1. looker2756

    Finally Some Boat Organization

    I have been wanting to gain the space by making some nice storage spots for my boats for a while now. A month or so ago I finally took the time to design and build the shelving needed to do what I have been wanting. Here is the results of a bit of work, and of course more cash than expected...
  2. eddie2166

    Newly acquired nitro boat

    I've recently acquired my dad's old nitro boat. It has been up in our loft for around 3 years doing nothing so I felt obliged to get it going to its former glory! After cleaning out the carb it ran much better which was a promising sign Only problem I'm facing is that I don't know any lakes or...
  3. renbar

    another new toy this time it floats

    ok ive built the bug that's cool the bmw that's even cooler time for a change this time I need water to run good job I live on the coast hey meet miss evie this thing is huge nearly 5 foot long,,I got this for fathers day hence the boats name [after my little girl] this was a ex race boat...
  4. R

    Jet boat info

    I've read thru the threads in here... I'm located in the usa and i am having trouble finding a davette jet boat hull.. i have found plenty of info on them but no where to purchase.. going to be gas powered of course. Chris
  5. Trebor

    wiring me tug boat

    not sure of the voltage to wire me tug :D i have just bought 2 new lucas 6volt 4ah batteries problem i have, do i wire them in series to give me 12volts and 4ah or do i wire them in parallel to give me the same 6volts but 8ah looking at the receiver it has no battery wire so must be...
  6. A

    whats the best boat company

    hey guys what does everyone use for boats i came across whh,bonzi,aeromarine are they all good companys?
  7. C

    Sold / Found gas boat wanted

    hey guys looking a gas boat,51-60" size preferably in the chicago area, i want to see whats offered first hand thanks joe
  8. dwarfy

    2 x RC Boats!

    My mum picked up a 30" rc boat and a 24" rc jetski both BNIB for £1 each from local auction the other day :D They are not recognised manufacturers that I know of - Century and Double Horse but for a quid who cares!! We live near a couple of lodges so ideal for kids (supervised!!) to thrash...
  9. OuttaLuck

    pvc boat stand

    Here's a pvc boat stand i built, took me about 30min's to build Consist of 20mm diameter pipe and fittings, 4xT's, 12xElbows and K flex heater pipe insolation I used pop rivets to hold it all together Troy
  10. F

    Sold / Found Brand new 1/5 scale black jack boat

    Ok guys I have a new boat that has only been started in the driveway and never tuned and ran in the water... I don't have time to figure out how to get it tuned good enough to trust it out in the lake here.... Its a real cool boat and I don't want to look at it stiing anymore... I will sell it for...
  11. Lan-Ed-Tul

    newest project big dumas swamp boat

    been workin on this one for 2 months now: if you look closely you can see the stencil patterns i used 3m adhesive spray on to stick to boat, the entire top front was first shot with yellow then stencils applied on top, and a narrower flame stencil on each side, then i applied the...
  12. R

    55in boat

    Here I have a newly redone gas boat 55in long.It started out as a ProBoat Shockwave,but after the changes I did you cant really call it that.I redid the bottom line nice and straight and I took out the fake exhaust and 6 lines on top were taken out for better looks.I also reinforces the deck,and...
  13. hndaman1

    anyone here have a sailboat

    anyone here have a Rc salboat? a few yr back I had the paridise.. but did not like, the sails would never tack etc.. But I'am looking @ this one and wondering if anyone has / had any luck with this one?
  14. jaredtowne

    Question for the boat guys about drivetrain

    Its the time of year where I like to be by the water, last year I built a airboat with a large nitro airplone motor.,, And this year I want to built more of an actual boat. I see on yutube and around the net people modding the crap out of weedwhacker motors and using them for boats. My...
  15. Wicked

    Sold / Found FS/FT: Pro Boat Black Jack 26 Brushless Boat

    Hey guys, I just got this boat in a trade but just decided with the 2 baja projects I have going on that this has to go. The boat is in which looks like perfect condition. Then again these do float on water not run on dirt. Either way it looks great. It will come with a brand new 2.4ghz...
  16. J

    picked up a boat this week...

    well here she is barn fresh, litterally (except I vacuumed out the dirt dobber nests check out these plugs, old futaba stuff here and for an idea of the scale of this thing, those floor tiles are 16" square with a 1/4" gap between them I'm going to tear the head off the the engine...
  17. P

    Cool old rc boat

  18. Timmahh

    Sold / Found large scale Hydro Boat and other boat parts f/s

    Decided I will likely not take the time to build this beast, so I should sell it to someone who will give it the time it deserves. I have other boat parts for sale not for the dydro. all parts are New and Unused. Save big over buying these items retail. NEXT: High End US MADE, Dual...
  19. mik3y

    New to large scale boats

    Hi guys, I am interested in starting a build of A large scale rc gas boat. I wanted to know what is the best place to start in terms of where to buy the kit and also what kit would be good for a novice? Thanks
  20. R

    'historic' boat

    Hi Guys, I joined the forum a couple of days ago; My reason for joining is detailed on the New Member thread; Please feel free to take a look! Ok, I guess my interest must be in the blood, because 30-odd years ago my father also had grand-plans! The boat in the photographs is 1200mm...
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