Best spur gears to use on OBR 7.5HP engine?

    What are the best spur gears to use OBR 7.5hp motor HPI Baja hardened steel?Nylon? brands? THANKS GUYS
  2. Andrew

    Losi DBXL motor upgrade

    G'day all just trying to get some advice on a new motor for my losi dbxl. I like going fast what should I be looking at thanks andy
  3. B

    Vekta.5 engine

    I’m stuck between two engines the Red Arrow 34cc and the OBR 34cc Signature Series for a Kraken Vekta .5 which one is better recommended and why ? ... Thanks
  4. Losi125

    Obr motor high compression

    I have an obr 34cc full mod on a losi 5t and I have been through about 6 pull starts had to change the fly wheel because the paws teeth had worn just slightly I'm getting a killer rc metal rope pullstart to see if that will hold up better.nothing is binding when I remove the spark plug flywheel...
  5. Tony Brewer

    32cc engine problems

    What is the deal? My 32cc engine is acting up. It will run good for about 25 minutes, then shut down. Start it back up and it will run maybe 5 minutes. Start again and maybe 2 minutes before dying. Has a new spark plug, good 25:1 fuel mixture, both batteries, rec and trans good.Good fuel...
  6. 12 Bravo

    no low end power

    i ran the truck on fathers day and it ran awesome, got it back out 3 days later didnt want to start, no low end power and once it went about 30' it would start pulling hard on the top!!i run ethanol free 90 octane fuel wit klotz super techni plate oil mixed at 32-1. i've tried adjusting the carb...
  7. Spoogity Woogums

    Possibly dead engine *updated with pictures of partial engine gore*

    TL;DR, I think my spark plug killed my engine So a couple of days ago, I set out to run my baja. It was giving me pull starter issues (I'm still learning), and once I got it sorted out, i got it to kinda fire up. It would pop a few times like it was trying to run, but wouldn't under it's own...
  8. T

    G320 trouble

    Hey everybody, new to 5th scale and having trouble. Bought a new DBXL and immediately upgraded to a G320. Have dynamite kill switch installed too. Having no luck getting this thing started. Got spark, smelling fuel, rechecked carb settings, switched sparkplug, tried choke/no choke with not...
  9. H

    Running issue, T-1000 starts then dies

    I have the t 1000.. My issue is starts right up...idles good but when i accelerate then let off the gas she dies instantly..I consider myself pretty good at diagnosing most issues with rcs but this one I cannot figure out..it's not the clutch..pretty sure it's a carb issue for when I take the...
  10. Spoogity Woogums

    Using a 1/10 brushed motor for an alternator

    So while I was running around on the net, I came across an Australian company that sells an "alternator" that uses the flywheel magnet to charge the onboard battery. This got me thinking that it would generate power in pulses like a spark plug and not provide too much juice. So why not take a...
  11. P

    Hpi 5b Zenoah g290rc goodies

    Always nice to get to the post office to pick up goodies.Time to take the old cy 26 out. It's been a good engine bit it's time for the Zen g290. Gonna keep it stock. I have other goodies coming. Time for an overhaul lol. Gonna change several things on my rig in the next week. Doing a complete...
  12. Peteolheadz100

    Proper lubing of cylinder before cranking

    I see online that people use three-in-one oil inside the cylinder for breakin 1st start before you crank the engine to lube up the piston rings is this something that is recommended or is this something that is needed to do for all new gas engines specifically I'm speaking about a 30cc engine ...
  13. A

    engine for losi dbxl

    hi all just wanted to know what any ones thoughts on a RCMK engine to go in a losi DBXL? cheers andy
  14. John Parks

    Tax return engine time for MTXL

    Ok fellas, with tax returns right around the corner I'm looking to upgrade my engine in my Losi MTXL. I am trying to stick around the $600 price range for just the engine. It is only a bashing truck but I want it to have balls lol. I see OBR, and zenoah are really popular so I'll likely do one...
  15. sbarham

    Bought used Baja 5T, what size engine do I have?

    Ok I'm new to the 1/5 scale scene. I just bought a used HPI Baja 5T and I just plan on doing some bashing and hooking it up a bit. The guy I bought it from also got it second hand and wasn't sure what size the motor was. There is a 34 under the head of the motor so I was wondering if it was a...
  16. X

    Zenoah G290 will not bolt up to side engine mount

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem with mounting a brand new Zenoah G290 motor to my Rovan baja. The motor is sitting higher then the stock Rovan 30.5cc motor did and the bolt that goes into the bottom of the chassis into the clutch housing is going into a different engine mount hole. I have...
  17. S

    What spark plug.

    I have a FG Baja 29cc with tuned pipe, 2 23cc stock FG Monster trucks, a 26cc FG Monster truck and a 26cc Marder, What are the best spark plugs for these cars.
  18. Whoduh

    E3 Spark Plugs

    Is anyone using these E3 spark plugs? If so, do you notice a difference?
  19. T

    Losi Five-t Bartolone 30.5cc Reed Case Engine all alone.

    All alone at Dialed in RC Raceway with this beast.
  20. T

    Losi Five-t Bartolone 30.5cc Reed Case engine all alone.

    All alone at Dialed in RC Raceway with this beast.