baja 5t

  1. F

    HPI Baja 5t

    Looking for a used Hpi baja 5t for sale
  2. CSR260

    HPI Baja 5T Carbon Fiber Parts

    Forsale i have two products by Protecta Products Used and in very good condition! RRP £88.98 Asking £20 P+P Andy..
  3. F

    HPI Baja 5T Problems

    Anyone have any issues with this truck? I am thinking about buying a used one. thanks.
  4. F

    HPI baja 5t or 5B?

    Hey guys I am new to the world of 1/5 scale. I have just sold my pain in the a$$ nitros. so looking into getting a petrol truck. I have been over forum after forum, and i have seen the clones, and i keep on hearing about how they break. I have heard that they are basically the same is this true...
  5. F

    WTB wanted used hpi Baja 5t

    Looking for a used Hpi Baja 5t
  6. avconslt

    HPI Baja 5T E-Conversion w/Liquid Cooling System

    One-of-a-Kind! HPI Baja 5T E-Conversion!! Neu 2215 2Y 6 H.P. Electric Motor, Castle HV240 Controller with Heatsink and Cooling Fan, 2-MaxAmp 6500MaH 5S2P Lipo Batteries, 2-Poly RC Enerland 6000MaH 5S2P Lipo Batteries, Specktrum DX-3S Computer Radio, Hyperion 601 Dual Charger with 12V Power...
  7. F

    hpi 5sc v/s hpi baja 5t

    Hey guys I want a 5t and i am new to 1/5 scale all I know is what I read so whats the difference between the two?
  8. F

    Hpi baja 5t or KM baja 1000

    Hey guys new to the world of 1/5 scale. just got out of nitro, and I don't want to pay to much for an R/c truck. So which one is better? 1st hand experienced people please.
  9. CSR260

    Baja 5t shell forsale !! :P

    Quick sale!! I hope! Used and in really good condition!! I don't bash hard so this shell is looking good! has afew small scratches here and there and also the stock stickers have been removed.... Its got CF vinyl on some areas of the body but if you don't like them you can remove them...
  10. C

    HPI baja 5T RTR for sale

    I bought this with the intent to convert it to electric but I do not have the time and need funds. This is a hpi baj 5t with the following upgrades: 1) rear pipe- DDM Dominator pipe 2) meaty dogbones 3) upgraded 2.4 ghz radio 4) brand new proline tires and rims (never run) stock tires...
  11. voo2doo

    Baja 5T rebuild

    Here are a few pics of my 5T getting rebuilt.Just finished the back end today. Consists of........ FLM top and bottom arms. FLM adjustable tower/brace. GBE fan case/motor mount. Threshold Rezzies. Threshold crowns. BN 668 WT. 29cc BB head/piston. Outerwears. Triple carbon pads...
  12. A

    Picking up a baja 5t today!

    I found a used baja 5t for $625:w00t:, The guy stripped the parts to make it a 5b but has the parts to change it back to a 5t so im gonna do that. He says that it only has 1 1/2 gallons through it so it should last a while right? This is mainly stock other than the proline badlands on the back...
  13. CSR260

    RCX Baja 5t on ebay check out that price!!!!
  14. CSR260

    Hpi Baja 5t/5b parts forsale

    Hpi Baja 5t wheels and tires. £40 posted. Uber RC red wheel nuts. £12 posted. Hpi Baja orange hex hub set. £12 posted. Cheers Andy :D
  15. CSR260

    HPI/KM Baja 5T Pitbull - RC Inner Wells

    Pitbull - RC Inner Wells forsale..... 50 plus p+p Regards Andy
  16. B

    WTB LTB Rims and Beadlocks For a Baja 5T

    Looking for stock rims and beadlocks for a Baja 5t in good condition. Would also consider Pro-Line rims as well. Thanks, Tim
  17. CSR260

    Baja 5t body

    Hi guy's my 5t body is back up for sale on ebay £100 starting bid all the best Andy
  18. N

    hpi baja 5t

    ok whats the best and first hop ups for my hpi 5t? please list in order I should buy them, I have never broken a part on my baja 5t. thanks in advance! nitromarc
  19. WoodiE

    Convert Baja 5T to 5SC conversion parts list

    These parts will visually convert your existing HPI Baja 5T into a Baja 5SC. How to convert your HPI Baja 5T into a Baja 5SC #104779 - Rear bumper brace set A #104780 - Mud flap mount set #104782 - Bumper set (front and rear) #104960 - Rear bumper brace set B #104969 - Mud flap set (2pcs)...
  20. O

    Clutch or other issues? baja 5t

    baja 5t had a shimmy, where the car wouldn't roll, rear tires were rocking back n forth, maybe a clutch or spur gear?? rolled the car and gave it alittle throttle and ran perfect, never happened again? any ideals?