1. M

    New guy break in question

    So my new 5ive t shows up tomorrow and I plan on breaking it in if it arrives early enough. So my question is the factory says 25:1 on the mix but I see a lot of people running as much as 31:1. Is that something you do after break in or are you guys starting there? Been reading lots of forums...
  2. F

    HPI 5B engine break-in?

    Ok guys i am new here because the company that i got my 5b said to join here for questions and what not. i just got my first HPI 5B with a 30.5cc motor and its all brand new. was wondering if there is a break in steps to take and the steering seems a little slow even tho battery is completely...
  3. Stratous

    Break-In Procedure

    Hello Everyone, I ordered a new MCD X4 Rally and I am expecting it to be delivered this Wednesday. I'm new to Gasoline engine and would like to get experienced individuals advice on the proper way to break in the engine. I ordered my car to come with the Zenoah 29cc (G290RC). Also, I live in...
  4. voo2doo


    Hello folks I've just had my new 'toys' delivered from Daves,three heads and a few bits and bobs. I was looking on the technical thread on there site and it says' Repeat this process 3 or 4 times - 3 or 4 full "heat cycles". Does that mean I have to do that process and then the engines run...
  5. J

    head gasket replacement break-in?

    i just replaced my head gasket, do i need to break-it in like it was new?
  6. benckie

    How should I break-in my Zenoah or Chung Yang RC-style engine?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zenoah RC-style engines and clones are tuned for high performance and need to be well taken care of. Breaking-in an engine is a process of alternately heating and cooling the engine to allow all parts to properly...
  7. C

    Break-in the CY .29cc BB head

    I've just rebuilt my Zenoah .26cc with a CY .29cc BB kit. Is the break-in procedure any different than for the Zenoah .26cc engine such as the oil/gas ratio? I've also just found out that I didn't pay attention at the dot/mark on top of the piston to be on the exhaust side. Is this okay...
  8. csp1971

    Post Break-In Questions

    I just finished breaking in my Firehammer MT this evening. Can I remove the stock pipe and add my DDM pipe now? Will the engine get stronger as it breaks in more? How do I know if I need to adjust the needles? Everything seems to run fine to me. I hear gear "whirring" when I run it...
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