1. smurfer69

    Dynamite killswitch override

    hi guys has anyone having dynamite killswitch installed turn on car light is off turn on transmitter light goes on all is good what if , turn on car light off then forget to turn on transmitter but car still starts for about 10 sec then dies now in-between that 10 sec turn off transmitter...
  2. Peteolheadz100

    Dynamite kill switch low voltage tabs lost???

    Just noticed that the low voltage tabs probably shook loose from vibration and got lost. I was wondering why my car was turning off when I turn and it was because these tabs were missing so as soon as it goes under 6 volt it shuts the engine off and my voltage receiver pack is at 6.2 so figured...
  3. MARLEY76

    Dynamite killswitch

    Hi all I'm pretty new to 1/5th rc and at the moment my buggy won't start since I've installed a dynamite 3rd channel killswitch .the led is solid red .wich manual says is ready to start the engine .but it won't I've a fly sky fs-gt3b controller & receiver .any help much appreciated as want to...
  4. F

    Dynamite 29cc engine 25:1 or 40:1

    I purchase a used Dynamite 29cc engine on ebay and it's running in my Losi 5ive T very nicely. While surfing the web, it occurred to me that the engine I'm using was pulled from the Losi XT truck that uses the Dynamite 29cc engine...but with 40:1 fuel oil ratio. My question: How can there be...
  5. T

    Dynamite Largescale work stand

    Has anyone ever used the dynamite Largescale work stand (DYNT7000) or own one? If yes what is your thoughts please. Is it any good, stabil, easy to use etc? Thanks
  6. H

    Losi xxl 2 gas issues

    Wanted to know if anybody else is having issues with the new .31 dynamite engine. Not even sure it has been in any other vehicles hoping for some moral support really! I purchased the Losi XXL 2 about 5 months ago engine seized. Sent it in under warranty to horizon hobby. Took a month to get...
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