baja 5b

  1. One1Savage_

    I'm new to this hobby

    Hi guys i'm very new to this 1/5 petrol hobby and past saturday with christmas iv'e got my first king motor 002 right from the box it start in like less then 3 pulls or so iv'e done 4 heat cycle's in totaal i wanted to do my last heat cycle yesterday but i couldn't get the engine started so i...
  2. handsomerob082


    helllo everyone , im Rob, i recently bought a HPI Baja 5b with a 36cc motor on it , and it has been a blast , i went from a tmaxx to a Jato to a Redcat Rampage & now the HPI, but i swear if i didnt have bad luck i wouldnt have any luck at all...... so first my pull cord pulls out all the way ...
  3. 2

    Baja 5b receiver battery

    Hello, im looking to replace the oem battery. What do you guys use?
  4. BajaBlitz2001

    Baja 5B Bogging In Sand

    Hello everyone! Im new to the forum (and large scale in general) so I'm learning a bunch while I mess around with my baja. I picked up a 35CC Rovan Baja of OfferUp about 2 months ago and its been crazy fun. It flies and sounds great. I run her with 32:1 mix 2 cycle on 93 octane as the previous...
  5. Rcmadman1020

    Savox servo horn

    Hey guys Hoping to get some help. I have just finished my HPI Baja 5B SS kit build and bought a Savox SW-0241mg for the steering. I also bought a 15t Dynamite steering horn to suit. So far no servo horn fits it that know that is slim line as all the others stick out to far, I have tried to...
  6. Rcmadman1020

    Mtxl stand

    Hey guys Lately I have been looking for a stand for my Losi MTXL and my Baja 5b... I have looked into a Rocket stand and unfortunately I have been informed that they have discontinued for the MTXL. So I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions of some brands, I have looked into a...
  7. bajaMaster567

    Need Help! How to setup killswitch with KM Baja 5b and Futaba 3pv transmitter

    Hello, I am new to the baja community.I have a 5th scale gas baja and a futaba 3pv remote.I went out the other day to install the kill switch. Once everything was put done I tested it out and I set the kill switch to the manual switch on the 3PV remote.The switch works wonderfully and turns the...
  8. Djkeene1993

    Converting Baja flux to 2stroke

    Anyone every converted a Baja flux to a 2stroke engine? I hate having 10 mins of run time.
  9. Rcmadman1020

    Deciding on radio gear!!

    Hey guys I am in the process of building a mental Baja ss buggy. I have spent around $3000 including the buggy itself. I run my other models off my faithful DX3S but want to maybe switch to the dark side. I was looking at a Futaba 7PX radio system... I would like to know for my Baja SS is that...
  10. Spoogity Woogums

    Integy gearbox trustworthiness

    I know integy should never be trusted with any machine, but their gearboxes are easily serviceable. Does anybody know if they can be trusted or is there an equivalent out there?
  11. Rcmadman1020

    Need help, fuelie 23cc low end bogging

    Hey firstly new to this site so Adam hear, I have a Hpi Baja 23cc stock standard. It starts, idles and reaches full throttle. What I need help is, the car runs fine apart from when you go from neutral straight to full throttle, it bogs down a little. Before it’s suggested, I have riched but by...
  12. Lacasse02

    Help, i lost my flywheel lock nut.

    Can i just go and buy a regular locknut at Canadian tire just for this weekend?
  13. Rcmadman1020

    Hpi Baja 23cc stock HELP!!!

    Hey guys, I have a Hpi Baja 23cc stock standard. It starts, idles and reaches full throttle. What I need help is, the car runs fine apart from when you go from neutral straight to full throttle, it bogs down a little. Before it’s suggested, I have riched but by bit and leaned it off with both...
  14. Spoogity Woogums

    Possibly dead engine *updated with pictures of partial engine gore*

    TL;DR, I think my spark plug killed my engine So a couple of days ago, I set out to run my baja. It was giving me pull starter issues (I'm still learning), and once I got it sorted out, i got it to kinda fire up. It would pop a few times like it was trying to run, but wouldn't under it's own...
  15. Elie.sader83

    Front Alloy arms Camber!!

    Hello guys, i recently upgraded my Rovan 5b front and rear plastic parts to full aluminum it looks very good now and no more play in the wheels and i feel it stronger all parts fit perfectly, just a small issue with the front upper arms where camber cannot be adjusted if i keep them to default...
  16. Spoogity Woogums

    RPM, aluminum, or stock 2: Electric Boogalo

    I saw another thread from 2012 of the same name, but instead of necro-bumping it, and a lot of parts manufacturers have come out, I'm here for suggestions. In 1/10 scale, RPM was like, THE BEST choice for arms and bumpers, and aluminum was what you put on shelf queens. But in the current...
  17. Spoogity Woogums

    I broke my pull starter, suggestions?

    SoI went to the park to get in some driving, pulled the starter gently on choke to get some juices flowing, un-choked, one full pull and it didn't retract. I pulled the yank off it after loosening screws and the rope pulled back in. I got this (pic below) Replacement suggestions? It's still the...
  18. Spoogity Woogums

    Burst shock body

    So I traded my axial yeti and traxxas t-maxx for a baja 5b, and I noticed the rear was extremely springy. Like, shouldn't be like that at all springy. There was something greasy on the shock sock and the arm was greasy too. I take off the shock sock and the long spring and the bottom of the...
  19. evssv

    my baja in the snow today.....

    my Baja..8s x maxx and 8s savage flux in the snow....
  20. RustyMiata

    Cannot Find Baja 5B In Stores

    Hey I have been trying to purchase a baja 5b in the uk since April. How come there's none in any of the big model stores?
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