1. L

    WT-603b vs WT-688

    I am going to buy a new carb for my FG-monster with a G260RC1 that currently has a WT-603b carburator. I have two choices right now, a WT-603b or a WT-688 that I can get both cheaper and faster. Will there be any substantial negative effects of switching to the WT-688? And will it even fit on...
  2. Zach619

    Losi 5ive-T pull starter troubles

    Alright everyone I have had my losi for about a year now and I go through pull starts constantly. I either break the cord or it gets binded up or something happens with them that I have to replace it time and time again. I have gone through probably 6 pull starts in the last year. There has to...
  3. Z.hb71

    Rovan 30cc has zero compression

    So I was bullshittin around last night and I came across my old rovan 30cc parts, so I kind of put the engine back together (kind of) and I tell you, when I pulled the engine it has ZERO compression, like you could turn it over with one finger (with the spark plug in), but when I put it back...
  4. svxwilson

    USED 5T "New" Gizmo 30.5 motor, Need help tuning

    Hello, First post here, I have recently revived my 1/5scale hobby in the last few months. I was shopping for a new motor for my Baja5b and ran across a used fully modded 5t with a ton of extras. So I bought both a new G320RC from DDM (absolutley love that motor) and the used 5T from ebay. The...
  5. Harold Bascom

    Idle needle factory setting?

    It's very known that to reset the High Speed Needle to factory settings on most RC 2-stroke engines is 1 and one half turns out from closed, and to reset the Low Speed Needle, 1 and one quarter turns out from closed. Question: How many turns out from closed should the big idle needle be?
  6. Zach619

    Suggestions for replacement engine on rovan 5sc

    So my rovan 5sc 36cc engine is dead. I have done everything I know to do and even asked on here as to how to get it running. Nothing worked. So now it’s time to replace the engine. Not wanting to go stock replacement so what are my options. I have heard good things about zenoah and OBR engines...
  7. Zach619

    Engine won’t start! HELP!! Rovan 5sc

    Ok so I bought a rovan 5sc with the 36cc 2 stroke 2 months ago. It ran fine until about 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t get it to start but it sputtered. I swapped spark plugs and it started but did not want to stay running. Once I got it started I ran it full speed down the street to try to get it...
  8. L

    On the hunt for a rare 15cc Zenoah

    Anyone know where I can find the very rare 15cc Zenoah in the r/c car format ? even a service long block I would buy.
  9. L

    Rovan 45 gets a little help from our shop

    Got my fingers into one of the Rovan 45cc motors today, BOY they need help in moving some cooling air!!! .Sooooooo this is what I came up with.... I took the fan shroud and flywheel and pull starter off a Kingmotor 30.5 motor and also its flywheel nut, set aside. Removed the shroud, flywheel and...
  10. bigdipperfred

    Zenoah 32 vs cy 29

    I know the zenoah is a good engine . My 29 cy is a screamer but when it comes down to making are they close ? Why ask is I want more power for mtxl.should I put engine on 5t and use the 32 zenoah on mtxl or think I wouldn't see much difference between the two engines

    Best spur gears to use on OBR 7.5HP engine?

    What are the best spur gears to use OBR 7.5hp motor HPI Baja hardened steel?Nylon? brands? THANKS GUYS
  12. Andrew

    Losi DBXL motor upgrade

    G'day all just trying to get some advice on a new motor for my losi dbxl. I like going fast what should I be looking at thanks andy
  13. Z.hb71

    Custom 70cc engine build

    Hi, if you follow BOTAJELL (shout out to him) and activly read his comments you'd probably know that I've been chatting with him about this build for the last 4+ months but if you haven't here's some back story, 6 months ago my 30.5cc rovan engine blew up from manufacturer error (not enough base...
  14. B

    Vekta.5 engine

    I’m stuck between two engines the Red Arrow 34cc and the OBR 34cc Signature Series for a Kraken Vekta .5 which one is better recommended and why ? ... Thanks
  15. Losi125

    Obr motor high compression

    I have an obr 34cc full mod on a losi 5t and I have been through about 6 pull starts had to change the fly wheel because the paws teeth had worn just slightly I'm getting a killer rc metal rope pullstart to see if that will hold up better.nothing is binding when I remove the spark plug flywheel...
  16. Tony Brewer

    32cc engine problems

    What is the deal? My 32cc engine is acting up. It will run good for about 25 minutes, then shut down. Start it back up and it will run maybe 5 minutes. Start again and maybe 2 minutes before dying. Has a new spark plug, good 25:1 fuel mixture, both batteries, rec and trans good.Good fuel...
  17. 12 Bravo

    no low end power

    i ran the truck on fathers day and it ran awesome, got it back out 3 days later didnt want to start, no low end power and once it went about 30' it would start pulling hard on the top!!i run ethanol free 90 octane fuel wit klotz super techni plate oil mixed at 32-1. i've tried adjusting the carb...
  18. Spoogity Woogums

    Possibly dead engine *updated with pictures of partial engine gore*

    TL;DR, I think my spark plug killed my engine So a couple of days ago, I set out to run my baja. It was giving me pull starter issues (I'm still learning), and once I got it sorted out, i got it to kinda fire up. It would pop a few times like it was trying to run, but wouldn't under it's own...
  19. T

    G320 trouble

    Hey everybody, new to 5th scale and having trouble. Bought a new DBXL and immediately upgraded to a G320. Have dynamite kill switch installed too. Having no luck getting this thing started. Got spark, smelling fuel, rechecked carb settings, switched sparkplug, tried choke/no choke with not...
  20. H

    Running issue, T-1000 starts then dies

    I have the t 1000.. My issue is starts right up...idles good but when i accelerate then let off the gas she dies instantly..I consider myself pretty good at diagnosing most issues with rcs but this one I cannot figure out..it's not the clutch..pretty sure it's a carb issue for when I take the...
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