1. R. Johns

    DBXL aluminum diff towers

    Hello, I want to upgrade the front, rear and center differentials on my Losi DBXL (gas). I plan to (hopefully) upgrade the motor at tax time to something with more power. Not to something with totally insane power but a decent amount, in the five horsepower range (with tuned exhaust). I...
  2. L

    Just purchased an all aluminum HPI Baja 5B

    Hi just picked up an all aluminum baja 5b little used but great deal lots of screws are stripped at head but will be asking lots of questions as 1/8 is largest I ever had.
  3. Elie.sader83

    Front Alloy arms Camber!!

    Hello guys, i recently upgraded my Rovan 5b front and rear plastic parts to full aluminum it looks very good now and no more play in the wheels and i feel it stronger all parts fit perfectly, just a small issue with the front upper arms where camber cannot be adjusted if i keep them to default...
  4. Bryan K.

    DBXL-E Aluminum center diff case fits DBXL?

    Hey guys, As title says I'm looking to upgrade my DBXL center diff case. Does anyone know if the DBXL-E aluminum one will work? I was considering the Hot racing aluminum one, but I've heard mostly bad things about the quality of their parts. thanks,
  5. S

    Alloy servo horn/arm

    I am after an alloy servo arm/horn with 24teeth, its for the steering servo(Hitec HS755 MG). Its to go on a FG Monster truck. Any links or shops will be appreciated.
  6. Brucie

    Sold / Found FG Alloy side plates, FG Monster Beetle/Truck (UK).

    I'm looking for a pair of standard alloy side plates from a Fg monster beetle/truck. UK only please to keep cost down.
  7. atom3624

    Area RC - Alloy bits.

    Anyone purchased any of the products from Area RC? I'm building a 'bitsa' X-Maxx - should take 12 months. I'm interested in a lot of their parts, but they seem way too expensive - 2x Hot Racing prices and effectively 2x their own prices for the Losi 5ive-T hop-up parts. Possibly trying to...
  8. F

    Alloy Wheels for 5ive T

    I have been reading quite a bit for some Alloy wheels for my 5ive T. There aren't alot of options. There are tons of alloy wheels for the HPI 5B, 5SC, etc. Can someone explain to me the difference between wheel adapters and wheel extenders? Also, has anyone installed some HPI alloy wheels...
  9. S

    Area RC Rear Alloy Suspension Arm for MCD/RR5

    Pls wait for our good news.
  10. B

    Hints on setting up King Motor RTR 2.0 EX 30.5cc 4 BOLT Gas Alloy

    Hey All, i just got my self a King motor 1/5 Buggy and i am having trouble getting the breaks to work. i am presuming the failsafe needs to be setup correct for the breaks to work? and hints or tips on this model would be great thanks. cheers
  11. MonsterAir

    Alloy Engine Mount Screws

    Anyone know what size the countersunk screws that bolt the alloy engine mounts to the chassis are? Thanks
  12. MonsterAir

    Sold / Found WTB FG 20mm Alloy Shocks

    Title says it all. Looking for a set of 4 in good condition.
  13. S

    Alloy parts?

    are they worth it or just a wate of money as ive been looking at intergy suspension arms have heard they arent that good are there any other manufactures or would i just be wasting money ?
  14. S

    Area Rc Front&Rear Alloy Diff For MCD RR5/XS5

    Area Rc Front &Rear Alloy Diff is avaliable now. Retail price:$278.68 We also offer favorable price for dealer, if you have any interested in that, welcome to contact us by mail :[email protected]
  15. S

    alloy servo arm

    I would like to upgrade the plastic steering servo arm to an alloy arm but cant seem to find one long enough. Can anybody recommend a supplier in the UK.
  16. S

    The front&rear alloy diff for Losi 5T on sale for the end of 2014.

    The front&rear alloy diff for Losi 5T on sale for the end of 2014.
  17. briguy

    alloy gear plate

    will this this work with my 4wd sportsline? part # FG07474
  18. Trebor

    Sold / Found Fg leopard full elcon alloy

    Moving house forces sale of my new unrun Leopard with full Elcon alloy... paint was £175 alone see my pictures below i can ship any where at cost, but would sooner do the deal locally .......£1500.......PM me if interested
  19. S

    Area RC Alloy Outer Beadlocks for Losi DBXL Foreshow!!

    Area RC Alloy Outer Beadlocks for Losi DBXL Foreshow!! The design is on the basic of Losi 5T from Area RC. The finished products with multi-color will be launched to the market soon.
  20. B

    Mounting fg alloy shocks

    Delete thread my phone messed up
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