1. S

    Oregon Anyone here in the NW Oregon area?

    Really wanting to get a 5IVE-T but can't find many places to actually bash the thing without driving way out. I wouldn't mind driving 1.5 hours out of the downtown area if anyone knows a good large scale playground (Greater Portland/Vancouver area) that I could take it to
  2. J

    Bashing or racing near Syracuse,NY?

    I know of a track or two east of here about 90mins but looking for something closer. A buddy and I would mostly like to bash but wouldn't mind racing a little for fun.
  3. M

    Losi 5ive Jumping control

    I'm having a problem with my ass end coming up horribly I know how to fix it while it's in the air but sometimes it's just to much. Should I put the red springs on it and 50 weight oil?
  4. LosiDBXL

    Diff oil for general bashing

    Want to swap out the oil in the diffs and wanted a set up for bashing? Thanks
  5. myrcbud

    Bashing and bathers in Oregon

    looking for fellow bashers and bash spots in Oregon. Hit me up:D:D:D
  6. T

    First major bashing session!

    Was a blast. Took it out to the local moto course. Was suprised how good it held up. Great speed and handling. Soo much fun. After a 3 hr run did end up breaking a front suspension arm, and got some leaking shocks. But now it's time to clean this muddy mess.
  7. S

    Nor cal bay area bashing or racing

    Anybody around to get together to do some bashing or race? Ive got a few trucks and want to check out some good spots to have fun getting them dirty. Know any good spots? Id be happy to travel within a couple hours to meet.
  8. S

    Northern Virginia racing/bashing places and people.

    Any large scale off road bashing or racing locations?? Or want to get together and bash??
  9. t2boats

    Track or bashing spots in Wales, UK

    Just wondered if there's any other members in or nearby wales where you go for racing and/or meet up for general bashing.. Could arrange something perhaps??:w00t:
  10. dgiracing

    rampage xb twin bashing
  11. M

    bashing in south east kent

    does any one know any good bashing places near canterbury keny uk thanks
  12. dwarfy

    Snow Bashing??

    Anyone been out in the snow over the last week of the white stuff? Pics / vids?
  13. chris18

    So who's bashing this weekend?

    as above weather is not to bad best make the most of it so who's bashing ? or even racing ? this weekend:w00t: chris
  14. atom3624

    Bashing My Raminator ...... !!

    I know, it sounds rude, but that's the name on the bodyshell. Originally, it was based on the first Losi LST, and used the same chassis as the Aftershock. Mine's completely rebuilt, with alloy and carbon everything, running a ZR30 Spec2 LRP nitro engine. One of the many retro fits I've made...
  15. cdewalt1985

    Todays Bashing

    First time I had em out for the year. Sorry for the crappy quality of video and sorry for the ameture running the the Pics
  16. chris18

    whats the best ratio for bashing ?

    choose from list below ? 48T X 16T 48TX19T 48TX20T 47TX20T 47t x17t 46t x 18t 46t x 21t 45t x 19t 44t x 20t 43t x 21t 42t x22t 41t x 23t 40t x 24t
  17. mattdunebasher

    jumps and bashing at the dunes

    jumps and bashing at the dunes movies please hit like or feel free to leave a comment.http:// hope yu enjoy!!
  18. circuitfxr

    Electric Bashing 1/6th style

    Here is a litle taste of what us electric guys are getting. Hope you enjoy it. This is the exact make and model I am running. :cool:
  19. C

    Some Jumps, Drag Racing, and Bashing-T2000 and KM 2.0 Alum
  20. Pollishman

    After a day of bashing, what do you clean with?

    Just curious what you guys use to clean your trucks with. Is there cleaner that works good and doesn't ruin the plastics?
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