1. C

    Customcvp goes brushless on JA5

    Al here, had to give it a try, got the Castle setup with the V1 from RCM. Putting the final touches on it now, they recommend keeping the mech brakes so I just split channel 2. I'll be starting out with 6s until I get a couple of good 4 cells. She is also getting a sweet set if IRP basher...
  2. C

    Customcvp Losi DBXL Update

    Gents few pics of some mods the 5ive shocks are on the rear got the fronts just haven't got to them yet, cracked a rear carrier so I went to the Hot Racing I run on the 5ives, new IRP steering arm, broke the bolt on the servo saver side tapped out will go alloy when Hot Racing gets them out...
  3. C

    Customcvp Protectors for the DBXL

    Gents, we've got the protectors worked out for the DBXL, Stock and Extended, they will include the mounting hardware, and it's going to take some extra work to install, the pin setup that comes stock at the rear carrier is changed out to a bolt, the 5ive carrier bolt is perfect but buying the...
  4. Revolauncher Losi 5ive T CVD protectors review with pics. Losi 5ive T CVD protectors review: So they arrived well wrapped in bubble wrap, thanks Al. Not a scratch on em'....yet. Glossy finish on both sides, 3.6-3.8mm. (hand laid) thick fiberglass in matches everything black with smooth edges. Light and super stiff, the material reminds me...
  5. C CV Protector for the Losi DBXL

    Here you go, life time warranty, hardware will be included, we are replacing the pin they used on the carrier with a SS 4 mm bolt, my pin after one week was all rusted and pitted, so add greeseing that to the maintaince list if you don't run the protectors. We sandwich a pivot ball between...
  6. WoodiE

    Custom CVP Fiberglass Protectors from GIVEAWAY

    Custom CVP Fiberglass Protectors from GIVEAWAY!!! PRIZES: TWO Winner's will receive: One set of CustomCVP protectors! - Thanks to RULES: Simply add a reply to this thread, (LIMIT ONE REPLY PER DAY), all posts should make some sense. Any spammy nonsense...
  7. C

    CustomCVP Rigs

    [/URL][/IMG]Hey Gents, Just signed up as a vendor on this site. I haven't been here in a while and figured id check out the traffic, I've been running my first 5ive sense the first batch came off the line, that beast just broke the 6 grand landmark, I built a second one we call it the JA 5...
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