1. 2

    Baja 5b receiver battery

    Hello, im looking to replace the oem battery. What do you guys use?
  2. Yehonatan Devorkin

    Which Lipo connectors to use on Losi DBXL-E or similar

    Dear all, Which battery connector do you suggest me to use on my Losi DBXL-E RC? I'm using 2x 4 cells Lipo batteries (20C, 60C & 90C). I'm also going to upgrade the Spur\Pinion combo on my Losi soon. My thoughts are about EC5 vs. XT90 AS (anti-spark), but I don't have any experience with them...
  3. L

    Stampede battery

    My kid gets about a half hour with his Stampede 4x4 with these batteries, they have great punch and always take 5000+ mah charge. You will not be disappointed with Gens Ace batteries. Hope their new thing racing 2s 5000mah lipo is good too.
  4. R

    Lipo Pack for Losi 5ive?

    Im looking for an inexpensive 2s lipo for my losi 5ive. I found this one - Would this work? or any suggestions on a lipo pack that isnt over 40-50$? Thanks
  5. N

    Best/Strongest battery connectors for 200A ESC?

    Hi Im considering upgrading my current 150A ESC to a 200A ESC on my FG Sportsline 4WD Electric. I current use XT90 connectors, but am worried they wont cut it for a 200A ESC? What are the best/strongest connectors for a 200A ESC running 6S 6000mAh 50C batteries parallel?
  6. D

    Thunder-Tiger-1-8-RTR-e-MTA-Kaiser-Monster-Truck-On-Board-Audio-w-3s-Lipo-Batter Thunder-Tiger-1-8

    Does anyone have information on this rc etc, performance, quality
  7. E

    What battery could I use as an upgrade for the losi dbxl would like it to be a nimh

    Does any know?
  8. madmanandrewk

    Extra-large radio/battery box work in progress

    I've been working on this thing for about two weeks. I don't understand why they made the box so small when there's literally so much more room for it, but I'm hoping to get this thing machined once I get all the details perfect. Will be 100% water tight, unlike the original with gaping holes...
  9. Jesse

    Need new battery?

    My Losi randomly died on me today and I noticed the battery was reading 4.8 volts. I'M running the stock battery. After charging it for several hours volts got to 5.1 and it started but died and went to 4.9 volts. I then checked for spark and didn't have any. How many volts are needed to create...
  10. WoodiE

    Eneloop AA batteries, $16

    Good price on 4 AA Eneloop batteries with charger, $16 Eneloop and eneloop pro are now my go to AA and AAA battery.
  11. M

    Lipo batteries-opinions on cheapies??

    Looking for opinions on cheapie lipos you guys have used with success. I've been stocking up on 2s lipo's for the kids. Bought some used ones of Ebay with good success, both name brand and no name. Decided to buy new from now on but don't want to shell out $100 a pack if you know what I mean...
  12. D

    Losi DBXL stock battery

    What battery do you recommend higher than 1700 that will last a few tanks or isn't there one? ^ For stock Losi DBXL.
  13. M

    different mah BATTERIES ,SAME CELLS

    So if I have 2 LIPO's ,same cells,but different mah. Will it be safe to use in series? On my p.o.s apachic c1? I would rather not buy another battery if i don't have to. Mike
  14. K

    Losi 5ive T replacement battery?

    I've searched. I have King X2, I'd like to replace stock battery pack that came with it and the crappy wall charger that could burn my house down. When I search all I can find is complicated Lipo upgrades. I just want a replacement plug and play. What's best replacement battery + best...
  15. MonsterAir

    Led Battery Meter

    I picked up a Hextronik led battery meter and unsure which setting I should use, 6.6v or 7.4v...... I'm running a lipo w/ 6v regulator. Thanks.
  16. WoodiE

    KillerRC 7.4v LiPo vs the 5ive-T stock battery

    I've said it before, the @Killer RC 7.4v LiPo is a great upgrade over the stock batteries on the Losi 5ive-T and now Killer RC has posted a great video showing just that:
  17. atom3624

    New Battery Technology.

    Could be interesting seeing where this one ends up? No mention of cell voltages. With a recharge time of 1 minute, could make bash-site recharges more interesting!! Al.
  18. B

    Need help for settings on battery for baja using Ice charger

    Hi guys, I have a hpi baja 5b ss. I also bought a 3+2 5 cell battery for the B Baja. The charger i am using is an duratrax intellipeak ice charger. I am not sure which settings to input for this specific battery. I will add pictures showin the battery and the settings which i need to put into...
  19. E

    Carbon fiber battery box lid

    New from Bartolone Racing!!!! Carbon fiber battery box lid. Eliminates the annoying back hinge and body clips. Mounts with 4 screws. BR logo stamped into the carbon fiber. More colors avalible soon
  20. Killer RC

    Taller Baja Battery Box Lid

    I shoulda done this years ago, but better late than never. This is a machined Delrin battery box lid that's taller than the factory lid. It's totally sealed up. I wanted it to have no openings, to keep out dirt and water. You can easily drill holes in the sides or top to add lights, power...
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