1. -Dusty-

    Losi 5ive-T 2.0 chassis

    Hello. I have a question about the new chassis. I know that there are some changes where they moved the center diff and throttle servo but I was wondering if any other changes were made. I want to order some chassis braces and skid plates and Im thinking that these parts should fit but I want...
  2. smurfer69

    HPI chassis

    hi guys is the hpi chassis generally good for general bashing ie strong I would like to strip it and respray it, is all the work worth it to keep it, I never hear much about knackered chassis !!
  3. djvrs

    Team Chase Chassis

    Has anyone got a Team Chase DBXL chassis? Is it a real improvement over stock? What's the chassis flex like now? Any other chassis recommendations? Thanks

    DBXL Chassis and Upgrades for a newbie to 1/5

    Hello all, Im getting a dbxl and understand that it needs upgrades right out of the box, however im looking for advice on an aftermarket chassis? My first upgrades will be: Chassis Servos/radio Engine (possibly) Chassis Braces Any otheres worth doing? Thanks in advance.
  5. V

    FG F1 Sportsline Chassis Swap to FG F1 Competition Chassis

    Does any one have any feedback / experience with a FG F1 Sportsline Chassis swapped out with a FG F1 Competition 2pc Chassis. I have a FG F1 Sportsline car. I also have a spare used FG F1 Competition Chassis. The FG F1 Sportsline has plastic front and rear bulkheads. Im trying to figure...
  6. V

    Horizon chassis

    Looks like horizon finally caught on the the problem. I personally haven't had any problems with my dbxl but the chassis is definitely getting swapped out along with a new motor...
  7. V

    Km chassis rebuild

    Did this to my friends km truck chassis, only thing that broke. All buttoned up with a new orange chassis from km.
  8. jbl302

    Baja extended chassis

    Has anyone installed the 4" extended chassis on the Baja buggy.
  9. roofchopper

    tube chassis for the baja coupe

    full tube chassis for the 1/4 scale 1941 willys coupe, uses all the parts from a baja
  10. P

    Are the new dbxl's coming with new chassis?

    I have seen pics online and they are like a gold metallic color but saw one at local hobby shop last weekend and it was black and seemed pretty thick? This unit was completely stock too. Mine should be here in a day or two and I will get pics.
  11. B

    Sold / Found 1/5 chassis

    Hi, Looking for 1/5 chassis (FG EVO, Genius Xr, RS5) I need the chassis only no engine/pipe/tank....can include servos. The chassis needs to be in good condition and spare parts are welcome. I`am located in Croatia. BR, M.
  12. S

    Roller chassis question

    Has anyone made a list of parts you need to get from roller chassis to fully working 5t as i have no clue in roller comes with spur gears or not i appreciate you need engine and clutch, servos, reciever plus radio and batteries for car and radio has anyone built from a roller here? Many thanks
  13. J

    How to fix the CHASSIS Flex issue.

    So I heard about all the people that were complaining about the Losi Desert buggy XL chassis being to thin.... causing unwanted flex in the center. I tore my buggy down and attempted to bring the rear to the front and noticed there was alot of flex. I also noticed my clutchbell gear was cutting...
  14. V

    Need chassis braces....

    I am torn right now and need help making up my mind. I am stuck between these two parts. Either Turtle Racing, or Fast Lane chassis brace. Experience with...
  15. S

    Area RC USA7075-T6PRO EVO Chassis skid plate 7075 for Losi DBXL will be coming soon.

    Area RC USA7075-T6PRO EVO Chassis skid plate 7075 for Losi DBXL will be coming soon.
  16. D

    MCD W5 SCT Competition Rolling Chassis

    Does anyone have any info re: this MCD :cool:W5 sct, release date, coat etc. This rc looks very interesting to say the least!!!!.
  17. M

    The new 7075rc chassis

    It's for sale on their website. Just ordered mine!
  18. R

    Pro Mod Beetle shell / Baja 5b Chassis

    Hello Thought i'd post of few pics of the new body shell i've made for a custom road build. This shell was to test fit to a chassis. Pleased with how it's looking.
  19. S

    Best servos for rolling chassis build

    would like to know best servos to buy for it i intend to keep it in stock configuration ie two servos
  20. S

    Rolling chassis question

    If i got rolling chassis put 32 cc zenoah engine and bartalone pipe on and got the spectrum radio gear would i be able to still use the sensors for bind and drive or is this just available for the 26 cc bind n drive model or does it come with spectrum gear or totally separate from it?
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