1. L

    Fg monster fuel lines.

    I have an old fg monster with leaky fuel lines. It has a soft black tube witch seems to be the inlet tube (connects to the bottom of the carb) and a harder yellow one that is the overflow tube (connected next to primer bulb) . This seems completely counterintuitive for me. Is there something I'm...
  2. GoneRogue

    Low RPM Rovan 36cc

    Hey guys, Prepare for a long paragraph :) So took the baja out today and the thing wouldn't start at all, so I reset the Walbro 1107 carb to defaults (1 1/4 L and 1 1/2 H) to get it to start. The engine would not start unless I applied the choke before hand and when I did start it, it almost...
  3. L

    WT-603b vs WT-688

    I am going to buy a new carb for my FG-monster with a G260RC1 that currently has a WT-603b carburator. I have two choices right now, a WT-603b or a WT-688 that I can get both cheaper and faster. Will there be any substantial negative effects of switching to the WT-688? And will it even fit on...
  4. Timetoshine

    5b carb ajustment

    Guys need your help another shot haha Currently trying to set up my new g4z engine on my 5b but I'm not able to set up this. The engine fired up nicely on the first time but the wheels start spinning like crazy so I turn down the low screw to make it turn good on idle. My problem is when I...
  5. C

    Stock settings for 990 carb?

    Just switched over to a Walbro 990 carb. Can anyone give me the factory setting for the carb so i can set my high/low needle? Thanks
  6. C

    Need help with walbro 997 carb issue.

    Hi. So I have an HPI baja 5b and a Rovan 32cc baja. Both cars have been kind of sluggish lately so I decided to rebuild/clean the carbs on both. After taking apart, cleaning and resembling both now I have the following problem with the walbro 997 carbs. When I go to prime the engine prior to...
  7. S

    Servo problems (I think)

    Having a bit of an issue with my dbxl and I'm quite new to all this but basically when I full throttle servo opens carb and when I close throttle it closes it fine, but when I full brake and then let of the brakes again it's reruns to a position where the carb is slightly open so everytime I...
  8. Brimor

    Carb adjustment

    Hey guys, I have a rampage xt and was wonder how come when I use the controller my carb doesn't open fully. There is about and 1/8"-1/4" more room for the throttle to open. So I'm not getting full throttle. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. crankestein

    Walbro Carburetor 101 schematics (with photos)

    The following link shows how the carburetor does its magic, w pictures.
  10. D

    Won't go after a tumble

    So I've been breaking in my new dbxl. Had a little few tumbles on second run and started to bog as soon as I accelerate but will still sit and idle fine. Left it for most of the day and took it out again after cleaning out the air filter from that we'll known problem. Had my worst tumble yet...
  11. L

    Carb Wont Prime (plz help)

    Hey guys im having a very strange problem with my carb not priming any fuel.I have changed all gaskets, metering valve i even changed out parts from a working carb and still no go.Yes my lines are on proper so i don't know what it could be.I do have a working one so i could just forget about it...
  12. R

    HSN needle making no difference???

    I have an RCMK CR300F - with a 990 carb that has been modified with 2 bearings on the throttle shaft at either end. The carb is relatively new - was performing fine, I have checked all the gaskets and replaced a couple, checked the hose pipes, but despite all that it seems that the HSN needle...
  13. D

    Walbro carbs

    What is the difference between the stock 668 carb and the 997 carb. Thanks
  14. P

    Carb Maintenance Video

    Found a useful video from Walbro:
  15. R

    Carb Question

    is there any way to tell what carb you have like a 668,813,990 ect
  16. Kevhuff23

    Carbon Kevlar Rampage XB body

    Custom made Carbon Kevlar wide body I made for my Redcat Rampage XB. Thought I would share and see what you guys think. Vented for air intake and engine cooling turned out pretty good a few imperfections but not bad I'm happy with it and its nearly indestructible and looks amazing pics don't...
  17. J

    Best carb

    hi all I have put a big bore 30.5 kit on my 5ive Engine with a Bartolone none silenced pipe i was just wondering it the original 26 carb was man enough for the job or should I upgrade it Many thanks john
  18. V

    Painting baja 5t polycarb body with pamiya ps

    Hi guys,so my new step is painting my own polycarbonate bodyshell,i want to do something similar to ken block's fiesta with the black bleeding.. So here is my issue,wich colours should i apply first...darkers first i have: Ps5 black Ps15 metallic red Ps12 silver Ps8 light green Ps7...
  19. J

    rampage xr Rally carburetor and belt drive questions

    Hi everyone, This is my first 1/5 scale gasoline RC and I'm pretty new to 2 stroke engine. My break-in is done and I made my research because I have a hard time keeping the tune on the carburetor... I saw that the oem redcat carburetor is crap so I would like to change for a walbro but I...
  20. briguy

    990 carb

    Hello, well I see the RTR Sportsline 4WD Im getting tomorrow :) love fedex Saterdy delivery, comes with a 990 carb on the G270,I wish the 990 had a choke, wanted to double check on the settings 1 5/8 on the high 1 1/4 on the low at 25.1 Thanks. do you get some tools with this package spark plug...
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