1. Cupton79

    Turtle racing snapper clutch

    This may have already been asked.. but I was wondering everyone’s thoughts and opinions of the turtle racing snapper clutch.... l was thinking of going this route. I have a Baja 5b Clone with a 36cc engine and have basically ruined a clutch Bell from slippage with the factory 2 shoe clutch...
  2. Stevendavis

    Turtle Racing Clutch Housing with Bartolone Carrier!

    I couldn't find any pics of this combo, so I'll post some here. I think they go together well if you want to use the TR housing with the Bartolone vented bell carrier!
  3. Whoduh

    TR Snapper Clutch Is BLUE and PURPLE!!!!!

    Did I roast this clutch or just the disks. Lots of blue and purple on the disk. Breaking the whole thing down later...see what else is blue....and or purple.. Anyone have experience with the TR Snapper clutch? Is it "safe" to keep using this or is it time to replace the disks? and... What might...
  4. WoodiE

    Alx 100cc testing out new clutch

    Check out this crazy setup!
  5. WVNed

    Clutch Dragging.

    I installed a DDM alloy enclosed clutch carrier. After about 5 minutes run time the clutch bell is dragging on the carrier. What am I doing wrong?
  6. T

    clutch question with modded engine

    hi all, so my engine is rated at 4.25 and I have a pipe on it, feels like to me, since I put one step taller gears than stock that I have been wearing my clutch shoes out. to the point to where it will not spin the tires if I put it aganst the wall and full throttle it. I have a KRSC002 Rev...
  7. T

    Planning on modded 30.5 or a full modded engine and clutch question

    guys, have a question. going from a 4.5hp engine to a possible 6 to 8 hp engine and wondered about what I need to do with a stock clutch 8000rpm (2 shoe) clutch. will these hold up? would be better to go to a 6K rpm clutch? or even an adjustable? just wondering and wanted to ask before...
  8. R

    what do you guys think

    have you guys seen the new tourex clutch? do you think it can hold up?
  9. S

    New 5ive clutch

    Hey guys, I recently tore down my 5t that i bought used, and i found that the clutch is worn out.. I was wondering if there are any upgrades to the clutch. The only one i found was the MIP Clutch, it was like 200 bucks, and i was wondering if there is something else?
  10. D

    Help, clutch shoes worn out in one tank

    Hi I just replace my old clutch shoes with new one, they weren't really worn out to bad, and I replaced the stock pinion spur combo with a 20/54 pinion/ spur combo and I took it out for a run and in my first thank my clutch shoes were worn, I did notice that one shoe was worn more then the other...
  11. 2Fast

    Clutch bell hot

    Has anyone dealt with an extremely hot clutch bell say 300 degrees F? I bought a infrared temp gun today after getting burned and noticed it reaches nearly 290-300 F? Thanks for input! 2Fast.
  12. D

    Dbxl clutch

    Hı I want to buy one clutch for my dbxl. Which one i must choose? I am looking theese ones.
  13. I

    clutch shoe holder

    I am trying to remove the clutch shoe holder. I removed the bolt but the holder wont come off.
  14. I

    torx bolts on clutch

    I'm installing a g29rc in my 5t but I can't get one of the torx bolts off of the clutch.Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. A

    Baja 5t Clutch

    Hello. ..Need advice please. Am new to 1/5 size and want to upgrade clutch system. don't want to spend hundreds on an upgrade. Just something better then the stock clutch...Any ideas please
  16. A

    Will I need to change my clutch housing?

    Using my engine from my Baja and wondering if it will bolt straight in or if I'll need to change any mounting parts?
  17. MonsterAir

    Enclosed Clutch Housing

    Are there any enclosed clutch housings for the Marder? I'm in the process of rigging my ride for the sand and seen there are ECH's for the HPI but can't find anything for the Marder.
  18. S

    Standard zenoah g320 in losi five clutch problems

    Just fitted g320 in my losi with turtle racing clutch housing and my spur gear has onl6 half of it touching the diff drive gear,what have I done wrong??
  19. MonsterAir

    Adjustable Clutch Help Please

    Hey guys. I'm looking to try and tame the wheelie action on my FG Marder. I have a ESP 27.2cc mod'd engine with a viscous diff in the rear. 1 speed 2wd but looking into upgrading to 2 speed when I have the cash. I'm thinking about upgrading to the elcon 4 shoe adjustable clutch, comes with...
  20. 2

    MIP clutch

    Just wondering has anyone tried one of these clutch yet. If so what do you think of it?
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