1. James H.

    DBXL Front Diff Pinion Issue!!

    I took out the front diff and put some heavier diff fluid in... Long story short... when I go to put the diff back into the housing with the pinion it starts kinda grinding. The mesh isnt right for some reason. I have done this kind of thing MANY times before over the years, but for some reason...
  2. MisterK71

    Rear Differential Sadness

    Well, I can honestly say at this point I have spent as much time repairing my DBXL as I have driving it. LOL. Yesterday I got 15 minutes into a run and heard a ear piercing screech. The rear diff on one side melted and twisted the rear end housing and destroyed the gears. Not sure what would...
  3. B

    DBXL-E Aluminum center diff case fits DBXL?

    Hey guys, As title says I'm looking to upgrade my DBXL center diff case. Does anyone know if the DBXL-E aluminum one will work? I was considering the Hot racing aluminum one, but I've heard mostly bad things about the quality of their parts. thanks,