baja 5b

  1. V

    Which engine for Baja 5b roller?

    Which engine do you recommend for a basic backyard basher, nothing extreme? Reliability is key.
  2. C

    Purchasing a 5B SS, essentials?

    I will be purchasing the 5b SS kit soon. Haven't decided on which radio rx/tx to get. Not sure on the best throttle servo to use. I've seen people talk about Amsoil 2-cycle oil, but don't know type is best. What other essentials am i missing? As far as something you wouldn't run yours without.
  3. P

    tires keep spinning by themselve on my baja 5b

    i was out driving today and when i was done i noticed the engine making a noise so when i went to check it out i saw that the back tire kept spinning can someone plesase help? fyi i just put in a 55t spur gear and a 19t pinion gear can that be the reason for thi... my engine is a stock 23cc...
  4. D

    baja 5b manual

    hi, i just got a baja 5b used, looking for manual for it, can anyone help and let me know where i can download one
  5. F

    HPI baja 5t or 5B?

    Hey guys I am new to the world of 1/5 scale. I have just sold my pain in the a$$ nitros. so looking into getting a petrol truck. I have been over forum after forum, and i have seen the clones, and i keep on hearing about how they break. I have heard that they are basically the same is this true...
  6. 46u

    Zenoah in a 5b

    OK on another forum I was told in order to put a Zen in a 5b I had to install a CY clutch housing. I all ways thought the extra hole in the rear chassis was for a Zen and is why the kit came with a spare shorter spacer. To me just looking at pictures the Zen clutch housing mount ti is located...

    Win a Baja 5BE from RC CAR ACTION

    Check this out! RC CAR ACTION is giving away the Baja 5BE which was featured in the September issue of the Magazine. All you have to do is goto their facebook page and sign up to be entered! Baja is worth $2400 Click the Pic!
  8. Z

    Zippos 5b

    well heres some pics of mine heres the 5b on the way back from the hobby shop pipe that is from my old clone and transfered to the 5b, rewelded the tab mount back to it, so i decided to polish it up after the new beadlocks and rims in need of new front foams, still deciding on what tires...
  9. T

    WTB 5b foams

    Anyone hav a set of 5b foams frt and rr?
  10. R

    My 5b 2.0

    This is a few pics of my Baja. It has a 28.5 race port cyl from ddm, and a dom v1 pipe that is way to loud for me! First time posting a pic so I hope it works.
  11. CSR260

    RCScrewz: Stainless Screw 5B/5T Combo Kit anygood ? my screw are tight as feck and ive threaded most of em on my 5t so need to drill em out :( so you think this set will do the trick ?
  12. OuttaLuck

    My 5b is now a 5t

    Any suggestions on what theme i should do the vw body?
  13. P

    hpi 5b gear box and tranny metal gears

    going to put purple gear box in. I want to put all metal gears and new bearings and seal in can someone give me part number of gears and seals have number for gear box