1. S

    Front Chassis Brace For MCD RR5 XS5

    Front Chassis Brace For MCD RR5 XS5 will release on 18th Jan,2015, please wait and see then! Retail price:$134.43 For Pre-order, you may get 5% discount of much cheaper distributor price For more information, please visit:
  2. Skinner

    front chassis brace..

    K folks.....since this happened to my km , I'm gonna steal the chassis off my parts rovan and wanna invest in a good front brace!! So what's the fav out there?
  3. Whoduh

    Bent Chassis... Is This Right???

    I hit one of these the the other day. Bent the front end(I think) No other damage that i could find(suprisingly). Is it supposed to be bent like this? I can't tell form looking at pictures of a new chassis.
  4. ajdenning22

    FG Chassis

    Wondering about how much just the chassis is for one of these want to build a on road/street/drag car and hear these are the best. Or is there something else out there that would be better for a beginner?
  5. S

    Area RC Rear chassis brace for LOSI Desert Buggy XL

    Area RC Rear chassis brace for LOSI Desert Buggy XL
  6. S

    Area RC Front chassis brace for LOSI Desert Buggy XL

    Area RC Front chassis brace for LOSI Desert Buggy XL
  7. S

    Area RC Rear chassis brace for LOSI Desert Buggy XL

    Area RC Rear chassis brace for LOSI Desert Buggy XL
  8. D

    custom chassis

    hi guys , I'm planning to build my own 1/5 th 4wd buggy for bashing in the garden. i want to get a custom chassis built to my own spec ...can anyone point me to someone who could do this...basically think tube chassis. I have had a 1/10th John Boyer chassis built for me before but that was...
  9. NewGasser

    WTB 5b chassis

    I am looking for a used and in decent condition a main chassis and the rear chassis plate for a 5b
  10. D

    Easiest way to do a chassis swap?

    I bent my stock chassis. I now have a scorpion unlimited chassis and front chassis brace. I also bent the stock top plate so I now have a turtle racing top plate waiting to be installed. I had to order a new bulkhead set because the 2 front screws on the top plate where just turning and the bolt...
  11. J

    Carbon fiber chassis anyone?

    So I have been studying composites for some time now, mainly carbon fiber and carbonaramid composites. I have got the abillity to produce parts myself, and have been wondering if there is any interest in this. I could offer chassis plates for around 180euros excluding postage. If there is...
  12. jordanlw

    WTB fg monster chassis

    as title says in good condition please
  13. P

    chassis pic?

    can someone post a pic of the chassis in the front bumper area, where the main chassis makes the upkick? mine is broken and i feel like im missing some pieces and i need to know what to order to fix it
  14. roofchopper

    T6 ally full tube chassis sandrail lwb build

    thought I would have ago in ally, very light , going to use carbon parts were I can
  15. mooman007uk

    Tube chassis hillclimber for sale

    I've decided,after much deliberation, to sell my mk1 foff jeep seeing as i never use it now i have the twin jeep, so someone else may as well enjoy it. 99% of drivetrain parts are redcat rampage (so parts are cheap and plentiful) except the rear driveshaft which is a 183mm hurrax shaft, front...
  16. twissted

    New 5ive chassis from 7075rc
  17. K

    5t chassis

    Hey guys, I've been lurking thru the forum and there's some really nice builds so well done for that. :) I have a question about the chassis on the 5t and I'm wondering if anyone else has the same problem (I can imagine it would be especially bad on the 2speed conversions) Basically I...
  18. Hendo7249

    Homemade marder chassis

    Hi all has anyone made there own chassis before from sheet alloy? I've just got some aero grade ally, same ally alloy they use to make apache panels out of, tried bending a piece in the vice today!! It is solid!! It has flex but does not want to bend! So think I may make a chassis outta some...
  19. K

    Xb/xt 7075rc chassis

    If you are looking for a great upgrade do the chassis from 7075rc for your xseries gasser.
  20. X

    X Series Front Chassis brace

    PhatCat Racing had a new part on their website a front chassis brace.