1. Dan& Gabe

    Which paint to use on body.

    Hi all. Just gettingback into this hobby again after many years away. My first question is which paint is best to paint the body. Many thanks Dan.
  2. Philip67

    Looking For 5SC Body Decals

    I have a new Short Course body coming and am not seeing a lot of body decals out there. Looking for something less than an $80 wrap. Anyone out there a decal guru? Also looking for 1/5 scale F1 body decals.
  3. Ryanscott

    Defender 90 1:6 scale build i am making

    Fiberglass body I am trying to make.
  4. Tony Brewer

    Where can I get a Gravedigger body for Rampage MT?

    Does anyone know where I can find a GraveDigger body for my truck.Do they even make one for a 1/5 scale. The frame work may be a problem, but I would like to try.
  5. Paul G

    Got my Losi 5ive T last summer. I decided to give it a new look.

    Got it last summer from a friend. Was used but in great shape. Decided to redo the body. Hope the pictures show up.
  6. rlandrum

    Body for 5ive B Electric

    I'm not crazy about the stock body, especially since it's full of holes meant for a gas engine. Are there any buggy bodies that aren't pre-cut for the 5ive B? I've poked around Grafil but it's kinda hard to get any concrete information about the bodies they supply.
  7. madgreek

    WTB Mercedes C291 Body for FG

    Looking for a new or in mint condition Mercedes Benz C-291 body. Thanks
  8. vikingz

    Sold / Found WTB IQP GT500 Mustang Clear Body GT40 wheels

    WTB a 1/5 iqp racing mustang gt500 clear body. Does anyone have one they are willing to sell or know a store, guy, club,that has them. I live in the USA large scale on road isn't very popular let alone finding a body OOP , almost every time I come across one its in Europe which is fine but...
  9. MARLEY76

    We're to buy on road car body shells

    Hi guys does anyone on here know we're I can buy a 1/5th on road car shell ..pref ford escort .. as I've spent many hrs looking the web for one ..don't mind buying from over seas as long as it's not to expensive and all ok .. I'm new on here so hope I've posted in the right section . Thanks Scott ..
  10. hpi 30cc mt

    HPI/REDCAT Baldwin replica body home made

    hi guys,I will share with you how I will home made BALDWIN Monster truck,from recycled materials,few tools and a box of screws.... Will be paint black mat,and I have one set of nice stickers!
  11. E

    Is the Killer body and rc 4wd landcruiser body the same?

    Does any one know if the killerbody and rc 4wd landcruiser body the same and I am sorry that this is not large scale.
  12. F

    fg pajero body?

    hi guys im new here, just checking is the pajero body still about on sale? thanks lee
  13. L

    Sold / Found Wanted...FG mercedes C-291 body.

    I prefer new but will take used if its in really good shape. Thanks
  14. Rabidfox50

    DBXL body panels

    OK, so I'm looking to give my DBXL that personal touch and located clear body panels for it to paint up. Sheesh! $70 for clear lean? No Bueno! Anyone out there know a source for "cheaper" body panels or is this going to be a "make me yo self" project? I'm good either way. I remember from my...
  15. C

    vw polo wrc body on 5ive

    Losi 5ive 1/4 scale custom made vw polo body pics for rally fans out there
  16. oskygt

    Where is everybody, and what have you done to your cars lately?

    Wow, it's been awhile, where is everyone, what's up, what have you done to your car and have you done some racing.
  17. trentonrc

    Grafil 5B Buggy Body

  18. R

    Body shell for Fg marder

    Hi, New to large scale rc, I have purchased an old Fg marder which requires a new body shell. Anyone know what body shell will fit original body shells are very expensive, would any 1/8 shells fit?
  19. J

    Body wraps

    Hi all. Can anybody recommend some good sites for DBXL wraps please? I have seen a Gas Monkey Garage wrap but can't find out who sells it. Thanks
  20. trentonrc

    Sold / Found 5ive-T Custom Paint for Sale

    New Body for sale 225.00 shipped in the states, and 265 overseas. email please: [email protected] Thanks!
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