1. Suposa

    What make/model is my RC and has anyone seen a brushless set up similar to this or for this model?

    Hey guys i found an old 1/5 scale RC in my mates shed along wit an old baja 5b but i cant seem to figure out what model this other one is, its had an electric motor conversion from originally being nitro and ive never seen the set up like this before looks kinda custom, can anyone help me out...
  2. crankestein

    Not sure why, but I did it...

    As much as I said never ever will do so, I collapsed and fell off the band wagon. Bought a ARRMA Talion, 6S brushless rc, please forgive me for not stayed true to the dark side of gasoline, exhaust fumes, oily rags, pissed off neighbors... ja ja, but must disgracefully say its been tons of...
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