1. Whoduh

    LOWER Lower Price for a 5ive B.

    Even though the price dropped to $749 for the 5ive B you can get it cheaper. Go to and use the coupon code LSF...drops the price down to $712 w/free shipping. Thats almost the price of a kill switch. I got my 5ive B in the mail a few days ago and wanted to share the info...
  2. crankestein

    Coupon Codes and Deals

    Just in case some of you make purchases in Gearbest, here is a coupon code that works with most of their RC inventory. RC18OFF I tried it on two products, a Feiyue front diff RC and a Vkar Racing Bison (which I am tentatively thinking about it), and to my surprise it worked. Cheers!
  3. WoodiE

    DDM and LargeScaleRC Coupon Codes!

    In case you didn't know, Daves Discount Motors and LargeScaleRC both offer 5% off to ALL LargeScaleForums members! Simply enter LSF as your coupon code when checking out to save 5% off all of your orders. Daves Discount Motors & LargeScaleRC
  4. roadrashracing

    10 % coupons on ebay

    there is this person selling 10 % coupons to buy certain r/cs from them. Just seems not right...
  5. B

    Pro 5th Scale Coupon Code!!!

    Hey Gang!! Enter code "save0321" over at for a discount on your next large scale purchase!!! Check em out!!
  6. ryan@ddm

    Daves Discount Motors DDM Coupon Code

    Large Scale Forums faithful: you can now get 5% off your purchase by entering coupon code "LSF" when checking out at DDM. Thanks for your forum membership and support!
  7. rickinferno

    DDM Coupon

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone have coupon numbers for DDM ? Thanks Richard
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