1. Radec

    Mechanical brakes for DBXL-E

    Hey guys im looking for the DBXL-e mechanical brake setup but its discontinued and oos everywhere.. what else can i get to work on a DBXL-e 2.0?
  2. H

    Brakes binding.

    Hi everyone! I have a problem with brakes binding on my 5ive-t. I purchased the modified Rc centre diff mount because I thought the brakes were binding with the stock mount but it didn't help. I've been through 3 sets of discs with all of them seizing up on me. I loosened the brake adjusters to...
  3. Spoogity Woogums

    Long travel suspension

    I'm looking at some extended arm suspension sets for 300$, and I'm here again bugging you all to see if there are shock towers that let me mount the upper shocks at a lower point than stock. Some of these extended arm sets have the towers, but is there a way to buy JUST the towers?
  4. S

    Servo problems (I think)

    Having a bit of an issue with my dbxl and I'm quite new to all this but basically when I full throttle servo opens carb and when I close throttle it closes it fine, but when I full brake and then let of the brakes again it's reruns to a position where the carb is slightly open so everytime I...
  5. R

    Brake fluid for Harm RC?

    Hey does anybody know what brake fluid i use for my harm car? Also how it is put in the cylinder? Thanks guys
  6. L

    Sold / Found Elcon Cleon Mmx with Airbrakes

    Nice Elcon Cleon Rtr 26cc engine and pipe. Savox and Hitec servos. Have few extra wheels and parts for it. Asking 1750$ Obo.
  7. C

    Fg marder magura brakes

    Hi guys i have got a magura hydro brake setup to fit on my marder but i am missing the 2 banjo bolts for the calipers. I have searched for a supplier for them but no luck. They are the red calipers and the thread size is m5. Can anybody help with this please. Thanks in advance
  8. Rabidfox50

    Brakes binding after TR tranny plate install

    After installing new new Turtle Racing rear plate with brake plate, I experienced some binding in the brakes. After rotating the drive train, it seems to bind after one turn then frees up a bit then bind again. I pulled the disks, pads and caliper and everything is free. Granted the transmission...
  9. L

    Hydro brakes

    Just picked up a bunch of hydro brake bits on ebay. Looks like I'm getting 2 master cylinders and 4 calipers with disc's, it was all listed as spares so I was wondering if anyone has like a checklist of things to check out of the box to see what's working and what's not hopefully Ill get front...
  10. D

    beetle 535 have Hydraulic brakes or cables brakes

    Hi fellows thinking about buying a fg bettle 535, just wandering if the brakes are hydraulic or cable? I heard alot of complaints about the hydraulic ones from fg owners!. Hope to hear from you soon.:cool:
  11. J

    King Motor Hydraulic disk Brakes

    Does aneyone have these and how did they install them on a 5b? There were no instruction with them and thase are 4 wheel disk brakes. I need to know were to place the master cylinder and how it is affixed to the car? Ed
  12. 2Fast

    King Motors Mechanical disc brakes understanding

    Need help understanding how the mechanical disc brakes work in sync with the throttle servo. I have the brakes installed just dumbfounded on how they work with the throttle servo. Do i need to reverse the servo on the transmitter?
  13. R


    Hydraulic disc brakes,is it possible for the losi 5ive t ?
  14. R

    Hydraulic disc brakes

    I purchased the FID hydraulic disc brakes,wondering if they can be modified to fit the losi 5ive t hubs and such,any help would be appreciated
  15. B

    FLYSKY radio transmitter for a King Motor 1/5th Buggy, help needed to setup brakes.

    hey all, i just received my Buggy and iv been playing around with my remote control settings and cant figure out what setting i have changed that`s affecting my brakes not to work? Cheers
  16. M

    GTB hydraulic brakes suk

    Does any of you guys have this brakes, First of all no manual or instructions, so im using as guide the fid manual and some videos. Now im trying to fill them with the braking fluid, but the oil is spilling trough the bleeding nipple on the caliper, even...
  17. jordanlw

    throttle/brakes hydro

    Hi, can anyone help ?? i have the usual setup of two servos for hydro brakes on an fg evo, how do switch the right hand side servo so it will not brake when accelerating,i fitted a y lead to connect the two servos and they both go same direction can someone tell me how to set this...
  18. F

    mt pro brakes????

    My brake bar that is conceded to the brake servo is it suppose to be lose where you can pull up on it and it comes out of the mount on the bottom? If its not what am I doing wrong? How are you supposed to put it together to make it stay in place???
  19. atom3624

    How Good Are Your Brakes?

    Anyone fancy playing chicken with a full sized tank? !!!!! Al.
  20. jordanlw

    Sold / Found fg cable brakes

    hi, i'm looking for some cable brakes for my fg monster truck,if you have some get in touch cheers
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