1. Rabidfox50

    Can you dye DBXL beadlock rings?

    Title says it all. Can the beadlock rings on the factory DBXL wheels be dyed black? I'm not in love with red beadlocks.
  2. S

    Silverback Beadlocks

    Hi there, I have purchased a set of silverback beadlocks inner and outer. The outers are fine but the inners seem slightly too small to fit my wheels. Are the beadlocks wrong or are the wheels wrong.
  3. S

    Area RC Alloy Outer Beadlocks for Losi DBXL Foreshow!!

    Area RC Alloy Outer Beadlocks for Losi DBXL Foreshow!! The design is on the basic of Losi 5T from Area RC. The finished products with multi-color will be launched to the market soon.
  4. C

    Tires blowing out of beadlocks

    I have a Rampage MT with a OBR 30.5cc race ported engine. I am running ProLine Trenchers with Hostile foams. I run 5T rear wheels all the way around. I can't keep the outer beadlocks on the tires. I have wrapped the foams. Three wraps of Gorilla tape. I have got the Silverback beadlocks. I...
  5. R


    Hi all, Making the transition from an FG to a Losi DBXL so beadlock wheels are new to was wondering if they are a generic size for 1/5 scale? looking at replacing the red ones with these..if compatible...
  6. C

    Tires coming out of beadlocks

    Well, 2nd fantastic run! That OBR 30.5 really moves with the 990 carb and jet-pro pipe. At the end of both runs I had to break the tires down and reset the out beads on the tires. Today I found out why. Ever seen a fuelie dragster do a burn out? Now I know when they say the tire grows. Talk...
  7. jaygreig

    Hostile Beadlocks for Losi 5ive...

    Has anyone tried to dye the Hostile Beadlocks? I've had them in the pot for 45 min so far, and have managed to make these brand new Beadlocks look "a little dirty". I only have a whole box or RIT dye in there??!! Geeze, what are these things made of?!
  8. atom3624

    Bargain Basement - Beadlocks!!

    Here we are guys 'n' gals!! Bargain Basement time!! Well used alloys, with spinners - $1000 !!! What can I say? What a bargain - quality of English leaves quite a lot to be desired too...
  9. M

    Hostile Beadlocks

    So I got my Hostile Beadlocks today, I installed them immediately and ran my Baja 5T. They were installed on Outlaw wheels with MXT'S, I must say I'm impressed overall with the craftsmanship and durability of these things. I can't wait to get these on the track and really put them through the...
  10. briancaveman2003

    wheels tyres and beadlocks

    i can anyone tell me if i am selling theses to cheep dirtbuster tyres like new+all bead lock you can see in pics. i am guna ask £40+7 postage
  11. L

    anyone run rc4wd beadlocks?

    have a set of rc4wd beadlocks and they constantly give me headaches..the tires keeps slipping out of the beadlock..anyone else?
  12. B

    Sold / Found LTB Rims and Beadlocks For a Baja 5T

    Looking for stock rims and beadlocks for a Baja 5t in good condition. Would also consider Pro-Line rims as well. Thanks, Tim
  13. mik3y

    RC4WD Billet beadlock Monster truck wheels

    I was thinking of getting the rc4wd billet beadlock wheels for my MT. Has any1 had any experience with these wheels for the MT? Any pros / cons? Do any other companies make billet wheels for the MT?
  14. Timmahh

    SilverBack RC Heavy Duty beadlock rings- Inners, Outters and Lipped Outters.

    I started to use the SilverBack RC HD and HD Lipped Beadlock rings when they first were out. The stock and stock HD rings were ok, but after time, would tend to bend and deform. The rear inners sometimes would split, and bolts would be pulled thru occasonally. They worked good, but after some...
  15. BigToys

    Badlands and Heavy-Duty Beadlocks.....and frustration!

    Hi guys. Has anyone else had any problems mounting their heavy-duty beadlocks on the rims when using Badlands? I have had to go back to the standard beadlocks, as the heavy-duty ones looked REALLY bad. When looked at with the tyre on its side it looked like continual waves around the...
  16. C


    SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Will come fully boxed up and packaged very well, in hand ready to ship! Thanks Craig
  17. ScooterTrash

    FG ST Beadlock Rims

    :scooter: Hi All, Well I finally got some tires & inserts & it is all mounted up!:clap:Look here->
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