1. Malimba

    FG Marder

    Hi, new to this forum and new with Gas powered Rc cars, only driven 1/10 and 1/8 Nitro. But bought this car from a guy in Norway because he couldnt get it to start, hope that is an easy fix. Looking at options to upgrade it to 4x4 down the line, but will see how it runs once I get to work with...
  2. D

    beetle 535 have Hydraulic brakes or cables brakes

    Hi fellows thinking about buying a fg bettle 535, just wandering if the brakes are hydraulic or cable? I heard alot of complaints about the hydraulic ones from fg owners!. Hope to hear from you soon.:cool:
  3. D

    parts for fg beetle 535

    Can anyone tell me who carries a complete line of fg parts. Thinking about buying a fg beetle wb535 but don't want it to be a self queen. Do have two mcd's v4 competition monster truck, Rr5 competition. I can find parts for it however don't see an array for the fg?:o
  4. D

    Best pipe for the new fg beetle

    Hi guy's can you please advise me to which tuned pipe would be best for the fg beetle?:rolleyes:
  5. M

    can't get my FG Beetle to start please any advice

    It only starts if i put fuel directly into the engine where the spark plug goes and it runs for a minute and cuts out and won't restart please help
  6. R

    Pro Mod Beetle shell / Baja 5b Chassis

    Hello Thought i'd post of few pics of the new body shell i've made for a custom road build. This shell was to test fit to a chassis. Pleased with how it's looking.
  7. C

    help on beetle body

    Hello, i have just bought a beetle body with the fenders and a monster beetle fiberglass body. i have the undertray but the fiberglass body is not compatible to it. where can i add posts to secure the body and which posts should i get? thanks in advance
  8. F

    Fg beetle full elcon / esp championship 30.5

    Light piston , lighten flywheel , hpi baja wheels
  9. Z

    looking for beetle body

    Hi, look's like this group is kind of dead but I'll ask anyways. I'm in Canada and looking for a mega monster beetle body. Anyone have any suggestions? Found some in Australia and their dollar is 1:1 to ours but they don't ship international. Thanks
  10. C

    Sold / Found fg beetle body

    im looking for an fg beetle body either new or in good condition
  11. V

    My conversion from fg beetle to fg baja

    Hi guys been a busy bee last few months with my fg done a conversion on it from a fg beetle to fg baja still got a bit of work to do on her but she is getting there will put up some pics of wot it did look like and wot it looks like now hope you guys like it
  12. U

    fg 4 stroke marder beetle

  13. Hendo7249

    fg marder beetle roof lights/luggage rack

    hi just wondering does anyone know of any suppliers of roof lights/luggage racks that would fit to scale on the fg beetle shell? only ones can find are the kraken roof light bars, is there any other suppliers you know of or have used? cheers jay
  14. SELWA

    Sold / Found Modified FG Beetle

    $1800, Mainly Elcon Models new parts on it and ball drives Please contact 613-323-3286 for more info
  15. djbuzzard

    Sold / Found Fiberglass Beetle Body

    From FS HopUps Already painted, never mounted. Fits FG or similar platform. Asking $100 + shipping. PAYPAL ONLY
  16. oliver88

    Sold / Found Fg monster beetle

    Hi all as above I am after a monster beetle, ideally with some alloy parts but all models considered, I have a budget of around £500 but can stretch that for the right thing, I am located near Blackpool in lancashire UK, many thanks Oliver
  17. L

    Sold / Found Fg beetle

    Wanted to buy fig beetle, used in good shape Andrew 2
  18. 454chad

    FG marader beetle

    can i change this to a stadium truck i don't know much about FG i got this on a trade and it has a ton of after market stuff what can i do to change this funny body mounting tube thank's for any help
  19. Streetwise

    Beetle with HPi wheels

    They came yesterday. HPi adaptors fitted really well, brake disks are snug and seated well. Mad Max wheels with All Terrain tyres !! Taken her out later today to get her dirty...!! :D:D What do you think ?
  20. J

    How do I adjust this 2 speed on my FG Monster Beetle? Please help!

    Hello, I am pretty new to this scene and have gotten a FG Monster Beetle. It has a 2 speed which looks like this: [/URL] I am not able to get the truck to shift into 2nd gear - how do I adjust this bad boy? Also, where can I obtain some spare gears? I thank you in advance!! Look...
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