1. Bryan K.

    DBXL DDM springs too stiff?

    Hey guys, So I just got my DDM springs yesterday and installed them. They are supposed to be 20% stiffer than stock but they feel much stiffer. The stock shock/spring combo had terrible rebound and wouldn't even level the buggy after the suspension was compressed. Without changing any of the...
  2. Scruffy

    DDM or OBR

    Thinking of getting a new engine for my Baja. Your thoughts on DDM vs OBR
  3. R

    DDM 23cc to 29cc Head Kit

    Hi, I wanna purchase an 29cc upgrade head kit from DDM, anyone know which one?
  4. Y

    DDM dominator tuned pipe for Losi 5ive T

    First $100 takes it. It is literally like brand new. I have 5 min runtime on it. It's not what I wanted. I can text or email pics ? It is literally like new.
  5. MonsterAir

    Need a new cylinder kit but ddm is outta stock. Any suggestions?

    I have a ESP 27.2 2-bolt engine and need a new cylinder kit but ddm is outta stock. Does anyone know if there is somebody besides ddm that carries ESP products or if there is an equally good head kit I can order?
  6. F

    vrc pipe or ddm pipe?

    Im thinking buying vrc pipe for my fg beetle , is there unsilance version? any video be great and helpfull
  7. D

    DDM Daves Discount motors advice

    If I could give any advice it would be to stay away from DDM/Daves Discount Motors. Purchased an item from them which did not work and after several months I was able to return it (good on their part). I spoke to an employee and offered to ship the part for them to repair but I was told that...
  8. B

    Ddm stuffed,stroked,and ported

    Hi, I'm new to the game. I purchased a used baja with a 23cc. It's fast the way it is it has a jet pro pipe. Well, I got the bug and bought a new 26cc bottom end. I somehow found Dave's discount motors, lol. I purchased the 30.5cc stuffed, stroked, and champion ported. I wondering of there...
  9. E

    Bartolone pipe in stock at DDM

    Chrome Bartolone pipe are in stock at Dave's Discount Motors. If you are in the market for one get one fast they will be gone. I had to wait about 2 weeks for mine to come in and I just ordered it about 5 minutes ago.
  10. P

    Big Shout Out to DDM - Daves Discount Motors

    I live in this small city in Western Canada called HELL! You may have heard of it? I was in need of some maintenance parts after rough weekend. Hobby dealers are scarce here, let alone ones that carry what I needed and the price of couriers and Canada Post are quite outrageous. They had the...
  11. G

    Ddm Dominator on 5t who's got this pipe?

    Hi what's the ddm pipe like in terms of performance? On a stock 26 cc, I know there a loud pipe but are they a good choice on a losi cheers
  12. evildomain

    Sold / Found New GH alloy parts, DDM Springs & risers plus Turtle Brake mount For HPI Baja's.....

    These are all parts I installed but never ran. They are basically new except for the Turtle Brake mount, that has been used. I'm selling these parts as a package deal because I don't want to take multiple trips to the Post Office. What you see in the photos is what you will receive...
  13. atom3624

    DDM Deal of the Day.

    Check out todays DotD. Not a bad deal for a Walbro-813. Don't forget the LSF code for an extra 5%. Al.
  14. R

    ddm velocity stack for HPI filter on Marder

    evening peeps, Was wondering if this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321029546131?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 would be suitable to use on my marder with my HPI baja filter....I'm not happy with the plastic HPI housing that sits against the isolator block so I'm...
  15. ddmdave

    DDM Deal of the Day

    davesmotors: DDM Deal of the Day for 8/22/12! Hostile "Ultra" Beadlock Rings for the davesmotors: DDM Deal of the Day for 8/22/12! Hostile "Ultra" Beadlock Rings for the HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC/Losi 5IVE (Set of 2) $7.99! Reg Price $10.99 More...
  16. C

    replacement idle screw now available at DDM

    i got daves to stock the replacement idle screw for walbro WT carbs part no# av516 for those of you that lost it
  17. atom3624

    DDM Special .... Kraken ....

    This chassis has been mentioned recently in another post. It's on SPECIAL OFFER at Dave's, obviously for a very limited time. http://www.davesmotors.com/s.nl/c.885035/sc.12/category.68422/.f Al.
  18. atom3624

    DDM Special Offer - DON'T MISS IT!!

    This is an offer of a lifetime - nearly!! Ending today I suppose. DON'T MISS IT - COULD SAVE YOUR WALLET, MARRIAGE, or simply your truck anyway!! Don't forget 'LSF' coupon code for an extra 5% http://www.davesmotors.com/s.nl/c.885035/sc.12/category.68422/.f Al.
  19. R

    cy29cc ported and bored ddm

    Hello I bought a used cy 29cc engine that the guy person I bought it from said he bought it from ddm with a 29 stroker kit and a ported head.My question is the engine came with a billit head looks like this http://www.davesmotors.com/s.nl/c.885035/n.1/it.A/id.4752/.f There are no fins on the...
  20. atom3624

    DDM Deal of the Day!!

    You would have to be in Cloud Cuckoo Land not to understand or realise the relevance of this offer!! Don't forget the 'LSF' 5% additional discount - always respected by Dave's. http://www.davesmotors.com/s.nl/c.885035/sc.12/category.68422/.f Al.
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