bartolone racing

  1. T

    Losi Five-t Bartolone 30.5cc Reed Case Engine all alone.

    All alone at Dialed in RC Raceway with this beast.
  2. T

    Losi Five-t Bartolone 30.5cc Reed Case engine all alone.

    All alone at Dialed in RC Raceway with this beast.
  3. T

    LoSi Five T with Bartolone Reed Case Engine, Dialed in RC Raceway.

  4. D

    Bartolone Racing 30.5cc Reed Case Motor for Losi/HPI/MCD/FG

    Does anyone have any information on this, Bartolone Racing 30.5cc Reed Case Motor for Losi/HPI/MCD/FG quality, performance, speed, power. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.
  5. V

    New bartolone racing motor is in

    Picked up a bartolone racing ported g320 for a discount. Very very strong running motor. Installed it along with his clutch carrier and chassis braces. All quality stuff. Runs great with his unsilenced pipe. Just breaking it in and it will spin all 4 tires in the driveway at half throttle.
  6. kingmotorusa

    WTB Bartolone or vrc rear mount

    Hey everyone. For bartolone torpedo or the new style vrc rear mount pipe.
  7. D

    mcd rr5 Bartolone pipe

    Does anyone have any info on a Bartolone pipe for the rr5, there's a guy selling a rr5 on ebay that have a bartolone on it. just wondering do anyone is this fourm:p have one?
  8. I

    Bartolone big bore pipe

    For sale bartolone big bore pipe for losi 5t like new condition. 100.00 plus free shipping
  9. garyav16

    Bartolone XP Big Bore Pipe for Losi 5ive rubber sandwich mount failure

    Bartolone XP Big Bore Pipe for Losi 5ive rubber sandwich mount failure. Anyone ever have the rubber sandwich mount fail on the pipe? I ran my second tank through the 5T and noticed the rubber mount was sheered.
  10. H

    Bartolone shock perch to narrow?

    I ordered some Bartolone shock perches for my 5ive but when I went to install them the opening seems to be way to small. So much so that its hardly able to get around the shaft let alone the shaft with boots on. Are these suppose to be run bootless or are mine miss-cut? Anyone with experience...
  11. L

    bartolone xp silenced pipe

    can someone post some pictures of how they mounted their pipe to the chassis on their 5ive?thanks
  12. B

    bartolone xp big bore silenced

    heyguys i just got my bart and i wanna install it in my losi 5t but the fit is kinda tight around the rear chasis brace can anybody upload a pic of how its mounted thanks
  13. SELWA

    Bartolone un silenced Losi buggy pipe

    Too loud for our local track since the city is involved.... Might also fit the DBXL but I had it on my OC Baja conversion breaking in the engine. $200 shipped
  14. 2

    WTB wtb bartolone torpedo pipe 5t

    like the title said looking for a bartolone torpedo pipe for the 5t raw finish
  15. I

    bartolone 5t pipe

    Does anyone know if bartolone changed their design on there tuned pipe.I ordered a tuned pipe from DDM and it was suppose to mount onto the motor but instead it mounts onto the chassis.It looks like the big bore pipe but has the down turned exhaust like the engine mounted one.The order number...
  16. B

    t2000 bartolone torpedo

    Will a bartolone torpedo pipe fit on the t2000? It looks like the belt drive might be in the way. I was thinking maybe make a new front mount to raise it up. Thanks for any help.
  17. E

    Bartolone pipe in stock at DDM

    Chrome Bartolone pipe are in stock at Dave's Discount Motors. If you are in the market for one get one fast they will be gone. I had to wait about 2 weeks for mine to come in and I just ordered it about 5 minutes ago.
  18. WoodiE

    Bartolone pipe installed on Losi Desert Buggy XL

    Looks and sounds great! :D
  19. W

    29.5cc bartolone motor with tps redrace ignition

    motor has less than a gallon thru it head was done bt Chris Bartolone himself. has a plus 1 stuffer crank no carb copper headgasket and a tps redrace ignition motor has neverending rpm modified clutch and clutch housing for high engagement and better cooling call or text 631 332 3685...
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