1. T

    Dbxl center differential pinion gears

    So my sons center differential melted and 2 of the interior pinion gears flew out when the housing melted apart. A few questions: 1. The Dbxl parts list shows a part number for the gears, but when you look it up it is for the complete differential. Anyone know the part number for these gears...
  2. Billp

    Melted Losi 5ive-T center diff

    I read about this but never saw it until the other day. My centre diff melted around the metal insert, spraying silicone oil and melted plastic everywhere. What's the deal with aluminium diff cases? The RCmax one is considerably more expensive than all the others but is it actually any better...
  3. L

    New super diff review

    First off you need a IRC CNC Diff cup set and ONLY USE THIS KIT ONLY!!! and a new set of HPI diff gears and do not use clone gears or results will not happen. Build the diff dry and use the sealed bearing in shaft bores and see if you can add one shim one each end that comes with kit , If not...
  4. R. Johns

    DBXL aluminum diff towers

    Hello, I want to upgrade the front, rear and center differentials on my Losi DBXL (gas). I plan to (hopefully) upgrade the motor at tax time to something with more power. Not to something with totally insane power but a decent amount, in the five horsepower range (with tuned exhaust). I...
  5. dirby

    losi 5t diff or removal.

    what is the best way to remove the rubber o ring from the drive cup inside the diff with out destroying the rubber o ring?
  6. James H.

    DBXL Front Diff Pinion Issue!!

    I took out the front diff and put some heavier diff fluid in... Long story short... when I go to put the diff back into the housing with the pinion it starts kinda grinding. The mesh isnt right for some reason. I have done this kind of thing MANY times before over the years, but for some reason...
  7. MisterK71

    Rear Differential Sadness

    Well, I can honestly say at this point I have spent as much time repairing my DBXL as I have driving it. LOL. Yesterday I got 15 minutes into a run and heard a ear piercing screech. The rear diff on one side melted and twisted the rear end housing and destroyed the gears. Not sure what would...
  8. Bryan K.

    DBXL-E Aluminum center diff case fits DBXL?

    Hey guys, As title says I'm looking to upgrade my DBXL center diff case. Does anyone know if the DBXL-E aluminum one will work? I was considering the Hot racing aluminum one, but I've heard mostly bad things about the quality of their parts. thanks,