1. M

    Battery charger TX and RX...

    Howdy: What kinda charger are you guys using for your Transmitter and reciever batteries? I do have a 12 power supply..... Let me know what you think...just too many choices out there. Anyone have something to sell? Mike
  2. B

    FireHammer Battery Issues

    I am having problems with the battery constantly going dead after 5 minutes. This is the battery that came with the truck and it is not even through the first break in tank. I can't break it in cuz the battery keeps going dead. Anyone else with this problem and if there is a solution?
  3. jjdurrant

    Looking to replace stock battery...

    Thoughts on this...
  4. andriesb

    FG Battery

    What kind of battery is in the FG Hummer is it the NI-cd or the NIMH I need to charge the batt but I don't know what batt it is and what amps do need to charge the batt.
  5. zouz10

    Where do you put your battery?

    Hey guys, As the title implies where do you put your battery on the MCD Race Runner? The left of the buggy next to the radio box is where I have seen they most of the time, however, I decided I am gonna get a Samba Pipe which will take up that space. I was hoping to run a standard size...
  6. WoodiE

    5,000mah and 10,000mah NiMH 5 cell battery packs

    I've noticed over on has a 5,000mah and 10,000mah MiMH battery packs for sell at 32 and $52. Have any of you guys used either of these or similar battery packs? I'm currently running a 3200mah in my FG Monster Truck but have been looking at the 4,200's for a bit until I...
  7. csp1971

    Battery Charger Question

    I have a very old MRC AA quick charger/slow charger. At the time (15 years ago) it was meant to charge nicads. If I used some NiMh AA cells, do you think this charger could charge them on a slow charge? I would never fast charge them. Just curious. csp1971
  8. frumpy

    Battery drain?

    Any guys here running a hitec 805BB servo or any other servo with over 300 oz/in of torque??If so are you running the ''Y'' harness that plugs the servo directly into the battery??Or is this not needed??:helpsmilie: Will it damage the Rx without it?
  9. J

    receiver battery q's

    This is another newbiw question. most people run a 5 cell sub c battery, but what kinf of connector is used. most of my batteries have deans. is there an adapter I can use. How do these voltage monitors work, connector wise. can I plus a regular size connector in one end and the output is...