1. M

    Cleaning Losi 5ive-T

    how do you all clean the inside of your losi?
  2. Bang876

    Maintenance and cleaning methods?

    For those with 1/5 scale gas power rc cars, trucks, buggys etc what do you guys do after a nice bashing session? In other words, please share some tips and tricks you perform to help keep our cars running strong for years. Cleaning and taking everything apart I think is part of the fun so I...
  3. AKbash

    Cleaning carb after sand running?

    So I did a bit of sand running this weekend (about 30 seconds to a minute total) I have the O rings and boot mod on the throttle shaft and a team chase diaphragm filter on my carb. On top of redneck, outer wear pre filter with the stock inner foam (greased onto the holder) combo. Outer...
  4. U

    cleaning a crank case

    Any suggestion on how and what to use on cleaning a crank case I read some where about using ultrasonic cleaning . Is this good Thanks as ever for your help
  5. U


    I have received a very dirty car from an e-bay seller. I feel like using a jetwash to clean. Is it a good idea. Any other suggestion - cleaning liquid etc to use Thank you
  6. W

    Cleaning out sale

    spektrum dx3r with 2 recievers 190.00 Ddm dominator topend pipe brand new in bag with free FG pipe also 100.00 FG monster truck body with side plates and alloy front shock tower mount 120$ Tps redrace ignition 175.00 comes with extra coil All prices do not include shipping we can work something...
  7. M

    Cleaning out the Shed

    I have several items to sell, will be adding them through the next week or so. I am getting out of the Hobby completely so everything must go. Still have a 4PKS, 2 FG onroads, HPI, Nutech and WCM. They will hopefully be priced to sell. Check the Ebay listsings for prices. Mecatech Racing...
  8. R


    what is the best way to clean the carb and engine properly should i use wd40 or should i use regular gas to leane can i use air spray to clean the carb.
  9. Bigger the Better

    New head cleaning tip

    Just a quick tip on those new heads or port jobs. You should make sure all the burs have been removed on the intake and exhaust ports, head areas and anything that has been worked. I have bought both new heads and ported heads to find quite a bit of small bits left behind from manufacturing...
  10. L

    Cleaning Carb.

    How do i clean a FG carb through out. J.
  11. L

    cleaning petrol out

    how can i clean by car take all the fuel out before setting for shipping
  12. L

    cleaning the engine and carb

    how to clean the inside off a engine & carb ?
  13. midwestguy69

    Air filter cleaning access,how often?

    Was just messing with my Km 29cc car and was pulling the air filter...WOW. Not real easy! Any tips? I bought a pre filter for it,by the looks of it,it's almost impossible to install! I don't have the pre filter yet,was just looking. How often do you clean them on these 5b's?
  14. skinny

    cleaning you cars after runing

    looking for cleaning methods /products for after runing. I have had my car out in dusty and muddy areas and looking for good quick cleaning methods
  15. Small2Large

    Cleaning the air filter. How do you do it?

    Mine doesn't seem that dirty, but I'd clean it just in case. Is there a how to? Thanks
  16. slawhammer

    cleaning Your Engine Case's

    Ok Here's a tip you can use to clean up the lower engine case's & cylinder.. For your next Engine Rebuild.. Get a old large crock pot...Buy from yard sale ...where ever... Use antifreeze..(green) mixed 50/50 ....anti freeze & water... Remove oil seals,bearings and any gaskets.... Put parts...
  17. G

    Air Filter cleaning

    Hi guys, Great forum. I am from the UK in Brighton. I have just bought a used Fg MT. I am new to the hobby and just has a question on how to clean the air filter. I have a standard filter and also wanted to know if it's worth an ugrade.
  18. D

    Truck cleaning primer please?

    Hi guys, Would someone please give me quick primer on how to properly clean my MCD Monster truck, particularly what is WD40 used for and where can/should I spray it and where should I not spray it? What cleaning tools, brushes, etc? I have an air compressor and I can get WD40. Thanks...
  19. K

    Cleaning wheel bearings

    I decided to take apart a couple of front wheel bearings to see if I could clean and relube them. These bearings have the rubber shields. The disassembly went good and I cleaned all the parts. What is the best lubricant to use when putting them back together? I have graphite and heavy grease...
  20. WoodiE

    Cleaning the Baja 5b pull start

    This is a simple tutorial on how to do a light cleaning on your HPI Baja 5b pull start after a day of running. The pull start acts as a dirt and grass trap and collects a large amount of debris every time you run. Its recommended that you clean it out after a day of running or more often if...
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