ball bearings

  1. WoodiE

    Giveaway - Ball Bearing kit from FastEddyBearings!

    CONTEST OVER - WINNER ANNOUNCED HERE! FastEddyBearings Ball Bearing Kit Giveaway! Winner will get their choice of any Fast Eddy Bearings ball bearing set for their large scale RC, with the exception of ceramic. HOW TO ENTER OFFICIAL ENTRY: Simply reply to THIS thread ONE TIME PER DAY...
  2. Peteolheadz100

    Anyone buy from -thebigbearingstore-

    Came across this bearing website online and they seem to have a vast selection on bearings, anyone ever order these and know if they are good quality? Prices seem to be good....
  3. Peteolheadz100

    Is there a specific way to remove bearings?

    Just trying to find out if there's an easy way or a special technique when removing bearings for servicing or replacement. For example the hub bearings are very difficult to remove I had to stick a flat head screwdriver and kind of move it all around until they started coming out little by...
  4. claude bigelow

    Bearings that hold clutch bell

    Can anyone recommend some good bearings for the dbxl that will hold clutch bell? Some how I've destroyed three sets already, the stock set and the ones from this link. Any help appreciated.
  5. MrBobBajaGuy

    rear hub & arm bearings

    well, the rear lower arms were getting a tiny bit sloppy at the bulkhead hinge, and at the hub hinge, so i looked into ordering new hubs, but there is no hub on the market with hinge bearings. well, during brake maintenance, i noticed that the brake cam bearings are the same inner dia as the...
  6. E

    FG Leop. 2 front hubs bearings

    Guys what is the easiest way to take the bearings out of the front hubs ? I have the FG multi tool 8538 Can that remove bearings ?? There is an inside alloy insert as well that goes inside the inner bearing how to remove them ? thanks guys
  7. atom3624


    Previous conversation on this forum has clarified: 1. Metal shielded are probably freer running than rubber shielded. 2. Metal shielded do not protect as well, so are better for on-road. 3. Rubber shielded are for off-road. The standard hub bearing has the same dimensions as skateboard...
  8. FastEddy

    Nutech Bearing Kits from

    Yes, now has bearing kits for the full line of Nutech 5th scale R/Cs including the new Electric versions. You can find them here. Nutech Bearing Kits Hurrax bearing kits will be available soon.
  9. C

    Rear hub bearings

    I just installed hostile adjustable hubs with TFE bearings, my question is are they supposed to spin with little to no resistance or have some resistance on them? The dog bones aren't connected and it seems like I have to put to much pressure on them to spin them
  10. briancaveman2003

    Sold / Found 8x22x7 sealed bearings

    fg monster truck brand new 4 front wheel bearings 8X22X7 SEALED BEARINGS £7 posted i have 12 left
  11. tizdaz

    FG Alloy Diff Bearings

    Hi guys what size is the bearings for the alloy diff, i know the plastic diff theyre 12x28x8 same size bearings for the alloy diff? thanks
  12. waqr


    Hi! I`m trying to upgrade my bearings on my Redcat Monster to rubber sealed ones. I have however trouble finding the dimension 10X22X7 as rubber sealed. It is the bearing at the brake hex that have this dimension. What happens if I use 10X22X6 instead? Is this possible?
  13. L

    Ceramic crank bearings?

    So I was trying to GPS my Baja last night, but found out my RPM's were being limited for some reason. I was originally getting 62.8km/h in the sand on the weekend. Last night, I put the stock tires back on and on pavement, I could only get 59.X km/h no matter what I did with the high end...
  14. atom3624


    Might be of interest to some of you. The price appears reasonable for SKF and he's open to offers.
  15. H

    sealed bearings?

    i just bought a slightly used km 001 buggy. does anyone know if the wheel bearings are sealed type? anyone know where to get an owners manual?
  16. pablo


    been looking at bearing kits for my hybrid baja, there are a few aftermarket firms outhere doing them as complete kits with every bearing needed in one bag, do these aftermarket firms make there own performance bearings or do they just put s,k,f or maybe f,a,g bearings in a bag with a couple of...
  17. roofchopper

    bearings and seals

    hi wheres the best place to buy crank bearings and seal for a chung yang engine in the uk:w00t:
  18. Bigger the Better

    How-To Install Bearings in Your Crankcase

    Here is a quick video on installing bearings in your engine crank case halves. I went and built my new motor for the MT and was heating the 2nd case up and just dropped in the bearing when I thought I should make up a quick vid of it. I dropped the bearing in the 1st time without a touch like...
  19. R

    Cheap ceramic wheel bearings

    I bought some of these Rage RC ceramic bearings from this seller to replace and upgrade my existing wheel ones. These ceramic ones are much better quality and last way longer than the normal ones. These bearings also go in your clutch and final drive. This is a really good price, for example...
  20. F

    2 speed bearings?

    Anyone had the OWB go out on them yet in the 2 speed? Went out to a popular off roading spot yesterday and was tearing it up on the dunes when it just stopped dead in its tracks. Figured I blew up the diff, but when I got home and checked it out, seems that the diff is okay. The OWB is...
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