baja 5b

  1. Spoogity Woogums

    Possibly dead engine

    TL;DR, I think my spark plug killed my engine So a couple of days ago, I set out to run my baja. It was giving me pull starter issues (I'm still learning), and once I got it sorted out, i got it to kinda fire up. It would pop a few times like it was trying to run, but wouldn't under it's own...
  2. Elie.sader83

    Front Alloy arms Camber!!

    Hello guys, i recently upgraded my Rovan 5b front and rear plastic parts to full aluminum it looks very good now and no more play in the wheels and i feel it stronger all parts fit perfectly, just a small issue with the front upper arms where camber cannot be adjusted if i keep them to default...
  3. Spoogity Woogums

    RPM, aluminum, or stock 2: Electric Boogalo

    I saw another thread from 2012 of the same name, but instead of necro-bumping it, and a lot of parts manufacturers have come out, I'm here for suggestions. In 1/10 scale, RPM was like, THE BEST choice for arms and bumpers, and aluminum was what you put on shelf queens. But in the current...
  4. Spoogity Woogums

    I broke my pull starter, suggestions?

    SoI went to the park to get in some driving, pulled the starter gently on choke to get some juices flowing, un-choked, one full pull and it didn't retract. I pulled the yank off it after loosening screws and the rope pulled back in. I got this (pic below) Replacement suggestions? It's still the...
  5. Spoogity Woogums

    Burst shock body

    So I traded my axial yeti and traxxas t-maxx for a baja 5b, and I noticed the rear was extremely springy. Like, shouldn't be like that at all springy. There was something greasy on the shock sock and the arm was greasy too. I take off the shock sock and the long spring and the bottom of the...
  6. evssv

    my baja in the snow today.....

    my Baja..8s x maxx and 8s savage flux in the snow....
  7. RustyMiata

    Cannot Find Baja 5B In Stores

    Hey I have been trying to purchase a baja 5b in the uk since April. How come there's none in any of the big model stores?
  8. Scruffy

    Duratrax Six Pack tires

    Has anyone tried the Duratrax Six Pack on a 5b/t? Look good but would like some insight as to how good they are.
  9. Paul G

    5b SS heavy duty dogbones

    I recently tried to upgrade my dog bones and cups to the upgraded 5b SS version. They are way beefier and I thought they would work on my 5t. As it turns out the bones are much shorter and keep popping out of the cups. Can anyone give me an idea as to why they are considerably shorter than...
  10. RustyMiata

    Opinions on king motor brand servos?

    Just experienced my first runaway on my KM 5B due to the throttle servo being stuck wide open. Car was brand new and has only just been broken in. I heard on other forums that king motor servos ( especially the throttle servo) are junk. Has anyone else here had similar issues with king motor...
  11. Scruffy

    Lowering a Baja 5b

    OK so I've heard of people using fuel tube on the shock shafts to lower their Baja. My question is has anyone ever tried using springs instead of fuel tube? A little more solid but still provides some shock absorbtion when the shock is overextended in a rollover. Your thoughts?
  12. B

    Proline rear 5B Desperado's fit all around? Tire foam options?

    I see this question asked several times, but nobody seems to be able to answer it. Yes, you can run 5B fronts all around the DBXL, but what about running the 5B rear's on all four corners of the DBXL? Are there any issues? I built a brushless DBXL from scratch. It's not quite done yet. I have...
  13. K

    Rovan Baja 5B Sport throttle linkage setup

    Hello friends, I've recently purchased front and side windshield for my new baja 5b. The problem that I am running into is that the front windshield needs to be modified as the throttle linkage rod gets in the way. I've looked at HPI and other Rovan RC baja videos and do not see same setup...
  14. trentonrc

    Grafil 5B Buggy Body

  15. josh

    Baja 5b 23cc

    Hi guys and girls hope your all well I have a baja 5b and when I first start it it revs high then I cut it out but I don't have my controla on can anyone help is it just set up
  16. burton

    my baja 5b transformation

    hi guys this weekend have just received all parts needed for my baja to convert to 5t also g320 engine, uber rc predator v2 and rear shock tower.... here are some pictures
  17. evssv

    My HPI 26 Baja 5b SS

    had this at christams as a pretty much stock ss....but not no more....lots of tr bits..phatdad...vertigo..uber/predator pipe....irc full chassis/brace chase...dark soul....hitec/savox servos...irp.....killer rc....ddm...gtb....hemistorm.....threshold....swingy p....area...
  18. J

    New 5b converted to class 1 kraken owner

    Hi guys Got a great deal in a king motor 5b and just converted it to a 5T along with a Kraken class 1 cage. Awesome machine! My first 1/5 and I'm hooked. I'm in my 2-3rd tank of gas.. But I've had a problem.. It would seem once the engine gets hot, it will stall on me. I've leaned out the low...
  19. WoodiE

    Newly announced HPI Baja 5b's

    HPI has just announced two new HPI Baja 5B's at the Nürnberg Toy Fair! Baja Kraken Sidewinder X5 buggy #115484 Teaming up with Kraken RC, HPI is proud to offer the Baja 5B buggy with the Kraken Sidewinder X5 roll cage conversion right out of the box! This amazing kit makes it easy to get one...