baja 5b

  1. R

    Hpi Baja 5b OBR Theme New Build

    Decides to sell up as other commitments command, here is my baja 5b OBR theme new build. Cuctom Shell and Underguard Custom Painted Wing Pitdawg OBR Hudro Dipped Engine/gear Cover Combo Set OBR Prostock 30.5cc 5.5hp Engine (Mesh Mod Done) Turtle Racing Gear Plate Turtle Racing Rear Shock...
  2. B

    HPI BAJA 5B (castle creations XL2)

    I own an HPI BAJA 5B converted to nylon kit to make it light for drag racing, installed wheelie bar, castle creations XL2 combo kit 780kv, 2 X MAXAMPS 4S lipo 6200mah 150C (each lipo) But i am facing a problem with the gear C clip, it always keep breaking and it makes meopen the gear up and...
  3. R

    HPI Baja 5b

    Selling one of my Baja's to fund new project, no radio gear as I only have one radio and need it, but comes with - a lot of money has been spent as you can see, over £1200.00 on hop ups Zenoha 4 Bolt 28.5cc Engine 9 (only 4 tanks through it) - £220.00 Pitdawg hydro dipped Engine/Gear...
  4. G

    buying an early hpi 5b

    been offered a very clean 29 cc baja 5b , its a early one with purple chassis, are these a good car to buy, its a good price and in nice condition, is there much diffrence in these to the later 5b with grey chassis cheers
  5. H

    Hpi baja 5b rally body

    Hey Fuel Heads I am looking for a new body in rally style; but can not find anything other than the body Grafil is doing. is there anyone who might know where to find something:huh2:
  6. O

    WTB Baja 5B.

    I'm after a Baja 5B, either roller or complete, hopped up or standard, I'll consider anything. I know I'm new here, but I am very well known across several other big RC forums, combine that with 360+ 100% positive eBay feedback and I am a well trusted person :) PM me if you've got one, must be...
  7. U

    differences between 5b or 5sc

    Hello What are the major differences between 5b or 5sc . Which one would you recommend and why Thanks for your hel
  8. B

    baja 5b ss brushess

    I converted my baja 5b ss to brushess with 16/55 gearing.
  9. W

    HPI 5b stock servo?

    I just bought a 5b about three weeks ago. When I was doing some research on what to buy I noticed that most people who bought the 5b changed the radio and servos. I can understand the radio but are the servos really that bad? Ive put about 4 tanks through it mainly on grass and concrete (Its to...
  10. R

    Baja 5b Bits

    KM Baja parts in new condition, will fit KM/HPi/Rovan, fitted but never used. more parts to follow. Postage included, you pay paypal fees. All White parts in the 2 pictures, taken off a KM buggy can be bought as job lot for - £50.00 SOLD These retail for £140.00 + Sway Bars - £10.00...
  11. L

    5b to 5t question...

    Is there a kit with all the parts for the 5b to 5t conv?
  12. 46u

    New 5B stock transmission gears and lay shaft

    If any one would like to check me out take a look at my eBay feedback user name vld35 or PM me and I will send you my phone number. If there is not any interest it will go on eBay. Some time back I bought a new transmission taken off a new HPI 5B kit to get the case and bearings to put HPI...
  13. 46u

    Nes 5B Turtle Racing front upper brace

    New in package never open 5B Turtle Racing front heavy duty upper brace retails for $43 but you can get it for $35 plus shipping. Will combine shipping if you buy more then one of my items. If need be PM me and I will send you my phone number and we can talk. Check out my trader feedback as...
  14. L

    My self mod DOM V1 5B/5T on TT

    HI i got this pipe new from DDM v1,and only had to make one cut and weld to make if fit my TT. This pipe is a nice thick pipe to work with, and once the RPM come up on the engine and start to working with this pipe it pulls hard.
  15. J

    Hip Baja. 5b. Clutch problem

    I just bought a 5b. And I'm havin a lil trouble... The buggy runs and drives awesome but at idol it keeps wanting to move forward... It was fine for about 20 min or run time then started this problem any suggestions of what could b wrong thanks
  16. renbar

    is this a grafil 5b copy guess who the seller is

    found this on ebay looks like a grafil shell but is it judging by the seller the one and only man of many names assad insane its more likely a copy...
  17. B

    Hpi baja 5b converted to 5t for sale

    i have 5b converted to 5t id sell for $850 shipped obo needs radio only..engine is just ran for 15minutes idle..its a championship edtion esp 29.5 head with zen 4 bolt..yamadude linkage,hitec steering servo,quick disconnect tubes,front axles eclip eliminator.killer bee killswitch ;it has...
  18. B

    2.0 rtr vs.5b ss

    Hey, I'm new to this and have been researching for a month. I have come to the conclusion that I want a hpi baja.. Just do not know which 1. I like the fact that I could build the ss and get experience on its workings. Then again, man it would be awsome to get rippin right away too. I think I...
  19. trentonrc

    HPI 5B custom painted body 4/sale

    95.00 pay-pal ready to ship!
  20. trentonrc

    Evo2 full body paint job for the 5b

    last one i did tonight! EVO2 FULL BODY FOR THE HPI 5B 1/5 SCALE GAS.