air filter

  1. L

    Best air filter that doesn't clog?

    I currently have the stock foam filter on my fg monster, but it gets clogged real fast with dust and grass. Any recomendations for an air filter or other solution so that it doesn't clog as fast? A bit tired of the washing and oiling procedure I have to do so often. Thanks.
  2. B

    DBXL Air Filter Relocation Kit

    ?????? Ok After much frustration with trying to find a particular air filter kit. I've come to ask you guys!! Im Looking for a DBXL air filter relocation kit as i would call it. ( See Picture Below ) Im looking for this exact air filter kit for a Losi DBXL. I Need help finding this product in...
  3. R

    Relocating Losi-T Air Filter

    I have relocated the air filter. I wonder if it will actually make a difference. The air will definitely be cooler since its receiving air from the front window instead of the heat pocket inside. let me know what you think Used 2 Velocity Stacks
  4. omalley72

    Air filter with G320

    I put in a brand new 320 and now my body panel won't fit without cutting. Any ideas? I'm running the stock air filter. My guess is the intake is a little thicker, pushing the carb out further. I really don't want to cut the panel.
  5. MonsterAir

    Pre-Filter Material

    I just came across Outerwears new shroud for the HPI and Losi rigs and been wanting to do something like this myself for my Marder. Anyone have any suggestions on what material to use?
  6. Z

    Air filter oil

    What should i be using
  7. B

    anybody running a k & n air filter?

    recently got a dbxl with 34cc cat 5 stroker motor and installed a k&n filter velocity stack and outerwear.followed all break in and oil ratios to the letter.made It through one gallon of gas and motor lost compression.sent back to largescale and was told filter let dirt into motor and wore it...
  8. bigbadleo

    looking advice on airfilter and exhaust

    just wanting to know what u guys think is the best exhaust and airfilter for my baja 5b ss, haven't got it built yeat ordered lots of hopups and waiting on them coming before i start to build !
  9. N air filter question...

    Looking for an aftermarket air filter for my Losi DBXL. First time doing some off-road bashing with it today and the stock air filter doesn't do the job. I'm new to this, but it doesn't seem normal for dirt to penetrate both filters and start to work its way into the carburetor. A few questions...
  10. C

    Best Losi 5ive Air filter?

    Hy I'm wondering which is the best airfilter for offroad on a losi 5t? Thanks
  11. smrdmr1

    Air Filter

    I hate the stock air filter set up on the Baja 5B, Does anyone have anything else to recommend that's easy to get on and off and easy on the wallet? Thanks!
  12. roadrashracing

    Air filter oil

    Is there any other oil that you can use for an air filter? I really don't want to buy it from the hobby shop in town.
  13. bladeguy5

    Air filter

    I ran mine again today without the outer filter and it runs x10 times better did some back to back testing and outer off i could go back to stock hsn setting 1.5 out from stock and it flies but once i put the outer back on it would barely move with those same settings and needs almost a half a...
  14. X

    Has anyone used rb filter pull start

    okay here is the system RB Innovations Pull Start Filter System 5B/5T/5SC I am thinking of ordering but was hoping to get some opions first.
  15. M

    Losi Desert Buggy XL Air filter

    Hi all, my first post since joining in 2007, must be some sort of record. Has anyone managed to find an air filter other than standard that fits and works well without having to cut a hole in the side if the body?
  16. X

    Help Air filter removal

    I hate to admit this but I cannot figure out how to remove the air filter on my new KM 3.0 EX 4 bolt motor buggy. I want to oil it before starting. Thanks for any and all help. Paul
  17. D

    Losi DBXL air filter issue.

    I'm having a problem with the stock air filter on the DBXL. It seems that the inner foam to the stock air filter was over oiled which bogs the engine down causing it to stall. Anyone know of a correct way to clean and re oil or know of an after market air filter I could buy for the DBXL? Please...
  18. Revolauncher

    Sold / Found 26cc top end complete (light use) walbro 668 carb. & filter

    2 bolt 34mm 26cc top end from a Losi 5ive T. Has 2 gallons of fuel through it and compression is like new, no damage whatsoever. Includes head, piston, pin, clips and bearing, ready to bolt up. Compatible with 23/26cc fuelie, CY, and Zenoah engines...
  19. F

    fuel filter?

    Hello i need help how can i clean the (i think its filter) in the fuel tank ? Thanks
  20. jpblue1000

    best Airfilter type?

    Ok guys whats the better air filter setup for performance F1 type or this more bulbous type Justin
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