1. K

    Doe this look like a clone or HPI 5B?

    I'm new to HPI and wanted to buy a used one. Saw this on Craigslist and wasn't sure if it's the real thing. Do you think this is the real 5B and if it's a good deal?
  2. J

    HPI Baja vs. clone Bajas (cars and parts) comparison

    I know majority will say the original is better and I have two of them. I'd like to raise a discussion to really compare the aftermarket parts and cars regarding what is good and what not and why. These things eat up a paycheck with few clicks in the internet if your not careful. So some...
  3. Johnston.jer

    Sold / Found King Motors rear Dominator Clone (chrome)

    Rear Dom clone, In great shape. ($50) shipped cont. US Interested in trades as well Items interested in: Turtle Racing items Hostile items Team Phat Dad items
  4. M

    Sold / Found Proline Bowties on Desperados or the clones by Rovan

    I want to buy a gently used pair of Proline rear Bowties with Desperado wheels made for the Hpi Baja 5B. Rovan has some look-a-likes that would be good enough for my needs. Let me know what you have and the cost to deliver to Houston, TX 77079.
  5. M

    Original Hpi Clutch vs. Clone Clutch ??

    I am looking at buying a 8000 rpm clutch but not sure if the Hpi clutch is worth the price compared to a clone 8000 rpm clutch which looks identical... By clone, I was meaning those Rovan 8000 rpm clutches, etc.. Will they both be the same in peformance and durability? Thanks.
  6. Dmon

    Baja tank vs clone

    I just ordered a billet tank cap from DDM and it does not fit. It is too big, slipping down over the threads with out contacting. My question is if anyone can verify that the clone fuel tank has a smaller filler? It's the only thing I can think of.... that the previous owner swapped in a clone...
  7. M

    Clone wt668 carb problem

    Can anyone tell my how the tuning / configuration of 668 carbs?? I still can not tune my engine and have too much difficulty to tune the carburetor, now i wanted to put the factory setup to see if I could make a more careful tuning .... How many turns have the screw of High / Low and the big one...
  8. slowngreen

    Future clones?

    You guys think the 5ive will be cloned any time soon? Or do they need to be a HPI to be cloned like they have so far?
  9. R

    Best clone

    Where is the best place to buy a clone??
  10. T

    Sold / Found mcd clone?

    just picked this up this new 1/5 scale dono much about it. seen a few online with mixed reviews. i do require the gear located closest to the brakes? here are some pictures. its only 2wd at the moment it is missing the front diff and drive shafts :(. Anyone got the pieces i require. Also...
  11. eyeopenher

    diy ring mod for clone super star wheels

    ok, first off let me say i don't know if this is the right section for this, so if it is not could someone please advise me of where it should go, or could they move it... thank you in advance... i noticed that my hpi wheels had a metal hex. and i seen on a post on here awhile back from...
  12. S

    Has anyone tried a Clone fg 2speed tranny???

    Has anyone tried a Clone fg 2speed tranny??? The one they sell on ebay
  13. S

    Has anyone tried Clone fg slicks before??

    I was checking on ebay and they have some fake fg slicks . Has anyone tried them before ??
  14. G

    Marder clone wont start

    hi all my brothers marder clone wont start:mad: ive reset all the carb to factory settings, ive checked for a spark and put a new plug in, the carb dosent seem to be blocked and i have compression on the engine :(, any ideas will be appriciated :D cheers gary
  15. CSR260

    for the clone people....

    I don't no if these are clone parts but some of them looked cloned but most of em look really nice! This link has some KM parts ect but they also have nice CNC parts too...
  16. G

    FG Marder Clone issues

    hi all sorry if im in the wrong department but hopefully someone can help right my bro has bought a marder clone which has the crapest layshaft brake setup ive seen so we decided to change it over to an fg marder setup, anyway with me thinking all the engines are the same (23cc cy engine) i...
  17. GTS 666

    How to tell Hpi to clone difference

    Looking at buying a Baja 5b ss well that is what I've been told it is since it is second hand. How can I tell if it is a genuine Hpi and not one of the other makes as I have read mixed opinions of other brands. Not that I am to concerned about buying a clone because you still spend money on all...
  18. hyper 78

    difference a jetpro clone makes to power and speed

    hi, here is a vid of the xtm grizzly/ carson/smartech firehammer, It has just had the jetpro v2 marder clone pipe fitted, power difference is huge and the top speed was alot better. The car seems to rev alot higher and has added to the overall fun factor, the shell had to be cut on the back...
  19. FG ONICS

    Clone wars take 1

    :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: GOTCHA :cup-1::cup-1::cup-1::cup-1::cup-1:
  20. voo2doo

    Clones......not again!

    Going to put this up but close the thread as I don't want to see the normal arguments on the clone situation.But this IS blatant! J.
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