big bore kit

  1. H

    big bore kit - Losi 5ive t

    I got a losi 5ive t a couple months ago and everything is fine and nothing has broke yet luckily. The losi has a black square box as a air filter and by upgrading it will that increase the performance also should i get a big bore kit and which kit do you recommend The only upgrades i have done...
  2. djvrs

    Don't buy this head upgrade

    I bought this (they said it would fit the CY engine) for my DBXL Poor build quality and it doesn't fit! Sh1te.... All I have now is a poor...
  3. Hamsteren

    New engine or Big Bore kit

    First time poster here, and hope to get helped by the awsome knowledge i know resides here :) I have a DBXL and i'm having fun bashing it around (untill something happens, which has been the pinion gear rattling loose the last couple of times - Even with highstrength permanent loctite). Well...
  4. U

    need help with big bore kit!!

    I have a stock ( fuelie 30cc HY3023549 ) engine an want to put a big bore kit on it?? Is it wise since I'm assuming this is a 2 bolt main engine? And if so what kit do I need?? I like this kit but will it fit? Don't see an HY engine listed on the page... Sorry if these ?s seem stupid but Im...
  5. pee59

    Big bore kit

    i just ordered an 35mm race ported big bore kit with a 2mm stuffed having a little trouble trying to figure out how to install crankshaft..can anyone help?

    Sold / Found Big Bore kit

    This is a fantastic & really adds grunt to your baja, the bore is 36mm & the crank is included as it came with the kit orignally, there is a VERY VERY minor nick out of the bottom of the piston, has been like it since day 1, does not affect it in anyway! everything is included, including a new...
  7. L

    Sold / Found WTB : Big bore kit.

    Wanted a big bore kit for my 26cc anyone ? used or new let me know don't really mind about the cc aslong as its higher then 26 lmfaoo.
  8. sperera

    Big Bore Kit on FG MT

    Well thanks to Rossco we installed the 30.5 big bore kit, billet intake and 668 on my FG MT on Saturday. Crankcase needed some slight modifying, couple of small lips needed to be filed down for clearance to piston. Gave it 2 10 mins runs, man its so different to the stock G260 and even...
  9. KauseKaos

    Big Bore Kit Installed, Motor Wont Start

    I finally got around to installing this big bore kit I bought from DDM on there Black Friday sale. (Part# ca370). I put it all together on my Zenaoh 23 and was told this would bump me to 28.5 but it won't start. I took it apart and rechecked my installation but it still won't fire.I'm running a...
  10. D

    Big Bore kit Question

    I bought a big bore kit for my 2-bolt Zenoah the (25.4cc) one. I've torn done the top end of the motor and after taking the old piston off the crank and con-rod I notice the original piston is way bigger then the piston on the new bore up kit I just bought. I measured the original pistion it's...
  11. D

    PORTED/big bore kit comparisons.

    hello lads. i want to find out what is your favourite ported head kit for the zenoah g260 engine,also i would like to know the power these ported motors put out with and without pipe. correct me if i am wrong. standard zenoah 26cc would be aprox 3.5hp without pipe, with jetpro 4.5 hp. now a...
  12. C

    Big Bore Kit...

    Hi all, i c lots of people have had a big bore installed on their engines... do u think is a good idea to get one for my FG BAJA? and as am new to this hobby, is it easy to install one? and which one is best to make my baja do wheelis as i really want my baja to do sum! any tips will help...
  13. R

    Big Bore kit and the pipe don't go along well

    Installed the big bore kit last night. My last task is to put on the Jetpro pipe and the screws just wouldn't go all the way in, only like half way. Am I not supposed to use the Jetpro screws and use a smaller screws or something? Thanks.
  14. csp1971

    Big Bore Kit or New Engine?

    Is it better to get a big bore kit (such as this one *Link*) or purchase a new engine? I have a CY23 on my Firehammer MT and thought that the big bore kit might be kinda fun to install. Are there any additional tools I would need? Is it hard to do?
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