carson c5

  1. DaveSidious

    Absima Telemetry Issues

    Hi guys, First time post, but I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've just gone from 1/10th to 1/5th and got myself a Carson C5. I've upgraded the standard 40mhz to a 2.4ghz controller - an Absima CR4T Ultimate. With the controller I got 3 telemetry units that seem to have very little...
  2. L

    Carson c5 looks like it needs some attention

    Hey guys I'm new here, I come from a bashing background however in the past 3 years have been racing 8th Scale buggies in both nitro and brushless classes, this is my second 5th scale car my first a KM 26cc baja unfortunately met a rather nasty end after sending it full pelt off a skate park...
  3. D

    Looking for hydro brakes for Carson c5

    My standard breaks just arnt cutting it, looking for advice as to what make to look at, also should I get all 4 corners or just front? At the moment the rear layshaft locks and the fronts don't so just skids uncontrollably under heavy breaking, so thinking about hydro all round. Thoughts and...
  4. R

    Carson C5

    I'm looking to get back into 1:5 after a decade away and I'm looking for somthing I can run around local parking lots (no local track). My question is what have people found with the Carson C5 the pics make it look similar to a nutech but I really can't tell too much. Any help would be greatly...
  5. D

    Carson c5 owners advice... Fg adjustable diff fitment

    I'm looking at buying this diff from eBay... Problem is I'm not 100% if...
  6. Kentrich10

    upgraded carson c5

    here are a few pictures for my carson c5 i still have a few upgrades to do yet like hydro brakes but it is 90% alloy so many parts have been changed i should now call it a FG!!!
  7. myrcbud

    FG Sportsline 4WD & Carson C5

    Looking into purchasing a FG Sportsline 4WD in about a month. Was wondering what to look out for in terms of whats the first thing to fail or others experiences positive and negative. Also the same applies To a Carson C5 further on down the road. Are they good cars? My interest in the C5 is...
  8. pete379

    Carson c5 on road

    Quick question for you guys, i own a FG mercedes race truck and i'm wanting to get another on road but i don't have quite as much of a budget as last time. I been searching the forum and found a few things about the Carson but was wanting some opinions from you guys on the car in general. I...
  9. Q

    Carson C5 pipe

    I noticed that my onroad had lost his mojo badly. Finally it didnt want to fire at all and compression was really lame. Ok I found that piston had bad scratch on carb side ????, so I think cylinder has to go too. But back to the topic.... I thought carson stock sidemount pipe is good enough for...
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