1. WoodiE

    Ebay or Auction Deals

    A number of members have been finding eBay auctions that are great deals for other LSF members. It's also been suggested we have a thread where everyone can post these deals in one place. So with that said, if you find a great deal on eBay please post the link here!
  2. MrFnisse

    Is this a reasonable deal for a Losi 5ive-T ?

    Hi everyone, wanted to upgrade to something new from my old FG monster Truck. Wanted a Losi 5ive-T for a long time. Planned on going new but found one in the UK that looked pretty much unused. The seller planned on not shipping it anywhere outside the UK and it is out for 750GBP (850$). Talked...
  3. crankestein

    Coupon Codes and Deals

    Just in case some of you make purchases in Gearbest, here is a coupon code that works with most of their RC inventory. RC18OFF I tried it on two products, a Feiyue front diff RC and a Vkar Racing Bison (which I am tentatively thinking about it), and to my surprise it worked. Cheers!
  4. J

    Is this a good deal for a used DBXL?

    Hey guys. I found a guy with a used DBXL that he will let go for $700 shipped. He says its only been ran twice and has had less than half a tank thru the motor. The pics look great and it seems to be correct. Not a scratch on the thing. Just wondering if you guys think that's a good deal??
  5. voo2doo

    Cracking deal!!

    Just seen this on HK....... J;)
  6. trentonrc

    Universal Dealer XO-1

  7. M

    real or fake and am i geting a good deal?

    i talked the seller down to $600. i was gonna order a new 1 but looked at my local craigslist and found this.
  8. twissted

    Another smoking deal!!!!! Tires are being discontinued, get them while you can.
  9. twissted

    smoking deal on Ruff Riders tires!!!! I ordered 2 sets. I have to set on my losi as we speek and they last along time and fun to run on the pavement.:cool: :cool:
  10. atom3624

    DDM Deal of the Day.

    Check out todays DotD. Not a bad deal for a Walbro-813. Don't forget the LSF code for an extra 5%. Al.
  11. voo2doo

    Good deal

    To all of you UK members.... 12 1 pint bottles of Bulmers cider....1.00 pound in BM Bargains J:w00t:
  12. atom3624

    Wheeler Dealers is Back - ACE !!!!

    New Series started last night on Discovery!! AC Cobra replica - great stuff!! Love that series - seeing Edd tinkering away. Al.
  13. N

    hi guys £400 for hpi baja 5b ss a good deal?

    hey guys managed to bag myself a hpi baja 5b ss today for £400 just wondering if you think thats a good deal. sorry im starting a new thread and not keeping to the other one i started, thought better to start new one. is there anything on these to check for when buying second hand, like...
  14. ddmdave

    DDM Deal of the Day

    davesmotors: DDM Deal of the Day for 8/22/12! Hostile "Ultra" Beadlock Rings for the davesmotors: DDM Deal of the Day for 8/22/12! Hostile "Ultra" Beadlock Rings for the HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC/Losi 5IVE (Set of 2) $7.99! Reg Price $10.99 More...
  15. atom3624

    Dave's Deal of the Day.

    Anyone after a steering servo, this is the one. Anyone from UK, you WILL have to pay VAT (20%) + handling charge (£8 for this) unfortunately, but still quite a bargain. Al.
  16. Stegy

    Sold / Found Super deal! RS5 F1 & HARM Touring car

    Wanna help my friend to get a new Genius F1, so both of his cars arw for sale. 1. HARM SX-3 touring car, roller chassis Comes with: hydro brakes, upgrades parts to titanium, mielke alloy side pipe (side power), bodyshell. Car needs engine, clutch, airbox, servos to run. Car is in tip-top shape...
  17. chris18

    this looks a good deal lads
  18. atom3624

    DDM Deal of the Day!!

    You would have to be in Cloud Cuckoo Land not to understand or realise the relevance of this offer!! Don't forget the 'LSF' 5% additional discount - always respected by Dave's. Al.
  19. C

    dave's deal of the day

    if anyone missed it dave's deal of the day desperado wheel sets,$22.99 per set front or $23.99 for rear
  20. hyper 78

    a great deal!!!!!

    if you are in the market for a marder, check this out! :(
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