baja 5t

  1. sbarham

    Bought used Baja 5T, what size engine do I have?

    Ok I'm new to the 1/5 scale scene. I just bought a used HPI Baja 5T and I just plan on doing some bashing and hooking it up a bit. The guy I bought it from also got it second hand and wasn't sure what size the motor was. There is a 34 under the head of the motor so I was wondering if it was a...
  2. M

    Tuned pipe

    I'm a noob to racing and bashing . I have a great time putting together the hpi baja 5t . I've put a ONB g340 on a 38 lbs 5t running 19/55 gears and used a DDM fast pipe because I like the rear exit. It's fast but not what I expected after I broke it in . Lots of midrange .I'm looking to change...
  3. Z

    got my truck fixed baja 5t ran good today
  4. B

    New to Bajas, couple of questions...

    Hey guys hows it going? so after about six years in the hobby i finally got around to picking up a 5T. Got an awesome deal on the truck, already have my oil/gas ready at 25:1 and my lipo for the electronics. other than a brief stint with a brushless savage converted to 5th scale...
  5. A

    Baja 5t Clutch

    Hello. ..Need advice please. Am new to 1/5 size and want to upgrade clutch system. don't want to spend hundreds on an upgrade. Just something better then the stock clutch...Any ideas please
  6. M

    Hpi baja 5t decals

    Guys, do you know where i can get the original decals for a baja 5t? Or if u have one and want to sell, let me know. Thanks.
  7. D

    King Motor T1000A RTR 4 Bolt 30.5cc Gas, Petrol Truck 1/5 HPI Baja 5T Compatible

    Does anyone have info or do you own this rc/:D
  8. V

    Baja 5t paintjob

    After about 30hours of work split by 10 days,i finaly finished my first paintjob on the baja 5t bodyshell! Not too bad for the first time! Looking forward to the next one!! Thanks to Chris at Hemistorm Products for the inspiration and advices!
  9. V

    Painting baja 5t polycarb body with pamiya ps

    Hi guys,so my new step is painting my own polycarbonate bodyshell,i want to do something similar to ken block's fiesta with the black bleeding.. So here is my issue,wich colours should i apply first...darkers first i have: Ps5 black Ps15 metallic red Ps12 silver Ps8 light green Ps7...
  10. P

    Waterproofing the Baja 5T

    Hey all, I have another newb question. I want to be able to run my baja in snow, and wet places (not like a lake or river, but wet roads, mud, etc). I know that neither of the servos on it are currently waterproof, so I am planning to replace them so they are. What else needs to be done to...
  11. M

    Baja 5t front grill and front light decals

    Hi guys, i have km 1000, and i would like to replace the front decals. I have been looking for the original hpi decals, but it seems that they don't sell them alone, only come with the body shell. Anyone know where i can find a good looking grill and front lights decals, similar to the stock...
  12. B

    had a baja 5t runaway

    scared me like no other. in an empty parking lot, just messing around. friend says 'hey drive it down there and open it up' drove it and opened it up. hit the brakes, but it kept going. jumped a curb going to the opposing parking lot, where cars were, hit another curb, flung the c-clip and the...
  13. WoodiE

    Hostile Racing gray axle boots for HPI Baja 5B and Baja 5T

    Hostile Racing gray axle boots for HPI Baja 5B and Baja 5T GIVEAWAY!!! Hostile gray axle boots for the Baja 5B and 5T. Much stronger than the stock boots. These boots can be used with any quality grease. They fit all standard sized cups including stock HPI cups and aftermarket cups and axles...
  14. U

    Sold / Found HPI Baja 5T

    So I realize I will most likely never run this as my 5sc has taken up my time and $$$$. It has a few mods on it and a few that are still in the package and its all never run. So far it has a 26cc engine, with a Lunatik Rabid pipe(freaking loud) the engine will need a new clutch, as it looks...
  15. evildomain

    Gizmo PowerMaster Sidepipe for the Baja 5T/5B...

    Hey Guy's, Purchased the new PowerMaster sidepipe form GizmoMotors last week and it arrived Monday. First thing I did was was polish it just to give a cleaner look on my rig. What it look like when it arrived(stock photo): After polishing the pipe: It runs pretty damn nice...
  16. W

    Sold / Found Baja 5T to 5SC

    looking for the complete rear bumper set up from the baja 5SC to mount on my 5T if you know some one that don't need there's or would like to sale it please let me know Thank you Chris...
  17. K

    Sold / Found WTB losi 5ive or hpi baja 5t or 5sc no motor needed

    im looking for something to put my zenoah reeded RC motor off my go-ped into, with a controller
  18. voo2doo

    Sold / Found HPI Baja 5T bits for sale

    Breaking a 5T... HPI Baja 5T for auction. This is virtually indestructible with only the best mods available. I built this from a brand new and have used it roughly 15 times. It has all sensible upgrades that you need and not the ones that you don't. I will be putting more detailed...
  19. cdewalt1985

    Sold / Found WTB: Baja 5T or SC Body

    hey guys wanting a T or SC body for my baja, don't have a whole lot of cash so the cheaper the better, doesn't have to be pretty or top of the line. Let me know what ya got.
  20. dopeyiniraq

    Sold / Found Baja 5t roller

    Ok so i have a roller here needs track rods n all rx components has tr diff front rear top plates flm arms team chase cage break n tail lights also has bumper n roof lights rwar rizzys Price 800 or obo 2
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