1. 21bangbang

    DBXL drive shafts.

    I have a question about the 2 diffrent types of shafts available for the Losi DBXL. One being the double ended dogbone and the other having a actual universal joint on one end. I've always run just the dogbones but am considering the universal style. It seems to me to be a better design with...
  2. T

    DBXL rear drive shaft

    Well guys, I've heard all the drive pin stories and are now experiencing it first hand. Anybody have experience with the team hoonage shaft and pinion upgrade?
  3. M

    What is the length of the 5ive-B center driveshaft?

    Hi. Can someone please tell me what is the pin to pin length of TLR252014 aka 5ive-b center rear driveshaft. I know it should be shorter than the 5ive-t one. Thanks
  4. T

    Driveshaft Dbxl question

    I have a question, does anyone know which driveshaft is more durable: LOS252019(bottom) Or LOS252021(on top)??
  5. H

    Driveshaft snapping power

    hey guys I'd like to get a new 5 scale power source I want to be able to hit the throttle and boom chunks of grass and dirt flying everywhere leaving ruts in the ground now if you couldn't tell I'm a power junky I need lots of power so what's best for what I want gas or electric? I'm not worried...
  6. madmanandrewk

    DBXL Center Driveshafts look different from replacement

    I lost the pin out of my front center driveshaft and went I went to order a replacement, I noticed the replacements have a forked style cup while mine is a complete cylinder. The manual also shows the forked style to make it even weirder. Does anybody know why my shafts are different? Also does...
  7. P

    Is there an upgrade for the rear center driveshaft/dogbone?

    Well my son has lost the cup off the dogbone then broke the pin in the rear driveline and lost the whole driveline in our pasture all in the first half tank of gas! So time to do this thing up right! I ordered the Team Honnage drive lines front and rear and a 7075rc chassi. But I'm not seeing...
  8. Z

    baja driveshaft pin

    anybody know the size of the pins in the driveshaft or where i can get replacements
  9. B

    Front Driveshaft worn out

    Just upgraded to an OBR 7.5hp engine and wore out the front driveshaft. What are the best aftermarket parts do this doesn't happen again? I should probably do both front and rear as well as all the axles? Help needed ASAP so I can order them in time for the weekend! Thanks Bryan
  10. N

    Front and rear center-driveshafts, upgrades?

    Hey Has anyone got some advice on upgrading the front and rear center-driveshafts? Ive been searching all over for upgrades, but no luck. The pins in those center-driveshafts get worn so fast, its unbeliveable. Every 5 liters, new pins. There must be something out there?
  11. P

    Is this a new problem? Front driveshafts.

    Well, today was the break in and testing of 2 new 5ive's we bought last night. Near the end of the first tank, one of the trucks had spat out a front axle. During the third tank of my truck I lost both front axles and noticed my rear center shaft was bent. Time to contact the warranty...
  12. CSR260

    FLM Super Duty Driveshaft & Cup Kit.... Yay or Nay ??

    What do you guy's think ? Andy
  13. L

    Sold / Found driveshaft needed.

    hpi driveshaft needed. back one only used or new cheap.
  14. zouz10

    I Keep throwing driveshafts

    Hey guys, I was racing yesterday and i kept throwing my front driveshafts... This was not the first time, and i've already tried the fuel tubing in the collars, but that didn't seem to work... They next thing i can think of is maybe a camber adjustment... I also tamed down my wheel turning...
  15. prefa1

    Rebuild Your Xrc Driveshafts

    after my driveshaft destroyed itself,i discovered a way of re,building it....... first of all the drive pins are made of soft steel so you can knock them out with a hammer.i found an old allen key just a bit larger than the hole (you can also use a bolt or piece of steel bar),i tapered one end...
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