baja 5b

  1. PSH72

    Baja 5B with leds

    Here is my baja with some leds and with my Killer light control, it is a great mod this light controller, haven't made a video yet, because had a problem with one of the resistor, but its on its way to kent to repair it.
  2. Rickdragon

    Baja 5B parts for sale

    I have a few parts for sale for the Baja 5B. Shipping cost is included. :) The picture of the Baja 5b is only to show items installed, This listing is not for the Baja 5B, it is only for the parts listed. Thanks This is a set of (4) KM aluminum alloy Orbit Rims, they come with all beadlocks...
  3. Rickdragon

    My Team Chase 5B to 5T conversion

    Started with my 5B and converted it to a 5T. This is how it started: Now this is how it looks now :
  4. Dolphinwelder

    Got my original 5b ss back!

    Originally built this 5b ss a couple years back, sold it last year after my dads stroke, now I got it back! It was in pieces so I'm putting it back together With my 5t project and my buddies original purple chassis rtr
  5. Dolphinwelder

    My clapped out 5b to T

    So I got a baja 5b from a buddy for cheap. I tore it down and am currently building it into a 5T
  6. U

    5B roller

    Here we have a 5B roller, that looks to be 90 to 97% there. I do not know if it is an HPI or a clone. It has a few upgrades, TR rear plate, DDM springs in the rear, Darksoul roof scoop and ADA rear hubs not installed. I've never did anything to this 5B, bought it and forgot about it...
  7. Rickdragon

    My full Mod 5B

    This is a list of the modifications that I have done to my Full Aluminum Baja 5B. 30.5cc ESP race ported 4.5hp modified engine. Walbro 990 carb, NGK 8HIX Iridium spark plug.Lightened flywheel, MSD spark plug ignition wire kit, DDM 1" velocity stack,TGN angled "shortstack" air filter, outerwear...

    integy 5b diff case

    hello everyone, I bought an integy 5b aluminum diff case but I'm having issues building the new diff. First off, the diff axle pins don't fit over the flat washers that hold the small bearings in place. So I tried to build this diff without the washers. That didn't work cause the axle pins...
  9. M

    Rovan 5b flux

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this post, I'm sure that someone said that rovan and km were the same or atleast the seller. But anyway I was looking and seen on ebAy a electric 5b, I haven't been keeping up with the electric scene since before traxxas came out with the erevo. ( I...
  10. doza28

    For sale hpi baja 5b ss

    I am looking to sell my 5B SS. I bought this back in February from a Guy who bought it while he worked at Apex models. It is in good condition having only really been used on Grass and the odd trip of dirt. I`m not too confident in jumping, so its not be launched of massive jumps like a lot...
  11. E

    KM Baja 5b Won't Idle !

    I have just replaced all 3 intake manifold gaskets and replaced spark plug with NGK...I can't seem get it to idle at all ! I have turned idle screw out all the way and adjusted servo so its not even close to opening jet still have a very fast idle...Please HELP !!!!
  12. S

    Baja 5b and 5b ss

    Sorry if this is a Dumb question but I just saw one of these cars in the last 1/2 at my local hobby store and I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on one.. My sickness goes back to the serpents and got burnt out with all the tuning and fixing. Would love a larger scale with everything this car...
  13. G

    HPI Baja 5B Upgrades

    what are the recommendations out there. i have a really nice HPi 5B that has a lot of aluminum front and rear end. looking to make some improvements like servos and clutch differential convert to 2/3 speed brakes? please help also where would you suggest to buy on line? :rolleyes:
  14. F

    HPI 5B engine break-in?

    Ok guys i am new here because the company that i got my 5b said to join here for questions and what not. i just got my first HPI 5B with a 30.5cc motor and its all brand new. was wondering if there is a break in steps to take and the steering seems a little slow even tho battery is completely...
  15. H

    KM Baja 5b rear fender and chassis guard

    KM Baja 5b rear fender and chassis guard now with front fenders Hi Gang, New to the world of 1/5th scale. Just to post pics of inexpensive solution to rear fenders and chassis debris guards. Hope this works...have never used this forum or posted pics.
  16. atom3624

    5B Hot Rod Body.

    How about this for an alternative look for your Baja? Get a good paint job and I reckon it could be pretty interesting!! Al.
  17. evildomain

    Gizmo PowerMaster Sidepipe for the Baja 5T/5B...

    Hey Guy's, Purchased the new PowerMaster sidepipe form GizmoMotors last week and it arrived Monday. First thing I did was was polish it just to give a cleaner look on my rig. What it look like when it arrived(stock photo): After polishing the pipe: It runs pretty damn nice...
  18. D

    WTB need upgrade parts for hpi baja 5b,tell me what you need

    hello im trying to do anyupgrade i can if you have extra feel free to get ahold of me please,,thanks:cool:
  19. D

    hpi 5b light installation??????

    hello im a rookie so don't thrash me to bad ,,,,but i need to know the best way to run my lights on my baja buggy ,and control them thru my jr xs3 radio..??if anyone can help i would be very thankful..:cool::cool::cool:
  20. R

    Grafil Body Baja 5bG

    Due to selling up my Grafil baja 5bg is for sale only had it a week from Italy - £85 posted SOLD please message me