1. ChromaticWolf

    HPI D-Box 2 for a 2WD 5T, is it worth buying?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if this stability control system is good for controlling my 5T easier, specially the fact that I mostly drive on road and occasionally on dirt but it's very hard to handle the car with Tarmac Buster tires and even offroad when it goes over some big chunks or stones, I...
  2. GoneRogue

    Rovan easy pull start retention

    So i'm trying to take apart my pull start as there is no longer any retention since the knot undid on the handle and the rope shot back into the pull start. However the bolt that hold the spring in does not seem to come loose as the whole system spins instead of loosening, any thoughts on a way...
  3. GoneRogue

    Low RPM Rovan 36cc

    Hey guys, Prepare for a long paragraph :) So took the baja out today and the thing wouldn't start at all, so I reset the Walbro 1107 carb to defaults (1 1/4 L and 1 1/2 H) to get it to start. The engine would not start unless I applied the choke before hand and when I did start it, it almost...
  4. BajaBlitz2001

    Baja 5B Bogging In Sand

    Hello everyone! Im new to the forum (and large scale in general) so I'm learning a bunch while I mess around with my baja. I picked up a 35CC Rovan Baja of OfferUp about 2 months ago and its been crazy fun. It flies and sounds great. I run her with 32:1 mix 2 cycle on 93 octane as the previous...
  5. Suposa

    Nutech Thunderbolt III Electric Conversion

    Hey guys i found this RC in my mates shed a few days ago along with a baja 5b, still pretty new to all of this but i don't think ive ever seen a Nutech Thunderbolt with this type of conversion before, obviously looks custom, would just like to hear anyones tips or advice on what they think and...
  6. Suposa

    What make/model is my RC and has anyone seen a brushless set up similar to this or for this model?

    Hey guys i found an old 1/5 scale RC in my mates shed along wit an old baja 5b but i cant seem to figure out what model this other one is, its had an electric motor conversion from originally being nitro and ive never seen the set up like this before looks kinda custom, can anyone help me out...
  7. Suposa

    What model is my RC

    Hey guys i found an old 1/5 scale RC in my mates shed along wit an old baja 5b but i cant seem to figure out what model this other one is, its had an electric motor conversion from originally being nitro and I've never seen the set up like this before looks kinda custom, can anyone help me out...
  8. Z.hb71

    Anybody own the King motor triton blade cage?

    id like to know opinions and reviews of this cage, thinking about it fir my baja I don't want the team chase cage cuz its more expensive, i don't have the parts to adapt it to my truck, and my 70cc motor will be really tall and poke out of the top of that cage. i don't want the Kraken...
  9. Z.hb71

    Custom 70cc engine build

    Hi, if you follow BOTAJELL (shout out to him) and activly read his comments you'd probably know that I've been chatting with him about this build for the last 4+ months but if you haven't here's some back story, 6 months ago my 30.5cc rovan engine blew up from manufacturer error (not enough base...
  10. B

    Any tips for a new Rovan Baja 5b owner?

    Hey guys, Just bought my Rovan baja 5b recently and having a shit load of fun with it Quick questions tho, How do you guys clean your buggies? I took mine to the park recently and its full of grass and sand Is it safe to wash it and dry all the water with the compressor? Also, I read on...
  11. Djkeene1993

    Converting Baja flux to 2stroke

    Anyone every converted a Baja flux to a 2stroke engine? I hate having 10 mins of run time.
  12. N

    Anyone know what is the size of the flywheel key?

    Hi, here again for another question, would anyone know what is the size of the flywheel key? there is no local hobby shop from where I am at the moment, but a lot of automotive/agri stores around with small engine parts. Someone might be able to tell what is the correct size. Thanks.
  13. C

    Killer rc super bee

    I’m new to this forum and I’m sure this has been asked hundreds of times but I can’t seem to find the answers. Before installing the kill switch the car ran amazing. I have a Futaba 3PV radio system. So I installed a super bee kill switch, everything is hooked up, I got a few beeps and finally...
  14. X

    Zenoah G290 will not bolt up to side engine mount

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem with mounting a brand new Zenoah G290 motor to my Rovan baja. The motor is sitting higher then the stock Rovan 30.5cc motor did and the bolt that goes into the bottom of the chassis into the clutch housing is going into a different engine mount hole. I have...
  15. A

    Recommended upgrades and or replacement parts?

    Is there a thread to cover the most common parts that break or parts that should be upgraded to make the car bulletproof? After going off a ramp a few times getting the car 5 ft in the air the dogbones broke, the right side completely snapped off and the left shock is stuck and wont budge, i...
  16. R

    Testing some new Cameras at the Bash....

    The sun is out and we had a great weekend on the golf course with the London All Star Bashers. A Small gathering this weekend includes Bajas, Losi & Vekta - regular Sunday mornings in Enfield North London if anyone wants to join... All done on SJCam SJ5000 + Panasonic HC-V160 - £130 (needs a...
  17. Bryan K.

    HPI Baja brushless conversion?

    Hey guys, I just got a used HPI Baja and pulled the gasoline motor. Where the heck do I get a brushless conversion from? I checked integys site and they seem to be backordered till sometime late in the year which I'm not willing to wait for. Kershaw's site for the castle kit seems to be out of...
  18. Ragin Cajun

    HPI Baja future?

    Presently, the oval tracks in my region only allow the HPI Baja chassis. Now I hear they are on backorder. Anyone have the scoop on why?
  19. PrimalRC

    New Vendor! Primal RC

    Good morning LSF, We here at Primal RC just signed up to be a vendor here and offer you all some exclusive deals on our new line of vehicles and 1/5 scale parts. I will be making a bunch of announcements very soon once we get fully setup here. In the meantime check out and if...
  20. P

    losi 5ive b

    heres a thread im starting to document the progress and work i do to my 5ive b . This car is absolutely amazing swapped the gearing out from a 23/58 to a 22/56 all blackbone gears ofcourse and i ended up rebuilding the centre diff after seeing how dirty the oil was . any questions regarding the...
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