of?:)
  11. D

    Rovan 305FC 30.5cc Gas RTR Porsche 911

    Does anyone have any info on this car? just wanted to know about it's quality?;)
  12. D

    Rovan 305FC 30.5cc Gas RTR Porsche 911

    Does anyone have info on this rc from rovan. Just wondering about the quality?;)
  13. B

    Hints on setting up King Motor RTR 2.0 EX 30.5cc 4 BOLT Gas Alloy

    Hey All, i just got my self a King motor 1/5 Buggy and i am having trouble getting the breaks to work. i am presuming the failsafe needs to be setup correct for the breaks to work? and hints or tips on this model would be great thanks. cheers
  14. M

    Low End bog on KM 30.5CC engine

    Hi guys, im having troubles with a km 30.5cc. After replacing a bad leaking manifold, the engine bogs really bad on the low end. Acelerates very slow, and if a pull all the ways on the gas, it wants to shut down. Only if i gas very slow, i can be able to pass to the high end. The high end seems...
  15. D

    rovan 305ft 30.5cc gas truck

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone have any information on this truck. I like the looks. Already own losi 5t. Just wanted something different. I'm aware of some of Rovan's quality issues. I must say that I do own a hpi baja 5b and a rovan 5b. Had no problems so far. If purchase I will replace...
  16. MonsterAir

    Anyone Running a ESP Modified 30.5cc CY31RC Engine?

    My ESP 27.2 motor suddenly lost it's umph today and stalled on a high speed run never to start again. Checked compression and it maxes out at 60 so I went looking for a new cylinder kit and came across this motor at ddm-...
  17. D

    difference kmt1000a and rovan terminator 30.5cc

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the king motor T1000a and the Rovan RC 1/5 Scale 30.5cc Gas Petrol Terminator Truck RTR HPI Baja 5T Compatible. I'm looking at purchasing one. Need info on which is better and why? Thx;)
  18. D

    King Motor T1000A RTR 4 Bolt 30.5cc Gas, Petrol Truck 1/5 HPI Baja 5T Compatible

    Does anyone have info or do you own this rc/:D
  19. K

    30.5cc 5b stalling

    Took my 5b out to the park today, runs ok but iv been chasing a stalling issuee iv been having. running vid: (think the choke flicked on half way thru) Once it stalled its very hard to restart and when it does it stalls quickly. Fuel return line has air bubbles in it when i tryed to restart it...
  20. N

    CY26cc vs 30.5cc Rovan 4bolt +2mm

    Hi mates, I had a worn out CY 26cc and decided to install the Rovan 4bolt 30.5cc +2mm upgrade kit. Myself, My brother and my dad have the Dominator pipe on our HPI Bajas. The strange thing is that their CY26 is pulling wheelies and seems to have more power, and my 30.5 seems to be underpowered...
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