1. 46u

    ProLine CF chassis

    Been reading about the ProLine carbon fiber chassis that some have seen at the RCX show.
  2. UAE_DeStRuCTioN

    my cutome made 5b chassis

    in my country we do drag race on dunes and u know race means light wieght but we had a problem that is all the big engines kept the car going on two wheels which made a big problem for us to win ...... so our genius made long chassis and lighter than the stock chassis ... now the car will...
  3. swiss-iow

    carbon chassis for baja 5b

    hi all,thought i would post a few pics of a baja 5b carbon chassis i have made,:) [/IMG]
  4. pete379

    fg monster truck rolling chassis

    Does anyone know where I can get a FG monster truck rolling chassis for a decent price thats in good shape? Please let me know if you can help, thanks!!
  5. L

    WTB: FG Short Chassis

    If anyone has a Short FG chassis they want to depart from, let me know. PM me if you have one. Thanks,
  6. csp1971

    Scorpion Unlimited Baja Armor and TR Front Chassis Brace

    Just purchased the Scorpion front aluminum chassis brace. Can't wait to install it on the front of the Baja. Pics below! :cool2: Also went with the Heavy Duty Turtle Racing front chassis brace. Together these should strengthen the...
  7. I

    Pic of my lexan chassis protector for my MCD

    Pic of my lexan chassis protector for my MCD- Yea i know, I rushed the paint job so it kinda fugly.:blush:
  8. andriesb

    Chassis plate bend

    Hi Guys Can some one please tell me what is the angle of the front of the chassis plate from the ground.
  9. drbelleville

    Vintage Mustang body for onroad chassis

    I was browsing today, and found that Carson is releasing a 1/5 Mustang RTR Package. For anyone looking for a 1/5 60's mustang body, they may offer them separately later. *Note the body is listed as similar* May be preproduction unit Sorry the pic did not turn out, but it looks just...
  10. doggy

    535mm body on 510mm chassis??

    Can I fit 535mm xsara on my 510mm chassis? I know I can extend length by 1cm . Is that enough for this body to fit?
  11. E

    rally chassis axels

    guys do the axles on the new gen rally allow us to use the fg square type wheels?? what do we have to do to convert to use the fg style rims ?? If there is no squares on the rally chassis how to convert and is it possible. Can we install the hydrolic brakes on the rally chassis...
  12. drbelleville

    AC Cobra Body on Marder chassis

    Has anyone seen this body from Hobbythek ( that supposedly fits on the Marder Chassis? I am trying to find more info before making a purchase as it is quite costly. Does anyone have pics of it mounted on know anyone who does. The picture on the website looks like the old...
  13. M

    bent chassis

    Hi just got my leopard and love it. It handles much better than my marder. But I had a failure with the receiver and the fail safe did not return the servo and fill the fuel and it took off across the parking lot. Lucky it didn't go out into the street or hit a car or person. It did hit a...
  14. highspeeddirt

    Heiss Tuning Chassis First Run

    Well I finally got my kit together, and all I can say is WOW! This thing wil run over anything. It seems to have lost a little of the low end snap, but I haven't adjusted the needles for the DDM pipe yet. If anyone is considering getting a 4X4 kit I highly recommend you take a look at this kit...
  15. FastEddy

    Chassis Ground clearance?

    Whats the chassis ground clearance in the MT? If you lift the truck just until the wheels come off the ground, what id the measurement from the ground to the bottom of the chassis? What tires are you running with your measurement? Thanks, -Ed
  16. SELWA

    Carbon Chassis

    Has anyone tried or seen a carbon chassis on a leopard? I've pondered it a few times.:clown:
  17. marder69

    Extended Marder/Beetle/Monster truck 5mm chassis!!

    Finally finished her today! Extra two and a half inches and 5mm thick! SIZE DOES MATTER ! This chassis has a added 4mm strengthening plate on the front kick up now this chassis is totally ridgid!!
  18. marder69

    F40 chassis

    Anyone heard ,of a 5mm thick,60mm longer f40 chassis for the Beetle,Monster and marder???????????????
  19. WoodiE

    HPI Baja 5b Chassis in color

    The wait is finally over and HPI Baja 5b owners are no longer limited to the stock purple main chassis. HPI has now released the HPI Baja 5B main chassis in two new... READ MORE