1. A

    Post your longest losi 5T electric run times ?

    Anybodys getting 25 mins or better?
  2. C

    Where can I find DBXL-E shocks?

    I would like to purchase the shocks from the DBXL-E for my scratch build DBXL... I can't find them ANYWHERE!! Why put a car on the market that u really can't find many stock replacement parts for Yet! What happens when you guys that bought a DBXL-E break something?
  3. Whoduh

    Losi DBXL-E buggy!!!

    Anyone see this coming? What do ya'll think? http://www.losi.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=LOS05012T2 $999.99...
  4. R

    Looking for FID electric starter feedback

    Hi I am interested in the FID electric starter. Has anyone got / used one. Are they any good? Cheers
  5. J

    DbXL with Electric Start - Rebuild Newbie

    Hey Everyone Here a couple of pics of my DbXL I'm rebuilding, I'm really enjoying the project but I've run into a problem and need some advice. The car came with a Zenoah G320RC motor and I wanted to add electric start so I brought the FID kit. Everything worked as it should but today I've put...