1. WoodiE

    That Conley 327 V-8 engine!

    WOW, have you guys seen that Conley 327 V-8 supercharged engine and 1/4th scale dragster that was just posted in the marketplace by @63350vette? I didn't want to post in the classifieds thread, as to keep it on-topic, but dang that thing looks phenomenal. I'd love to see and hear it run! Good...
  2. PrimalRC

    New Vendor! Primal RC

    Good morning LSF, We here at Primal RC just signed up to be a vendor here and offer you all some exclusive deals on our new line of vehicles and 1/5 scale parts. I will be making a bunch of announcements very soon once we get fully setup here. In the meantime check out www.primalrc.com and if...
  3. ajdenning22

    1/4 scale true street dragster

    me and a few buddies are wanting to build a dragster where would i go to find some kind of blue prints on what guys are doing. and also where do i find a body shell for one. Here is what body we are wanting but want to do a big tire drag car look. thanks
  4. 63350vette

    WCM 1/4 Scale 2 Speed Dragster

    I'm refurbishing a vintage WCM 1/4 scale 2 speed dragster and I'm looking to replace the original plastic rear axle main drive gear with an aluminum one. If anyone has one to sell, or can tell me where I might get one, please let me know... Thanks, Chris 718-679-1020
  5. D

    1/4 scale fuel dragster

    :)been working on this project for awhile now frame is .375 x .062 wall mild steel tubing. wheelbase 75 inches tig welded together. total length is somewhere around 90 inches wing to wing.im about 70 percent done with the welding. takes awhile fish mouthing 75 or so pieces of tubing, but coming...
  6. Dylan606

    RC dragster chassis

    does anyone know where I can have a chasie fabricated for an rc dragster for a resonable price Thanks, Dylan:D
  7. Dylan606

    large scale dragster bodie

    HI, Does anyone know how to make a body for a large scale dragster I will soon have my dragster done and I want a body for it but I don't know how to make one thanks, Dylan:)
  8. Dylan606

    Dragster wheels help

    Hi I'm building a larger scale rc dragster and don't know what to do for the wheels since I'm going to have the entire chaise welded at one time I would like to know if there is anything that needs to be welded on in the front for the wheels (I assume there is ) Thanks, Dylan
  9. D

    U.S. Custom Cages "dragster "

  10. Bad Boy Hobby

    FG vs 1/4 scale dragster video

    Sorry about the quality, a buddy filmed alittle bit of our weekend meet last sunday. This video was shot during the end of the day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MuT-M6SQSg Anyone interested in joining us which maybe our last nice weekend to drag race, you can send me a PM for...
  11. K

    105 inch dragster

    Im starting to build a 105 inch dragster . My friend was talking to me and i told him that i saw a big dragster, he said how big i said 91 inch he said woooow can we build it i said yes he works as an aluminium and stainless steel worker so he said no problem for the frame so i said ill build...
  12. PappaD


    I was looking at a 1/4 scale dragster but can't find any in stock. I think it would be pretty cool. Kind of pricey! I take it since I was the first to post no one has one.
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