baja 5b

  1. burton

    my baja 5b transformation

    hi guys this weekend have just received all parts needed for my baja to convert to 5t also g320 engine, uber rc predator v2 and rear shock tower.... here are some pictures
  2. evssv

    My HPI 26 Baja 5b SS

    had this at christams as a pretty much stock ss....but not no more....lots of tr bits..phatdad...vertigo..uber/predator pipe....irc full chassis/brace chase...dark soul....hitec/savox servos...irp.....killer rc....ddm...gtb....hemistorm.....threshold....swingy p....area...
  3. J

    New 5b converted to class 1 kraken owner

    Hi guys Got a great deal in a king motor 5b and just converted it to a 5T along with a Kraken class 1 cage. Awesome machine! My first 1/5 and I'm hooked. I'm in my 2-3rd tank of gas.. But I've had a problem.. It would seem once the engine gets hot, it will stall on me. I've leaned out the low...
  4. WoodiE

    Newly announced HPI Baja 5b's

    HPI has just announced two new HPI Baja 5B's at the Nürnberg Toy Fair! Baja Kraken Sidewinder X5 buggy #115484 Teaming up with Kraken RC, HPI is proud to offer the Baja 5B buggy with the Kraken Sidewinder X5 roll cage conversion right out of the box! This amazing kit makes it easy to get one...
  5. N

    Compare HPI Baja 5B Flux with HPI Baja 5B

    I never play large scale rc before. And I am starting to play large scale rc car. I am seeking a good large scale rc car to buy. I am interested in two models as HPI Baja 5B Flux and HPI Baja 5B, electric vs gasoline. I am not sure which one are suitable 5B Flux or 5B. What is pros and cons of...
  6. R

    Couple more clips of my 5b tearin it up
  7. Q

    Banked oval racing with the 5b

    Our local racetrack. Racing the HPI 5b's and clones at the local raceway. We run IMCA modified bodies
  8. R

    My 5b rippin it up
  9. A

    Super Chargers on a 5b

    Anyone have any experience with Super Chargers. I have just brought a Zenoah 32 cc which is about to be modified with a Reed kit and boost plates. I have seen RB INOVATIONS Super Charger and want to know if they are a gimmick or will they increase the power much. I have been told the extra...
  10. R

    Kingmotor vs rovan baja 5b

    Hello everybody I know this question was asking before But i ask if have a really diffrents between king motor baja 5b to rovan baja 5b Who is more sucssefull from problems Thank you for help and i am sorry about my english
  11. kashif

    Baja 5B Idle Screw Tuning Problems - Please Help!

    As I am new to Baja and tried to tune my Baja 5B 29cc (With tuned pipe) to stock settings but I ended up messing it. When I first adjusted the low and high needles to stock settings I noticed good improvement in acceleration and torque pickup when full throttle but then I tried to set the...
  12. kashif

    Bought a HPI Baja 5B and have questions - Please help.

    Hi Guys, Trust you will be fine. This is my first post apart from the introduction forum. I am not new to RC but new to Large Scale Petrol vehicles. All this time I only played with Electric 1:10 or 1:8 scales. The sound and smoke of Nitro and Gasoline vehicles always fascinates me but I was...
  13. R

    360 Spin Mount GoPro on a Baja 5b...

    I'm very happy with the results on the first test of the £5 swivel mount I put together in about 10 minutes.... What do you think?
  14. trentonrc

    Blood Lust Punisher 5B Dessert Rat Body

    The Candies are really Deep and bloody, the sun loves this paint and we backed it with a secret mix of paint that just makes this body pop!
  15. trentonrc

    Candy Purple 5B Killer Flames

    This thing is sick in the sun, almost holographic in nature.
  16. S


    Hi as anyone had the HPI 5B to T1000 Conversion Kit if so was it any good? I'm look at this .What is your opinions on the kit. Is this the same as the 5T kit plus will the 5T rear bumper the one with mud flaps fit with the T1000...
  17. G

    Rovan Baja 5b shocks Leaking

    Hi guys I have a Rovan Sport baja that I have had for 3 months and it has sitting there for one month in the garage. I know I have to change the seals but my question is can I drive the car without shock fluid will it damage the shocks and how bad will it be if I jump the car without fluid...
  18. Z

    Baja 5B roll bar disconnects

    Has anyone ever made these before? I know I can get em on DDM but they're $35 and I'm sure I can do the same thing for much less. Any input? -Justin
  19. R

    Pro Mod Beetle shell / Baja 5b Chassis

    Hello Thought i'd post of few pics of the new body shell i've made for a custom road build. This shell was to test fit to a chassis. Pleased with how it's looking.
  20. W

    Conversion 5sc to 5B

    Hello all. Everyone always wants to switch from 5B/5T to 5sc and I'm the other way around. What would I need to get my KM 5sc to 5B? Was looking all over eBay and online to see if they sell a conversion kit but no luck. Would like to know what's required thanks in advance.