baja 5sc

  1. Rcmadman1020

    Savox servo horn

    Hey guys Hoping to get some help. I have just finished my HPI Baja 5B SS kit build and bought a Savox SW-0241mg for the steering. I also bought a 15t Dynamite steering horn to suit. So far no servo horn fits it that know that is slim line as all the others stick out to far, I have tried to...
  2. Philip67

    Looking For 5SC Body Decals

    I have a new Short Course body coming and am not seeing a lot of body decals out there. Looking for something less than an $80 wrap. Anyone out there a decal guru? Also looking for 1/5 scale F1 body decals.
  3. Guardog8

    Received my Hpi 5sc today !!

    Just got her in the mail today. Picked it up on a trade. Just another addition to my addiction. Already ordered a Dominator rear pipe and Uni short stack filter.
  4. M

    5sc throttle problems

    Hey everyone im New to the forums here need some help. I'm having an issue. Today I went to run my baja and as I turned the wheel the throttle got stuck. I noticed the gears in the servo got screwed up. Bought a new servo with metal gears. Servo works great but still when I turn the wheels the...
  5. Disco

    Baja 5sc problems

    i recently got my self a baja 5sc ive had a couple of problems first being when ever i turn it rolls over tried adjusting the suspension didnt work would different shock oil help?. Next being my throttle servo has died is this servo a good replacement or does any one know a good replacement one...
  6. jw32baggs

    Sold / Found baja 5sc rear bumper

    looking for the baja 5sc rear bumper..the complete bumper with mud flaps.
  7. Z

    zippos hpi baja 5sc

    well i have posted this in my other threads, but i think she needs her own as it will be getting some makeovers over the next year. here she be, TR Clutch System 4 Shoe Clutch Lunatik Rabid Pipe Killer Cables Killer RC Kill Switch Bullet Fueler D's Brakes a quick video i shot last weekend, one...
  8. U

    What upgrade for Baja 5SC

    Hello What upgrades would be needed if I bought Baja 5sc I am not a basher Many Thanks as ever
  9. F

    Baja 5t Baja 5sc

    What are the main differences between these trucks ?IE drive train wheel base height weight width and length. Are they the same truck? Thanks.
  10. Croozer

    HPI Baja 5SC Flux 4WD

  11. CSR260

    Sold / Found Baja 5sc body! (damaged)

    Is in need of a badly damaged 5sc shell! Even if its cracked in half! I will buy it! The sc body... we all no how bad they crack so someone must have one.. or two if its cracked in half :D No point in buying a new one or a good used one because i don't have the funds for nither atm...
  12. C

    HPI Baja 5sc - What to look for when buying used...

    Hey guys... I'm not new to the R/C world... but am looking into getting into the 1/5 world. I found a HPI Baja 5sc SS RTR on eBay that looks good, but was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on what to look for... or opinions on if it seems to be a good deal. I'd appreciate...
  13. mishgass

    my Baja 5sc ss RUN

    hi all, check out my 2nd run for the 5sc ss and
  14. R

    baja 5sc

    turned the baja 5sc to brushless WOW! what a sick truck :)
  15. C

    Baja 5sc RTR & Baja 5sc SS questions ???

    Hello everyone, I am wanting to get a Baja 5sc and am not sure if I should get the RTR or the SS. Does the ready to run have the same upgraded parts that the SS has ? I have a Baja 5b SS that I need to build, just have not got around to it so that would be 2 that I would have to build. What do...
  16. R

    My first Vid Baja 5SC

    Hey guys, check out my first vid of my Baja 5S. I'm sure my vid could be improved by someone that knows what their doing, but i am happy with my results. Please leave a comment on what u think. Thanks
  17. Killer RC

    Baja 5SC SS Kit Version

    Possible accidental leak by RC Driver magazine? 5SC SS Kit Version. Part #105734. SS tuned pipe thats on the 5B SS. "Fuelie 26s" which is a high performance version of the Fuelie 26. 8k RPM clutch spring. Special 0.7mm piston ring for less friction. SFL-11MG metal gear steering servo...
  18. KauseKaos

    would you sell marder to get baja 5sc?

    Ok I've had my Marder for some time now but I haven't really bashed it cause I'm worried about breaks. FG parts aren't that easy to come by at local shops. Always have to order and wait. I hate waiting. I've always been interested in the baja just never pulled the trigger. Then the 5t came out...
  19. F

    Baja 5sc

    Wooooohoooo,just got home from MMR picked up my SC Happy days,
  20. F

    Baja 5sc

    Who is expecting to get there's soonest
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