1. stephane crepeault

    maxstone crawler 1/5

    anyone with a maxstone crawler???
  2. B

    WTB WTB used Electric truck/crawler

    I am looking for a about a 16" wheelbase truck or crawler to use as a robotics platform. No need for electronics or bodies, but must be mechanically sound. Got anything you want to turn into cash? Please PM or email Thanks
  3. dwarfy

    1:1 Sandrail / Crawler

    Just seen this on ebay........want 1 :D
  4. atom3624

    Another Interesting Find - Crawler!

    Found this in the early evening trawl of Fleabay! Al.
  5. voo2doo

    Crawler site on EbAy

    Just found this on fleebay.Great site if your into crawlers. 280862041569 I have added a link to one item but check his sales out.:w00t: J
  6. Timmahh

    Wreckluse Scale Crawler Chassis with other Scale parts F/S

    LOWERED PRICE & Pics Viewable now PRICE DROPPED TO 200.00 shipped CONUS. would like to move this out over the weekend. heres a great condition very lightly used Wreckluse Tubed 1/10th Scale Crawler Chassis with scale parts i got in a trade on RC Tech a few months back. Comes with installed...
  7. J

    Pictures of my scale crawlers

    Here are a few pictures of the scale crawlers I built on the Axial scx10 base chassis. My Baja 5b SSMy Traxxas slash Baja Bug
  8. voo2doo

    Top of the range crawler!

    Just bought my daughter a top of the range crawler! Fleebay No 290523836834 J.
  9. voo2doo

    WTB Crawler wanted

    Hiya folks I need an RC Crawler for my six Y/O daughter for Chrimbo,anything considered but not a top spec one as she is just starting. PM me with what you have. Cheers J.
  10. Timmahh

    Last of my Crawler stuff F/S

    ok clearing out the last of my crawler stuff. some decent pieces here for what i think are fair prices. prices listed include Shipping in CONUS. This is a Reign RC K-5 chassis. has stock HPI Wheely king axles with custome support plates and servo mount. has Custom front links, and...
  11. Sharkey

    another round of mods for the crawler

    with my 1/5 scale together, it was time for some more upgrades to the crawler. after putting in the castle sidewinder i got for christmas it was working better than ever, however there were just some things that needed improvement. most recent mods -axial high clearance knuckles -strc c-hubs...
  12. K

    pics from my 2.2 crawler

    This is my favorite rig after my large scale buggy, is a custom mod AX10 2.2 crawler.
  13. H

    New Traxxas Crawler, Remote Locking Diffs
  14. T

    Large Scale Rock Crawler

    Anyone use their 1/5 gasser for rock crawling? I was thinking a purchasing a 1/5 4x4 to use for rock crawling. I was wondering if people have or at least think it is feasible. And what model would be the best to use for rock crawling?