1. Gordo...

    Kyosho/Clod build

    This is a Kyosho Usa 1 that I rebuilt. I have 2 servos for front and rear steering, much improved over old design. Upgraded shocks steering arms and electronics. Plated the steering slides for added strength new wheels and tires with upgrade hubs. Just a cruiser not a beater. Clod body with...
  2. JT3

    JT3 Vekta build log.

    Just starting this to keep track of things and share progress with all the awesome people here. Feel free to leave comments or offer advice on things I may need as I’m still new to 1/5 scale and gas RC. The parts so far: KV7701 - KV5 Ultra unlimited 1500 class w/o motor. RCMax 50gt with billet...
  3. Rick Peroe

    My late model King Motor 30.5cc build

    King Motors 30.5 cc with a Trabue custom Late Model body. Will be running at Carolina rc park and other tracks.
  4. siblues

    siblues Losi DBXL build

    Just wanted to post a few pics in here of my DBXL and the progress I have made so far.I purchased it new from Tower and it is my first ever 1/5 and other than my three quadcopters my first land based Rc.I will post up future upgrades in this thread and I am going to have tons of questions that...
  5. DougStar

    D's HPI twin build

    As you lot know I have bought a dona hpi 5b ss as my next project ?? it's not a perfect car ? but all in all has all the base bit I'd need for a build This next pics is all of what my $290 got me Some hpi spare and a few km spares It also came some km disc brakes( gonna ditch them asap)...
  6. misterleon

    Project OJ - Losi 5 build

    Hey guys, my name is rob and I’m new to the forum. I just got a second hand 5 last month the 26th. I’m new to 5th scale but raced tenth scale buggies for a while so this is the first build I’ll ever undertake and probably the only one until my son is old enough for his first rc. The project has...
  7. Z.hb71

    Z's HPI Baja 5b/5t build

    So here's my thread on my 71cc Baja 5t. I will be posting updates, problems, new mods, ect on my truck. If you don't know me or my truck, well, I'm a random dude who happens to be interested in engines and decided to take out the task of building a custom 71cc engine based off a Alx 71cc...
  8. Bryan K.

    Completed DBXL build

    Finished up the build over the weekend. Fuelie 30.5cc motor, stock exhaust canister, several FID/AreaRC upgrades. Went with the stock clutch bell and 20T pinion. The only thing I'm a bit peeved with is the RCMK filter I got from DDM doesn't fit the body without the cut out. I had to end up...
  9. Seandonato73

    DBXL Tear the ole girl down

    Well this will be updated off and on when I get time. It seems there have been a ton of questions about the dbxl platform and as it happens I broke mine on my last outing over Easter. Long story short. Big problem plastic trans mount broke jamming the pinion and super gears together and ended up...
  10. DougStar

    Doug's hpi 5B SS

    I have just bought my first baja (y) It's a used 26 2 bolt with a pig tail pipe. Its gonna be shipped to me from up country so it's not in my hand just yet:unsure: getting the guy ship so it arrives on a day my wife is at work:LOL:(y) you know how it goes! As soon as I have it I'll photo bomb
  11. Gaffle

    GaFFLe's build =-=-=-= Project 5ive-O =-=-=-=

    The UK came a knockin' today and dropped off a little surprise: My heart was beating as I was looking for anything to tear into that box... ... And now for the GOOD STUFF!
  12. DougStar

    Doug`s Bug ( monster beetle pro )

    so i have a new rig FG monster beetle pro RTR about a month back bought my first upgrade for it(y) now just need the rest of it to get going:ROFLMAO:(y)
  13. dirby

    dirby's Losi 5ive-T build

    how do you like me now?
  14. jimbo1

    My project 5b

    Hi everyone. Well here goes. Purchased my losi 5ive b used about 3weeks ago. I think this was a members car but cant find the thread about the car. This is a photo with the original body The upgrades i think it came with and what i have added are as follows OBR 29.5 full mod. Oddified race...

    KRAKEN TSK B BUILD (update)

    Got the clutch carrier & 55T BLACKBONE spur installed but slightly bent a brake rotor disc ?... Gonna have to upgrade to the Full Force carbon fiber brake setup but here's an update...HAPPY THANKSGIVING???? ????"UPGRADE"
  16. 1Coopgt

    HPI Baja 5b to 5t conversion build begins

    So I had ordered a 5B to 5T conversion kit from King motors About a week and a half ago and recieved it last week . Yesterday I did the install . Not to bad. This morning I ordered the Grafil G-Virus body . That should be here in about 2 weeks . Next week I'll order the Chase cage and the other...
  17. evssv

    Evssv's Losi 5B

    20181117_134327 by evssv, on Flickr:p
  18. crucialRC

    Crucial Kraken Vekta.5

    Came home today to a lovely site. I don't think I was able to concentrate on much at work today. ? Let me tell you this thing is MASSIVE and I love it!!!!
  19. Z.hb71

    Custom 70cc engine build

    Hi, if you follow BOTAJELL (shout out to him) and activly read his comments you'd probably know that I've been chatting with him about this build for the last 4+ months but if you haven't here's some back story, 6 months ago my 30.5cc rovan engine blew up from manufacturer error (not enough base...
  20. DougStar

    Lets build a T.L.R. 5b

    Hello! After a 33 year break between playing with RC cars i decided to get a new car. Looking at all the different models/platforms that the average Joe can get hold of today i settled on a Team Losi Racing 5 Buggy race kit. There were a few reasons for getting the 5B. If you build it your...
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