1. RcAlchemy

    Any place in Houston to run 1/5 scale?

    Hello forum, New here and looking to purchase my first 1/5 scale in a week or two. I am not new to the hobby as I own several 1/8 nitros but wanting to add to my collection. I know there is a 1/8 scale track in Porter TX and a track in Alvin TX. The one in Alvin will allow 1/5 but the track is...
  2. Suposa

    Nutech Thunderbolt III Electric Conversion

    Hey guys i found this RC in my mates shed a few days ago along with a baja 5b, still pretty new to all of this but i don't think ive ever seen a Nutech Thunderbolt with this type of conversion before, obviously looks custom, would just like to hear anyones tips or advice on what they think and...
  3. Suposa

    What make/model is my RC and has anyone seen a brushless set up similar to this or for this model?

    Hey guys i found an old 1/5 scale RC in my mates shed along wit an old baja 5b but i cant seem to figure out what model this other one is, its had an electric motor conversion from originally being nitro and ive never seen the set up like this before looks kinda custom, can anyone help me out...
  4. DougStar

    Doug`s Bug ( monster beetle pro )

    so i have a new rig FG monster beetle pro RTR about a month back bought my first upgrade for it(y) now just need the rest of it to get going:ROFLMAO:(y)
  5. Steve Macdonald

    Convert KM truck to buggy?

    Since I got my KM T1000A I also picked up a Losi 5T. Now I'd prefer to convert the KM to buggy format rather than have two trucks. I got the clear body from Dan, but otherwise haven't really done much. Has anyone tried this? Will the buggy body mount on the existing framework, or do I need...
  6. dhirsty

    Losi 5ive buggy

    Has anyone installed this tlr axle boot losi 5t if yes how coz I can't do it lol...
  7. Whoduh

    Losi DBXL-E buggy!!!

    Anyone see this coming? What do ya'll think? http://www.losi.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=LOS05012T2 $999.99...
  8. dhirsty

    Losi 5ive t converted to buggy

    Hi all just got a Losi 5ive t converted to buggy got it wiv out an engine so put my Trevor Simpson engine in it to realise that the clutch bell is too small for the standard alloy clutch bell housing... now witch1 do I go for and wot gear for the pinion will I need?? It has everything other than...
  9. L

    New Redcat 32cc v3 4x4 dune runner is it a good buggy for the price tag

    Hello I'm thinking on buying the redcats new 32cc v3 4x4 dune runner I'm not a back yard basher or racer but I do like to run on pavement an dirt . Do you guys think it a good 1/5 buggy to buy . Also what other parts will fit this buggy will other manufacturers aftermarket upgrades fit...
  10. G

    New Brushless buggy

    Hello all, new guy here. First 1/5 scale (hasn't even arrived yet) I have been doing tons of reading/watching videos for when it does get here but still have a bunch of questions. What kind of spares would you get at first? Or upgrades? I do not race, just tearing around and bashing. I tend to...
  11. P

    losi 5ive b

    heres a thread im starting to document the progress and work i do to my 5ive b . This car is absolutely amazing swapped the gearing out from a 23/58 to a 22/56 all blackbone gears ofcourse and i ended up rebuilding the centre diff after seeing how dirty the oil was . any questions regarding the...
  12. trentonrc

    Grafil 5B Buggy Body

  13. crankestein

    1/8 nitro buggy

    Just moved recently, after about 5 months of storage (with spray lubricant in the engine)... The same applies to the airplane nitro fuel, all in all both traveled with me about 900 miles. 20 minutes into tuning, tweaking, the buggy is ready for a weekend bash. 10% nitro airplane fuel .21...
  14. D

    Won't go after a tumble

    So I've been breaking in my new dbxl. Had a little few tumbles on second run and started to bog as soon as I accelerate but will still sit and idle fine. Left it for most of the day and took it out again after cleaning out the air filter from that we'll known problem. Had my worst tumble yet...
  15. J

    "Street" tires for a Baja buggy

    With my local dirty track closed, I'm going to start running my KM Baja buggy on pavement some. Don't want to wear out my off-road tires so going to get a complete wheel/tire set for pavement. I know there are better options than King Motor and Rovan for tires but those are in my price range...
  16. H

    New Losi 8IGHT-E 1/8 4WD Electric Brushless Buggy RTR w/DX2E 2.4GHz Radio & AVC cost $350usd

    New Losi 8IGHT-E 1/8 4WD Electric Brushless Buggy RTR w/DX2E 2.4GHz Radio & AVC cost $350usd Serious buyer should contact. Email address: [email protected] Whatsapp CHAT or Call : +254703285513 or 00254703285513
  17. O

    Desert Buggy for a rookie- my experience

    I recenlty aquired a desert buggy XL in trade on craigslist. I got into RC's when I was a kid- Remember the days of the Tamiya Frog, Grasshopper, Falcon etc.. i am showing my age now.. I got out of the hobby and took interests in other things. I got married and had kids. My son has...
  18. MonsterAir

    FG Marder Striped Bass Edition Sand Buggy!

    Since I spend most of my time on or near the sand it only made sense to rig my buggy for sand bashing. I had planned to do some speed testing today but shortly after this vid the screw for my steering servo horn fell out. This area was filled with ruts from 4x4's and mixed stones in the...
  19. B

    Help with Upgrading my King Motor Buggy KSRC 2.0 EX

    hey all im thinking about getting the double shocker setup for my buggy! is it worth getting this upgrade?
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