1. dirby

    dirby's Losi 5ive-T build

    how do you like me now?

    KRAKEN TSK B BUILD (update)

    Got the clutch carrier & 55T BLACKBONE spur installed but slightly bent a brake rotor disc 🤗... Gonna have to upgrade to the Full Force carbon fiber brake setup but here's an update...HAPPY THANKSGIVING🦃🦃🦃🦃 😎😎😎😎"UPGRADE"
  3. evssv

    Evssv's Losi 5B

    20181117_134327 by evssv, on Flickr:p
  4. crucialRC

    Crucial Kraken Vecta.5

    Came home today to a lovely site. I don't think I was able to concentrate on much at work today. 😁 Let me tell you this thing is MASSIVE and I love it!!!!
  5. dougstar

    Lets build a T.L.R. 5b

    Hello! After a 33 year break between playing with RC cars i decided to get a new car. Looking at all the different models/platforms that the average Joe can get hold of today i settled on a Team Losi Racing 5 Buggy race kit. There were a few reasons for getting the 5B. If you build it your...
  6. K

    Building my DBXle

    Hey Guys new to forum but not new to rc Got my Losi DBXLE LESS THAN a month ago and it went through some changes now Burnt the motor in 2 weeks so upgraded a few parts Here is my list Of mods and Instagram: RBORROW14 Mods Savox SV 0236 Spectrum DX4C SMC 6s 6700mah / 7200 90c Smc 8s...
  7. M

    What connector should I use for brushless build?

    I'm trying to decide on what connectors to run on my Brushless build. It's a 5T and I'll be running a hobbywing 200a MAX5 esc and a Fuse 800kv 6 pole motor. I will be using SMC 4s x2 9200mah 90c batteries so this will only be a 8s system. I was thinking about running XT150/AN150. But was...
  8. M

    FG F1 Project

    Hello Been working on my F1 for a few months now, almost done got most of my parts from DDM just need to find some Tires and figure out what pipe to get, not doing any racing just running in parking lots. Kind of hard car to build from ground up. I cut out the drivers area I'm waiting on my...
  9. P

    Losi 5ive b build thread

    Here you go guys built this back in October. Been thinking about uploading photos for time . here you go guys hope you enjoy and it helps you . any questions or queries don't hesitate to message on this thread
  10. P

    Project Build: Hybrid Build

    hi there guys, I'm new to this forum and i would just like to say hello to everyone. I'm creating this thread to document a custom one off build composed of what i believe to be the best parts on the market . I will slowly be posting photos and videos as parts begin to accumulate . I am going to...
  11. Guardog8

    Another Baja build complete

    These thing keep sucking my wallet dry but building is just as fun as running Carbon fiber body, velocity stack, uni filter, outerwear covers, walbro 1107 carb, dominator V1 pipe, new tires, chrome wheels, RPM bumper, lights, Aluminum beadlocks, hydro dipped engine / spur cover and dynamite kill...
  12. R

    My Rcmk XCR-1000 build

    been in the process of building and running my Xcr-1000 so far I have installed Savox 0236 and 0235 for steering and throttle, Futaba Rx with temp sensor on the motor, didn't do the voltage sensor because there is one built in the r304sb. I don't know where to mount the RPM sensor I bought any...
  13. M

    My project

    Hi guys, Baja 5B owner that always wanted a 4x4 so I bought a roller XB. Always loved the MCD RRV4 look so I though I would use it as my inspiration. As a basher, weight is less of an issue than strength to me. Then it began. Swapped the shocks for baja...